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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Interview of Author Petie McCarty

Today it's my pleasure to introduce romance author Petie McCarty.

Latest Book: No Going Back -- Print release March 2014; E-book release April 2013
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Petie spent a large part of her career working as a biologist at Walt Disney World -- "The Most Magical Place on Earth" -- where she enjoyed working in the land of fairy tales by day and creating her own romantic fairy tales by night. She eventually said good-bye to her "day" job in order to write her stories full-time.

Petie is a member of Romance Writers of America, and she shares homes in Tennessee and Florida with her horticulturist husband, a spoiled-rotten English Springer spaniel addicted to pimento-stuffed green olives, and a noisy Nanday conure named Sassy who made a cameo appearance in Angel to the Rescue.

Thank you for allowing me to spend time today with your Romance Books 4 Us readers! I'm Petie McCarty, and I write contemporary romances tinged with action-adventure, suspense, or paranormal elements.

Q: How many stories are swirling around in your head? Do you keep a mental list, a computer file, or a spiral notebook filled with the ideas?
A: My story ideas fall into one of the three groups: 1) New Ideas/General -- which could be anything from a contemporary to a western; 2) Mystery Angel Romances -- a series of love stories each with an angel hidden in the plot waiting for readers to figure out who; two already published -- No Going Back and Angel to the Rescue -- with a third scheduled for April 2015; and 3) Cinderella Romances… Fall in love with the fairy tale all over again -- each story has a different time and locale and its own Cinderella, Prince Charming, and a Wicked Step-In-The-Way to ruin things; stories with endless possibilities.

New story ideas go onto a sheet of paper and get tucked into one of the three folders, and all three folders are chubby and waiting. I have plenty to do.

Q: Your novel is being made into a TV series/movie. Who’s in your dream cast?
A: This is an easy pick for my novel, Everglades. When I wrote the hero and heroine, I saw Ardeth Bay -- the Medjai chieftain from The Mummy movie -- for Skye Landers, and for the heroine Kayli Heddon, I saw Kate Hudson, fiery with plenty of humor.

Q: Have you ever used an incident from your real life into one of your books?
A: So far I have only tucked real life incidents into my novel Everglades. I'm an aquatic biologist by profession and education, and I spent two years of my career surveying Florida lakes, streams, and wetlands by airboat. So when I sent my heroine into the Everglades on an airboat safari, I dove into my memory trove for ideas. Everything that happens to Kayli on her safari -- the midge storm, swimming with a gator, snake encounters, the leeches, the heart-stopping airboat maneuvers -- happened to me at some time in my career. Everything, that is, except getting stranded overnight with a sexy airboat guide.

Q: Of all your characters, who’s your favorite, and why?
A: This question is the perfect follow-up to the last question. My favorite character is Skye Landers, the hero in Everglades. Through the years of conducting aquatic plant surveys in Florida waterways, I never had the fun of going with a "hunky" airboat driver, so in Everglades, I decided to create my own. And what fun that was! Who did I see when I wrote Skye Landers you might ask? I saw Ardeth Bay, the Medjai chieftain from the movie, The Mummy. So sexy. Oded Fehr is the actual actor's name, and I have a picture of him posted in my web site photo gallery at

Q: Covers. Ever get one you wish you could change?
A: Yes, I did. I wish I could change the cover for Catch of the Day. No people appear in the picture, and the cover doesn't show the depth of the story's excitement and suspense. Catch of the Day is my absolute favorite of all the books I've written thus far, for I fell in love with all the characters in my story. So much so they all felt real, even to me.

Q: How much of yourself is hidden in the characters in the book?
A: Rather than hide parts or all of my personality in my characters, I stole the feel of individual emotions and their cumulative impacts: jealousy, fear, anger, tenderness, panic, etc. I also tried to match opposing combos, i.e. the worst personality to handle a particular plot situation. Like teaming a female prissy-pants in a suspense plot, where she's guaranteed to get "down and dirty" and also guaranteed to flounder. Or put a tough, take-charge woman in a girly, frilly plot situation. Taking characters out of their comfort zone and dumping them out of their element in an opposing plot device only ratchets up the angst level for character and reader alike.

