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Monday, October 31, 2016

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Welcome to Romance Books 4 Us, I'm your tour host for the day, so sit back, prop up your feet and get comfy. I'm about to share some goodies with you.

Searching for Romance?

Hello everyone! Are you searching for romance? If so, look no further because not only do I have an excerpt to share with you, I also have some 99 cent sales and a Great BIG Giveaway as well. 

This sweet through sizzling collection of love stories includes contemporary, period, and historical romance, otherworldly romance, and romance with a touch of magic by Award-winning and Bestselling Authors: Janice Seagraves, Nicole Morgan, Rose Anderson, Denyse Bridger, Gemma Juliana, Michele Zurlo, Tina Donahue, Krista Ames, and Suz deMello.

Cowboys Only 
by Nicole Morgan

Terry has no clue why some strange woman has shown up at his ranch, or what the heck she’s talking about. After running the adorable brunette off, he finds out the truth. Now he’s faced with making amends for his mother’s meddling. But did he just blow the best chance he had for love right out of the water? And worse…what does he do now?

Terry drove along Main Street on his way to The Cast Iron Skillet. He was tired and wanted nothing more but to kick off his boots, prop up his feet and open a cold beer. His mother had other plans for him, though, insisting that he drive into town to wish her childhood friend, Bea a happy birthday.
Just like the good son he always was, he hadn't been able to say no. His mother had laughed off his idea to show up later that weekend with belated birthday greetings and in the end, he knew it was always easier just to agree with her rather than even attempt at going a few rounds with his dear old mom. No matter how little she was, or how grown up he was, she would always be the victor in any argument.
Since it was a quarter past seven he was thankful to see most of the parking lot had begun to clear out. At least he wouldn’t have to make unnecessary small talk or shoot the breeze with any of the old timers who were constantly comparing him to his father. Granted his dad was a good man, but sometimes being the spitting image of Terrance Sr. left little room for his own identity in this quaint little town.
He pulled alongside the brick building and parked. The package his mom had sent ahead for Bea’s birthday was small enough that he was able to tuck it into his front shirt pocket as he walked around to the main doors.
From the minute he stepped inside his senses were hit with the delicious scent of chicken fried steak and all sorts of other goodies. His stomach growled in anticipation and he suddenly wasn’t very annoyed by his mother’s request.
Bea was her usual chatty self behind the lunch counter, going on about her new grandbaby and his first steps. He couldn't help but grin at her joy. It wasn't just in her smile but in her voice and eyes. She certainly was a proud grandmother if he ever saw one.
A soft feminine voice called out and he turned to see where it was coming from. An attractive woman sat in the corner booth. Her hair was dark and long with a bit of curl at the ends. She was pretty. So pretty, in fact, he knew that she wasn't from around here. A face like that he was sure he would have remembered.
She smiled at him and looked almost embarrassed. It was then that he realized she had been talking t him.
“I’m sorry. Hello.” He tipped his hat toward her as he bowed his head. “How are you tonight?”
"Terry? Terry Reynolds, what on earth are you doing here?"
Bea’s loud, but excited voice interrupted his attention on the pretty brunette as she came over and nearly tackled him with a hug.
Once he regained his balance he laughed and offered her a hug. “Well you don’t think my mother would let one of your birthday’s go by without offering a proper gift, do you?”
He pulled the small box from his pocket and handed it to her. “I was told to deliver this to you with the message that she loves you.”
“Oh now, if your mother isn’t just the sweetest. Come now, sit.” Bea motioned for him to take one of the stools at the lunch counter. “Tell me, how’s she coming along out there in Florida? She and I have played phone tag a few times but we just can’t ever seem to catch up.”
"Well, you have her sister to thank for that. You remember what a social butterfly she was. She's got mom going out to dinner and all sorts of things. They're like a couple of teenagers." He laughed.
“Yes, well Ruthie always was young at heart. So, tell me how you’ve been. We don’t see you much in here anymore. Everything okay out on the ranch?”
“Oh yeah. Everything’s fine. Just working and doing my thing.”
“Mmm Hmm. I know you. You’d never leave that ranch if it wasn’t for your mom making you come to town, young man.”
“Now don’t you start on me.” He chuckled. “I’ve got a mom for that already.”
“You know she means well.”
“Yeah yeah.” He smirked and leaned in closer. “Listen, what do you know about that girl back there in the corner booth? Is she in town visiting a relative or something?”
Bea’s eyes lit up. “She is a pretty young thing, ain’t she?”
He shook his head and sighed. “Can you just answer the question, Mom?”
Laughing she patted his hand and whispered, “Oh alright. I’ll give you a break. Her name is Andie Donahue." 

