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Saturday, June 18, 2016

PROMO OP: #Publishing Professionals - Schedule your spot now for 2016 on #RB4U!

Romance Books 4 Us is scheduling for guests in the upcoming months, but our spots fill up quickly so don't put off securing those spots that you need! 

Why post on RB4U? What are the benefits? 

We will promote your guest spot on the RB4U's TwitterFacebook and Google + pages. If you haven't already, please follow and join us on our social networking sites by simply clicking on their link in the previous sentence. Our blog receives thousands of visitors and has a balanced viewing of industry professionals as well as readers.

Helpful links for RB4U:
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RB4U Website 
RB4U Yahoo Group 
Hashtag for Twitter and Facebook: #RB4U

Additional advertising opportunities and information about the website can be found here: 

For scheduling and questions, please contact the blog scheduler at: and reference RB4U in the subject line. 

Don't forget to check out our monthly contests as well: 

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