Q: How do you choose names for your characters?
A: A large part of the excitement that goes with being an author is the ability to create characters for your story and to make them do what you want -- or in some cases, do what they want. Another joy is the right to name your characters. As for my characters, a few first or last names were given as a special nod to family members or friends. Kayli Heddon in Everglades was named after my niece Kayli who was born while I was writing the story. Rachel Kelly and Jill Henry from Angel to the Rescue were named for my first-born and second-born nieces.

The majority of my characters select their own names. Now, lest you think I have gone off the deep end, allow me to explain. When I write, I see movies running in my head. I also see characters -- my hero, heroine, villain et al -- in these movies. As each character makes their debut in the story, he or she arrives with physical traits that bring a name to my mind. I can't really explain it any better than that. It's like when you see a guy walking down the street, and he looks like a Fred to you, or a Jack or a Percy. I see characters in my scenes like that. The heroine in my WIP is Corinna Rigatero, who goes by the nickname of Cory. When she was born in my imagination, she only needed to be Italian to fit into the story. When I saw her the very first time -- silky brown hair, tomboyish, determined, courageous -- I saw a Cory. How did I pick her last name? Rigatero was Italian and fun to say. Sometimes it's as simple as that.

Q: What genre would you like to try writing that you haven’t yet tried?
A: Westerns have held my fancy since childhood. I grew up watching Roy Rogers, Rowdy Yates from Rawhide, Trampas from The Virginian, and of course, the Bonanza boys. Hard as it may be to believe, John Wayne is still my favorite all-time movie star. There will never be another big-screen actor quite like him. So, yes, I would love to write a western. Now, I just have to figure out how to worm an angel or a Cinderella into the story.

Q: Give one advice tip to an aspiring author.
A: Here is the one tip that kept me going as a newbie writer and helped me get published: Never give up. The advice originally comes from the great Stephen King who said, "The only difference between a published writer and an unpublished writer is the published writer never gave up."

Q: Any part of a book that drives you crazy as you write: beginning, middle, or end?
A: With every story I write, I get what I call "climax block." Now doesn't that sound scary? The story reaches the big climactic scene at the end of the book, and I can't seem to get the scene onto the page. I know what must happen and even which characters should participate, but I can't seem to get the action sequences to appear on the page. Therein lies my panic. My "climax block" can hold me back for as much as a week or two before the initial action sequence in the climax finally starts to run like a movie in my head. Thankfully, the movie has always shown up, but the shreds of panic always reside in the background waiting for the next climactic sequence.

Fun Stuff:
Q: What is your favorite holiday and why?
A: Favorite holiday is Christmas -- hands down. I love to buy and give Christmas gifts, and I adore the Christmas lights -- anybody's lights. Two outstanding places to visit during the Christmas season for spectacular light displays are Calloway Gardens for their Fantasy in Lights show in Pine Mountain, Georgia and also downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Both are awesome. And of course, there is always the spectacular light displays in the Walt Disney World theme parks, but I'm used to those -- like the lights at my home -- since I worked there for so many years.

Q: What are two things people might be surprised to know about you?
A: The first surprise is I'm a preacher's kid -- there were seven of us -- and lest you mention preacher's kids are the worst, I'll counter by saying we learned everything we know from the deacon's kids.

The second surprise is that I spent most of my career working as a biologist for the Walt Disney World Resort until I left this year to write full-time. There is no better company in America to work for than the Walt Disney Company. If you have kids graduating high school, go online and find out about their wonderful college program.

Q: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A: I wanted to be a zookeeper -- never wavered in my determination. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology, which wasn't all bad since I ended up as an aquatic biologist and was able to use most of what I learned, especially the invertebrate zoology and limnology. I was hip deep --okay neck deep -- in my career before I gave the first thought to writing.

Q: Favorite food.
A: Ice cream novelties -- you know… ice cream sandwiches, drumsticks (to die for), fudgesicles, Snicker bars. I could go on and on.

Q: Favorite happy memory.
A: My first date with my darling husband/lifelong sweetheart would probably be my happiest memory, or maybe the funniest. I'd made it to the ripe old age of twenty-six without ever having been to a Chinese restaurant, and so that's where he decided to take me for our very first date. We were seated at a table for four, and my cutie patootie ordered for us -- three courses, starting with soup.