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Nicole Morgan is an author of erotic romance novels, which more often than not have a suspenseful back story. Erotic romance mixed with good old-fashioned whodunit. While she's written everything from contemporary to paranormal her leading men will more than likely be wearing a uniform of some kind. From military to police officers, she has a love for writing about those who protect and serve. From her very first novel about Navy SEALs to her more recent releases you will be sure to find a few twists and turns you were not expecting.

She is a proud member of the Romance Books 4 Us Gold Authors and also one of the Sweet N Sexy Divas.  

Until next month lovies ~ Nic 

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Genre: Paranormal Romance
Chili Peppers Rating: 1

Max struggles daily to hide his psychic gift with animals. Being a hired hand at a local dairy probably wasn't his best idea, but his mom needs the money he brings in. And there's the dairy owner's sexy daughter he can't stop thinking about. Will he ever have anything other than himself to offer her?

COWBOYS ONLY by Nicole Morgan   
Genre: Contemporary romance
Chili Peppers Rating: 2

Terry Reynolds runs his family’s cattle ranch in Antonito, Colorado. Born and raised on the
one-hundred-plus acre property, it’s the only life he knows. Much to his match-making
mother’s dismay, it’s the only thing in his life he truly cares for.

Andie Donahue has just moved to Antonito after inheriting a small two-bedroom cabin from
her late aunt. She wants a new start and decides this is her chance. After discovering a
dating site has matched her to a handsome cowboy in the same town, she wastes no time
sending the hunk a message.

Terry has no clue why some strange woman has shown up at his ranch, or what the heck
she’s talking about. After running the adorable brunette off, he finds out the truth. Now he’s
faced with making amends for his mother’s meddling. But did he just blow the best chance
he had for love right out of the water? And worse…what does he do now?

LiGHTNING STRIKES TWICE by Rose Anderson writing as Madeline Archer 
Genre: Paranormal
Chili Peppers Rating: 1

In 1919, with soldiers off to war in Europe and influenza taking the heartiest in the homeland,
a small ranch in New Mexico hangs on the edge of foreclosure. After the granddaughter of a
Yaqui medicine man prays to the ancestors for guidance, a stranger arrives seeking work
and he's is unlike any vaquero they've ever known. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers:
for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

THE SHADOWS IN OUR PAST by Denyse Bridger   
Genre: Historical Western
Chili Peppers Rating: 3

Enroute home to Gold Ridge, Colorado after their honeymoon, David and Hannah Logan are
attacked by a pair of bandits who plunge them back into a past they shared, but never truly
came to terms with together... It’s been almost a year since the nightmare of violence and
assault tore Hannah from David’s side and left him bereft and angry. When she returned to
him, determined to rebuild what they’d lost, the light of love had come with her. Now, a new
torment threatens to destroy everything, and Hannah’s biggest enemy might just be David

LOVE, TEXAS STYLE by Gemma Juliana  
Genre: Contemporary
Chili Peppers Rating: 1

Amy Waterstone must return to the family ranch in Glen Creek, Texas because her father had
a serious accident. Then she learns her father compromised the ranch by taking a loan he
can’t repay from Chase Storm, the cowboy next door. He’s the one man she never wants to
see again. Chase has waited seven years for Amy to come home, and for a chance to
redeem himself in her eyes. They’re both older, but are they any wiser?

BEAR COUNTRY by Michele  Zurlo  
Genre: Paranormal/shifter  
Chili Peppers Rating: 1

Tasked with scattering the ashes of her beloved aunt at the source of the Big Bear River
high in the mountains, Mallory must swallow her pride and ask Gavin, a laconic, sexy ranch
hand, to guide her.

Genre: Erotic Contemporary
Chili Peppers Rating: 4

This luscious cowboy's been on her radar for years, but he's never noticed her. A speeding
ticket changes everything, leading to a sultry weekend and no-holds-barred romance -
Texas style.

Genre: Western Contemporary Romance
Chili Peppers Rating: 1

Dr. Miranda Chase didn't want to be home but she'd do just about anything for her dad
including temporarily taking over his veterinarian practice. However, once she met her dad's
client Garrett, she wanted to drop everything and run. Cocky cowboys just weren't her thing.

Garrett Jackson cares more about his horse than himself or anyone else and when a tiny bit
of a thing calling herself a vet blows into his life like a tornado, he's literally knocked for a
loop. He doesn't have time for women.

