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Thursday, October 1, 2009


I swear some people spend their days just looking for "chain letter" emails to send out. I rarely will forward anything to anyone, and never give a second thought to the "bad luck" I may get if I don't, nor do I wonder about the "surprise" or "good luck" I'll get if I do.

SO, BE many of you REALLY ENJOY getting them from every person in your address book?

Here's one I received and just can't resist sending to you through this blog. Forget the "cutesy" angels you normally get. This version is different.

Take some fairy dust:

Add a "cutsey" angel:

And, POOF!

Did you smile? Have you finished trying to see up his loincloth? YOU JUST LOOKED AGAIN, DIDN'T YOU?

Hmm. My creative mind is spinning away with thoughts of a story centering on a hunky angel now that I have plenty of time to just stare at his...ahem...charm, grace, and saintly attributes.
RIGHT! Get a good look at this guy...don't you wish he was on one of your covers?


My newest release, "Sexy Games", by April Ash, has the hero and heroine donning costumes and testing adult role-playing games. Too bad I hadn't seen this hunky angel before I wrote the book. I could have written him and his costume into a scene!

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