Once we had finished the soup, my sweetheart said, "Now we have to change seats." I gaped at him, wide-eyed, and he added, "So the waiter can get the settings ready for the next course." Well, it was our first date, and I did think he was adorable cute, and I did want to impress him, so we got up and moved. The waitress returned and just stared at us -- like we were crazy. Our little seat shift was repeated once again after the egg rolls were delivered and consumed, and when the waitress returned with our entrees, she finally protested, "Why you move? Stop that."

My sweetheart started laughing, and I knew I'd been had, but he was adorable so I didn't care. In fact, I married him because he made me laugh all the time -- among other things. *wink* And he still pulls tricks on me whenever he can get away with it.

Q: Favorite drink.
A: Caramel Apple Martinis at Ruby Tuesday -- more dessert than drink by far, and you'll want to lick the caramel trails from your glass.

Q: Hot summer days or chilly winter nights?
A: Since I live in Florida, it would have to be chilly winter nights, which we almost never get here. A good reason why we are relocating to our second home in Tennessee.

Q: What is the top thing on your bucket list?
A: Top thing is to visit the Scottish Highlands. I love the Outlander series and any and all Highland romances, especially Monica McCarty's Highland Guard series, her Spec Ops in kilts. (No relation, darn it.)

Q: If you could have a super power, what would it be?
A: I'd like to fly like Superman. Think of the places you could visit in a day.

Tell us where to find you: website(s), publisher’s page(s), blog(s), Facebook page(s), etc. List them all!
Desert Breeze Publishing:

Kellen Brand's inheritance turns out to be a whopper -- one dilapidated farm in West Virginia and one guardian angel! Since Kellen is convinced no sane woman would choose to live in Riverside, she vows to sell her farm and quick.

Her handsome and reclusive neighbor Luke Kenyon must block the farm sale or risk exposure of his family's secrets. While Kellen has located one potential buyer, she faces a town full of objectors. Someone is trying to frighten her off, and Luke is forced to step in and rescue her more than once.

Unfortunately, Kellen can't seem to stay out of trouble. She stumbles onto a clandestine hazardous-waste-dumping operation next to her farm, and she prays Luke has one more rescue up his sleeve. It's her only hope of staying alive.

Unless her mother really did leave her a guardian angel…

Without warning, a gunshot sounded, and the bullet ricocheted off a tree about twenty feet away. The Appaloosa jerked hard at the gunshot and then reared. The reins ripped from Kellen's grasp. She grabbed the saddle horn with both hands and concentrated only on staying in the saddle. The frightened Appaloosa reared a second time and bolted for open ground. Kellen could do little more than hang on for dear life.

Two leaping strides and the Appaloosa surged to a full gallop, streaking for the grassy hills. Thundering hooves sounded behind them, and Luke shouted for Kellen to stop. She was helpless, too scared to even glance back at him. The reins trailed beneath the Appaloosa's pounding hooves as the mare continued her panicked race to nowhere. If the mare's feet tangled in the dragging reins, they would both go down.

A fallen tree appeared directly in the mare's path, and Kellen let loose a scream as the sure-footed horse gamely cleared the tree trunk like a thoroughbred jumper. Kellen slipped to the right side of the saddle when the mare landed, and they galloped on across the open field, one leg still straddling the saddle and the other leg dangling precariously between the matched pairs of pounding hooves. She heaved her leg up tight as she could to the mare's belly and prayed it didn't get tangled with the horse's legs, but her muscles weakened with every stride and bounce she sustained. And still the Appaloosa galloped, sheer adrenaline keeping the mare out in front of Luke's mighty stallion.

Bred for endurance, the mare focused on putting as much distance between her and the gunshot as possible; the powerful hooves pounded across the open pasture. Kellen's arms and legs ached, and she didn't know how much longer she could maintain her balance. If she slipped off the mare, she would be trampled to death the second she hit the ground.

As the thought flashed through her brain, the Appaloosa hit a gully and waggled her stride enough to send Kellen further off-kilter. Her knuckles turned white from the pressure of her death grip on the saddle horn, and her legs had nothing left to give. She prayed that if she slipped further, she could muster hidden strength to push off and roll away from the thundering hooves.