But, when Garrett's horse turns up missing, Miranda isn't going anywhere. Forced to work
together, they'll learn a little bit about each other or die trying.

Genre:  Historial (Victorian England)
Chili Peppers Rating: 3

(England, 1870) The Honorable Amelia Haddon must marry, or lose the income that supports
her and her "companion."  Averse to men, she is desperate until an American cowboy
proves to be her unlikely rescuer. But will judgmental society drag this happy trio apart?

ONLY 99 cents


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Sunday, October 30, 2016

NaNWriMo and New Releases

November is traditionally NaNoWriMo month. This is when aspiring novelists from all over the world set the goal to write 50,000 words, or one novel, in a month. 

Lots of established writers jump on the bandwagon too, and why not? Personally, I've found the supportive and encouraging atmosphere great for pushing me to finish my books for deadlines. This year, I will be writing Wicked Games for Entangled publishing. This will be part of a multi-author series coming out in late 2017. If you want to follow me or watch my progress, you can friend me on the NaNoWriMo site here.

I also have a lot of releases coming up this month. The first is Pursued by the Player, the third book in the Black Towers series. This is a series I wrote with Lauren Hawkeye and we both came up with the idea over drinks at a convention. We don't have buy links just yet, but if you check in after November 7th, you can find them here. Here's a little more about the book:
No more athletes for Melody Lerner. Nope. Sweaty, testosterone-riddled men whose idea of “long-term” means spending the night are officially off the menu. It’s time to focus on her fashion design career—and her boss’s get-rich-quick scheme. Fairy tales just don’t happen for women like her.

Wealth and celebrity pretty much guarantee Jett Gorski’s every whim—which is why the pro ballplayer is stunned when a reluctant beauty takes him for a wild ride then runs away. Literally. Jett’s been a long-time player in more ways than one, but Melody could turn him into a one-woman man…if their newfound connection can survive an unexpected betrayal.

The second book is a multi-author boxed set comes out November 15th, but you can preorder it now. If you like paranormal stories with a holiday theme, then this one is for you. You can read more about it or preorder it here, or just check out the video below!

Alphas for the Holidays from Mandy M. Roth on Vimeo.

Finally, I have the third book in my Immortal Hungers series releasing on the 17th. Unholy Desires follows Samir, a vigilante  bad-boy introduced in Unholy Cravings. You can read more about the series here, and preorder the book here.

As you can see, November is the month for wrapping up storylines. I'm bringing things to a good resting place in some of my ongoing series so I can start fresh with new ideas in 2017. So how about all of you? Is anyone participating in NaNoWriMo? What series are you hoping to hear more of in 2017? Tell me in the comments section. I want to know!

For up-to-the-minute information about these and other releases, you should sign up for my newsletter here, and you can find out where I'm on social media here.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

An ARe Best-seller - Roping the Cowboy #RB4U #bestseller

 Being part of the second RB4U Boxed set this year was looking doubtful for me when real life got in the way, and I was late with my story. BUT, thanks to patience from the organizers of this set and determination from me, I'm back! Westerns are really my favourite genre, but historical westerns, not so much contemporary. I chose a darker subject than usual for this one, it's a story about finding you way back to love and hope after devastating injuries - one psychological and the other physical. Ultimately, it's a love story, and one I hope readers enjoy! Have a sneak peek below, and don't forget to get your copy–it’s available wherever you like to buy your eBooks! We are already a Best-seller at ARe All Romance eBooks!

The Shadows in Our Past
Historical Western - sensual

Enroute home to Gold Ridge, Colorado after their honeymoon, David and Hannah Logan are attacked by a pair of bandits who plunge them back into a past they shared, but never truly came to terms with together... It’s been almost a year since the nightmare of violence and assault tore Hannah from David’s side and left him bereft and angry. When she returned to him, determined to rebuild what they’d lost, the light of love had come with her. Now, a new torment threatens to destroy everything, and Hannah’s biggest enemy might just be David himself…


“I wanted a father, and I got Jonas Wilkes. I needed to trust him, and he made me feel...” She shuddered, visibly changed her train of thought. “Then I met you; Gold Ridge’s most respected citizen. I’d never met anyone quite like you, David Logan. You were handsome, sophisticated, powerful... What was it Margaret called you? A charming outlaw.” She smiled. “She was right, that’s exactly what you are. But you took my breath away the moment I saw you. I will never forget that day, or turning around to see you on the stairs of the Nugget, all elegance and danger. You terrified me, and you excited me. I felt things in those first seconds that I have never felt before. My God, David, I think I fell in love with you before you even spoke to me.”