The mare aimed for a small copse of trees perched on the side of a hill, and a fresh wave of terror slammed through Kellen. Low hanging limbs would tear her from the horse. Suddenly, Luke appeared alongside. His long arm snaked around her waist and yanked her from the panicked Appaloosa. He slowed Windsor with each stride until he could pull the stallion to a stop and gently lower Kellen to the ground. Her legs gave way the second her feet touched solid ground, and she crumpled to the grass in a heap.

Before she could take a full breath, two strong arms lifted her up, and Luke pulled her tight to his chest. She could feel his heart pounding out its rhythm, as Windsor's hooves had moments before. A single sob erupted when she tried to draw a breath, and she clung to him with what little strength she had left. Her muscles quivered, and she didn't care. For once in her life, she didn't want to be tough. She just wanted this big, strong man to hold on tight.

Long moments passed. She felt him pull away, and a wave of disappointment rushed over her. She looked up at him, and he took her face in his hands and gently brushed his lips against hers, as though asking permission. Whether it was her close call with death or the way Luke had looked when he said her mother was wonderful -- Kellen didn't know and didn't care -- she threw her arms tight around his neck and pressed her lips to his. His muscles flexed hard and crushed her to his chest. His fingers threaded into her curls and then closed into a fist to hold tight.

She grew light-headed, and yet he kissed her as though he would never stop. His mouth tasted and searched hers, first gently and then passionately and then gently yet again, keeping her off-balance. This sometime-frightening, sometime-charismatic man seduced desires from deep within her soul where she kept them under lock and key. She knew she should pull away, but she couldn't -- wouldn't. She felt his muscles flex beneath her hands, and a ripple of excitement sent fresh waves of giddying hunger rifling up her spine.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Nothing other than a big thank you to the Romance Books 4 Us reviewers and readers for allowing me to spend time with you today.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's not to early to get a taste of Christmas

This story is part of The 12 Brides of Christmas from The Wild Rose Press.

Bang the Drummer – a new way to celebrate Christmas

With Christmas practically right around the corner, I wanted to share a taste of my newest Christmas story. Bang the Drummer is part of

From The 12 Brides of Christmas from The Wild Rose Press
Spicy version of 12 drummers drumming!
A Recommended Read from All Romance eBooks

Jill Kennedy has plans for a Christmas wedding. She's put down deposits for the flowers, photos, and venue. Now all she needs is a groom. A drummer who'll keep her life as steady as he keeps the beat to his music. With her good friend Charlie Costello as her wingman, she'll interview percussionists, one per month until she finds the right tempo. But with Christmas approaching and no groom in sight, she's starting to wonder if she'll ever bang the drummer of her dreams.

Jill Kennedy curled up on her couch studying her iPad, frowning. Her Christmas tree still twinkled in the corner although the holiday was long past. Coldplay’s latest CD bumped its tunes out from her iPod docking station. The last of her Christmas candles flicked in glass holders on the coffee table, filling the room with the scent of pine and cranberry. She should be feeling mellow, but instead her nerves were jumping and a headache was creeping slowly up from the nape of her neck.
Charlie Costello lounged next to her, sock feet resting on her coffee table, his hands tapping a steady rhythm on his thighs in time to the song.
Jill tucked a strand of her shoulder-length sable-colored hair behind her ear as she studied the information on the iPad screen.
“I think I’ve got everything taken care of. Booked the Creekside Winery. Ordered the decorations. Set up a tasting for the food and Stella’s designing the wedding cake.” She glanced up at Charlie. “Why are you looking at me in that strange way?”
He gave her his familiar lop-sided grin. “You are the only woman I know who plans and pays for her wedding without knowing who the groom is.”
She flipped a hand at him. “I’ll have one by then. It’s in the plan. You know.”
He threw back his head and laughed. “Yeah, I love your interview process. You aren’t even dating anyone right now.”
“Because look how poor my choices were in that arena, right?”
He snorted. “So this is better? Tell me how?”
Jill pulled up another memo on her iPad. “Okay. I have a list.”
“A list? This I gotta hear. Lay it on me.”
 If she didn’t need his help so badly, she would have smacked him. “It’s very specific. I asked around about different drummers in different bands and narrowed it down to the twelve most likely prospects. You know. Twelve drummers drumming, for Christmas.”
“Like a grocery list,” he teased.
“No, Charlie.” Damn him! “Like an interview process for a job.”
“Is that what this is, kitten? A job?”
“It’s a lifetime commitment,” she sniffed. She wished he’d just let her get on with this. All these questions were making her have tiny doubts about the wisdom of her decision. She gave herself a mental shake. “I’ll do one a month until I hit on the right one. The exact right one. First I check out their musical talent and their band history.”
Charlie gave a roar of laughter. “Because that’s such a requirement for stability?”
“Because it has to be a drummer so I need his performance history,” she snapped.
“Maybe it’s a different kind of performance you should be worrying about.”
“That comes later. After the phone calls and the coffee dates to see how he is in person and match our likes and dislikes.”
“Coffee dates?” He cocked an eyebrow. “Not even a romantic dinner?”
She wanted to sling the iPad at him. “I’ve been that route, remember? The whole nine yards, and what did I get? A bunch of losers. No, I’m doing this like a project for work. As a systems analyst, she knew the importance of things being able to mesh on a practical basis. ”
So you’re going to interview these bozos and then—what?”
Drummers,” she told him. “Interviewing drummers.”
He cocked his head. “And that’s why?”
“I told you.” She blew out a breath of exasperation. “Drummers have the best beat. The best tempo. They’re the heart of the band.” She grinned. “And have the best rhythm in bed.”

Friday, November 21, 2014

Meet InkHeart Authors Lauren Hawkeye and Cathryn Fox, featuring their hot new releases!

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lauren Hawkeye never imagined that she’d wind up telling stories for a living… though when she looks back, it’s easy to see that she’s the only one who is surprised. Always “the kid who read all the time”, Lauren made up stories about her favorite characters once she’d finished a book… and once spent an entire year narrating her own life internally. No, really. But where she was just plain odd before publication, now she can at least claim to have an artistic temperament.

Lauren lives in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada with her husband, toddler, pit bull and idiot cat, though they do not live in an igloo, nor do they drive a dogsled. In her nonexistent spare time Lauren can be found knitting, reading anything she can get her hands on, or sweating her way through spin class. She loves to hear from her readers!

Find Lauren Hawekeye at:

Master of Pleasure
(Invitation to Eden)

You met the Master in Eden's free prequel... now read the rest of his story!

Billionaire Theodosius Vardalos has lived on the island of Eden for over ten years. Though his horrific scars have made him a recluse, he has turned Eden into a resort where the lines between fantasy and reality blur… A place where he sees noone face to face, not even his staff, who have dubbed him “Master of the Island”. Even as Theo helps fulfill the fantasies of his guests, he waits… Waits for the mysterious woman who was shown to him when he first arrived on Eden. He recognizes Noelle Davis the second the nosy reporter steps foot in his castle… But the dream woman is nothing like he anticipated.

He yearns for her submission. But he wonders… can a woman as beautiful as Noelle truly be happy with a beast?

Available at:
Amazon | B&N | iBooks


Cathryn Fox
I've been reading romance novels for as long as I can remember. I just never thought I'd be writing them. In fact, I graduated from university with a business degree and started working in the Finance Department of Environment Canada...shiver. A few years into my career, my hubby, who's a meteorologist, got posted up north, population 800. I quit my job and went with him. At first all the spare time was great, then I got bored so I started to read. Day and night. When I ran out of books to read I decided to try writing one. After all, how hard could it be. Ha!! Well, you guessed it. It was hard!

Many years later I discovered Romance Writers of America and have learned a great deal since joining my local chapter. My journey to publication hasn't been smooth sailing, but with the support and guidance from the wonderful writers at RWAC, it's been a lot easier. And a lot more fun!

I'm very fortunate to have a husband and two children who have been supportive in every possible way. On those frustrating days when I'm banging my head against my desk I look up to see a heart shaped sticky note on my computer that says I love you because you naver give up. Yes, it says Naver. That wasn't a typo. A few years back, when my daughter was eight, she stuck that note to my computer. I told her she spelled never wrong so she scribbled it out. So technically the note now says, I love you because you give up!! LOL!!! But I love it so much I won't let her take it down to change it.