“You do know how to flatter me, Hannah,” he whispered.

“But it’s not flattery, David. Every time you walk into a room, you make my heart feel like it’s going to burst with the love that fills me. I can’t believe you’re my husband. That you chose to give me that much of your life.”

She smiled, tilted her head to one side, whimsical yet more serious than he’d ever seen her.

“Finish, Hannah,” he requested. “I want to know what you’re feeling.”

“Do you remember the first time you kissed me?”

He nodded.

“I would have behaved like a common whore for you that day, and it frightened me to death, David. I was with a fine, Southern gentleman. A man well-bred, respected, all the things that a lady wants. And instead of being a lady, I was ready to─”

His laughter stopped her abruptly.

“You do yourself a great disservice, Mrs. Logan,” he teased tenderly. “Any gentleman is still susceptible to the charms of a lovely woman. And you do take away my sense of propriety, Hannah.”

“The first time you made love to me, I was certain that God had put me on this earth to belong to you, David. You gave me everything that my heart had ever wanted, even the things I didn’t let myself hope for. I felt safe, and whole, at peace. Every time you touch me, I feel that way. Beautiful... complete...”

“Then why are you so afraid, Hannah?”

“I don’t want to be,” she said fiercely. “I hate it, David! I despise myself for feeling like this. But─”

“But?” he coaxed gently.

“Elizabeth was right,” she put her fingers to his mouth when he would have objected instantly. “She was right about some things, David. I’ll never know you the way Ellen did. I’m not from the same world. Your Southern honor is one of the things I love most about you, but it’s a mystery to me, too. You were married and fighting in a war when I was little more than a baby at my mother’s breast. Your soul was scarred in ways that I can only imagine.” Tears flooded her eyes as she stared up at him. “David, the sun in my world rises and sets in your eyes.” She gulped in a sharp breath. “I’ve never needed anyone that much, and it frightens me.”

David nodded, lifted her hands to his lips again as he kissed the fingers that shook within his light grasp; then he looked intently at her.

“Will you listen to me now?”

“Of course,” she replied, voice thick with emotion. She watched as he rose, took the other chair on the balcony, and set it directly in front of her. Then he sat and took her hands again.

“I love Elizabeth, Hannah,” he began quietly. “But, you’re wrong. She doesn’t know me. Not now. She remembers the child she grew up with, the young boy who adored her, and looked up to her. She loved Ellen; partly because I did; and partly because Ellen needed her approval and acceptance. Beth doesn’t know how to make you need those things from her, because the truth is, you don’t.” He smiled at her, warmed by the returning glow of devotion that stared back at him from her eyes. “The war cost us our way of life, and for some, it’s not a thing they’ll ever recover from. I feel like I’ve lived in two worlds for a long time, Hannah, not belonging fully to either one. When I let myself love you, I discovered that I had a home again.”

Her tears fell, silent, silvery trails of sorrow and gratitude that wet the gentle contours of her cheeks. David brushed them aside, then kissed her forehead.

“When you came to the Nugget after Wilkes left for St. Louis, I told myself that I was doing the honorable thing by protecting you.” He snorted softly, self-derisive. “I was doing nothing of the kind. I wanted you close to me, looking at me with that adoring, trusting awe that made my heart feel like it was trying to escape my body.”

“And I thought you didn’t want me near you.”

His laughter was low, genuinely amused.

“I didn’t want to make a fool of myself in front of you,” he corrected. “I don’t think any woman has ever looked at me with the trust and respect that’s in your eyes each day. You humble me, Hannah. No one’s ever done that. Not even Ellen.”

Startled, she looked closer at him, felt herself falling into the aching darkness of his eyes. She slid off her chair and settled at his feet, her head in his lap. David’s fingers brushed through her hair, and she shivered as she stared up at him.

“You are one of the most courageous women I’ve known, Hannah. Strong, independent, passionate, and loyal. Any man can buy a whore, Hannah. Few men are lucky enough to know a woman’s heart is his possession, and that she can be trusted to keep his in return.”

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Day in the Life of a Writer by Janice Seagraves

Hi, my name is Janice Seagraves and I thought it might be fun to do a day in the life of an author.

Oh, we writers live such an exciting live, don't we?

My husband and I have an alarm that came with the house and it goes off anytime someone opens the doors or windows. My husband sets it off every time he arrives home.

This is how I wake up every morning.

The door alarm goes off, and I jerk awake. Hubby walks in and starts telling me how bad his job was the night before. (my husband works nights) Something leaked and it soaked into his boots.(he's an industrial mechanic at the local winery and sometimes he come home smelling like wine) I'm so groggy I didn't catch the rest of what he said--just glad he'd removed his boots.

"What time is it?" I asked and rub the grit out of my eyes.

"Seven thirty," hubby said, then calls our little dog to follow him. He lets Dinky our little dog and Snaps my daughter's dog outside.

I walk down the hallway and bang on my daughter's door. "Seven thirty. Rise and shine."

"All right, all right," said my son-in-law. There's whispering and movement. I did my job and expect my daughter and her husband are adult enough to get up and around without any further help from me.

I head into the kitchen, where my husband has just let Dinky back inside, leaving out Snaps. Dinky is old, and Snaps, a much younger dog, will chase her off her food and gobble it all down, so we leave her out until Dinky is finished eating.

I dump a packet of wet food onto a paper plate and encourage Dinky to eat. "Num, num. Eat your food."

Once my dog starts eating, I fill the electric tea pot and turn it on. My husband gets out milk and cereal. I ask him how his job went the night before and try to listen. I'm usually pretty good at remembering all the details, but today I'm planning on uploading my latest book into Amazon's kindle creator program, so I'm a little distracted.

The cat is meowing at me.

"Okay, okay." With the cat calling to me to hurry while walking in front of me real slow, I walk down the hallway to the laundry room.  We keep her food bowls on top of the dryer and the cat litter box is wedged against the dryer on the floor. It keeps the dogs our of her stuff. I fill her dry food bowl and her wet.

I made a cup of tea and poured a glass of water. I take both cup and glass to my desk and turned on my computer. I went through my email, then went on facebook. I found out I didn't make a post on my website the day before for Roping the Cowboy the anthology I'm in, so I quickly did that.

Hubby says he's going to shower and go to bed. He gives me a kiss.

"Okay," I said, "but sleep this time, no more movies on Youtube."

A few minutes later, my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson head out the door. My daughter will drop off her husband at college and walk around the campus with the baby until he's finished with his class then head home.

I call out, "Drive safely and don't die. Love you."

My daughter says with a smirk, "I'll think about it."

"Don't say that." I shake my head, but she says that every time.

"Love you," she says just as the door closes.

I let Snaps back in to finish Dinky's food and add some dry dog food to the bowl. She eats with gusto.

I already have my book professional edited and a cover made by a cover artist. I had been working on all the formatting for days. I go over my manuscript one more time and make sure I have the 'about the author' done and added the link to my website and all my other books listed. I always catch something. The day passes.

At noon, I get up and warm up some chicken strips for lunch.

My daughter her family come home late. No class today, but they're now registered for college classes for the spring they tell me.

"Great, great." I smile at them. "I just hope you both do well."

I wrestle with my manuscript a bit longer, then decide it as good as I can get it and load it in.

It'll be twelve hours until my book is live.

My daughter walks in. "Can you watch your grandson? I need to shower. I have one of your shows on."

"Sure. I just... finished." I turned my computer off then sit on the rocker, watching Jeremy Wade in River Monsters, while my grandson sleeps on the couch.

The next day, I check my email and I got the noticed from Amazon that my book was now live.

And here it is...

After twenty-five years, the Earthlings were back. River Namaste swears he'll never help the humans find matrix crystals, until he meets, Winona Miracle, Team Alpha Six's geologist. Shy and vulnerable, the black haired, dark eyed beauty is all he wants.
But is she ready to put aside her goals for him?


“Winona,” River called softly.
She went to him. “Yes, what is it?”
“You seem nervous.”
“Well, of course I am.” She glanced around. “Did you see the dirty looks we got from that fishing village?”
“You needn’t worry. I’ll watch out for you.”
“Gee, thanks. And who will protect you?”
He laughed. “I don’t need anyone to keep me safe.”
“Oh, sure. No one will attack a big hunk of man meat like you.”
“Man meat? What does that mean?” One side of his mouth curled up.
Jeez, why did I say that? She turned to walk away. “Never mind. It’s just an expression.”
He hooked a hand around her arm. “Don’t go.”
His wonderful spicy male scent was almost too much. “River, I—”
He pulled her up against him. Before she knew it, his lips were on hers. Once he swept his tongue into her mouth, she was lost. She slipped an arm behind his head and pressed herself against him.
“River,” called out Ori. “They’re back.”
He abruptly dropped her on her feet and stepped away.
When did I get lifted off the ground? She turned away, wiped her mouth, and pulled up her scarf, trying to hide whatever damage his rough kiss might have caused. God, what a kiss. Her panties were soaking wet.

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