Find Cathryn Fox at:

His Taste of Temptation
In the Line of Duty, Book 3

One affair, thirty days.

Since his last relationship blew up in his face, bomb expert Brad Crosby has lost his appetite for “permanent”. But his kid brother’s best friend? Now there’s a curvy morsel he could wrap his lips around.

For years Brad has been the star of Madison Graham’s fantasies. If only she were the kind of put-together girl he prefers, not a pastry chef whose makeup consists of a dusting of powdered sugar on her nose. A belief that’s confirmed when her apartment floods and he offers to let her sleep in his bed—alone.

Wrapped in Brad’s sheets, she dreams of his touches, his kisses, the feel of his body on hers. Except her dreams feel like reality—and come morning, she realizes it wasn’t a dream at all.

Soon the two are burning up the nights. But as Madison’s sweet love grows on him, Brad can’t help but think of extending their time together.

Too bad Madison keeps reminding him their affair has an expiration date.

Warning: May contain heat, explosive sex, and Fourth of July fireworks that pale in comparison to the sparks between a sworn bachelor and a tempting pastry chef.

Available at:

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Guest Blog: Lynda Bailey: Happy Birthday - to ME!

Yes, today is my birthday… First I want to thank Romancebooks4us for hosting me on the anniversary of the day I was born. To celebrate I’m giving away presents! *** Leave a comment for the chance to win one of my digital titles plus a $5 gift card. (I’m also running a month-long giveaway over on my website,, for a $100 GC. All you have to do is sign up to be on my mailing list before Nov. 30th!)

Okay. Birthdays. More specifically…my birthday. While I’m not going to a reveal just how old I am, I will tell you that I remember (barely) where I was when President Kennedy was shot, when the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show – hell I remember Ed Sullivan, the (first) Hula Hoop craze and watching news feeds from the war in Vietnam. In other words, I’m part of the 80,000,000 who make up the *Baby Boom* generation; those individuals born between the years 1946 and 1964. Everyone from Madonna to Oprah and Bruce *the Boss* Springsteen to Barack *the President* Obama.

What does all this mean you ask? Truthfully, I’m not exactly sure. But I think it has something to do with me not having an accurate perception of age – or at least not having an accurate perception of MY age. I find myself doing things today that I did twenty years ago when I was…well…twenty years younger. Things like sitting cross-legged in my easy chair. (I don’t think I ever saw my mother sitting cross-legged, not even on a picnic…) Things like giggling. Not laughing…giggling. Things like running through leaves in the fall just to hear the whishy, crunchy sound. Things like wanting to buy a Jeep. Not a Jeep Cherokee mind you, but a circa mid-1970’s Jeep Wrangler, complete with a badass stick shift between the bucket seats.

What’s causing my age misperception? I believe that answer comes in the 80,000,000 number I quoted above. Companies understand they can’t afford to alienate such a large number of customers. They know it’s in their best interest to cater to this huge – and aging – demographic. That’s why Diane Keaton and Andie MacDowell (two more famous Boomers) are major spokeswomen for L’Oreal makeup and hair products.

But probably the real reason I don’t have a good grasp on my age is because I don’t want to have a good grasp on my age. It was the same when I was younger; I never wanted to “act my age.” Why change now? Things are just getting interesting…

So what *generation* do you come from? Are you a Boomer like me, or from the X-generation? Are you a thirty or forty something? What’s YOUR perception of age? Remember to leave a comment for the chance to win your choice of my titles + a $5 gift card. And pop over to my website and sign up for my mailing list for the chance at a $100 GC.

Now here’s a sneak peek at my newest release, GRACE, the third novella in my Heartache and Hopeful series, coming soon!

On the Corner of Heartache and Hopeful…

Revenge is a dish best served cold—and according to Grace Harrington, while wearing three inch stilettos and wielding a flogger. No longer the bullied, nerdy kid she was in high school, Grace is now a take-charge corporate lawyer in Omaha, Nebraska. She’s also a take-charge Top in the bedroom. The last thing she wants to do is go back to the small town of Tatum, but to save a treasured landmark from destruction while exacting retribution on the guy who ground her heart to dust? Hell yes!

Seth Reisner never wanted to leave Tatum. He thought being a country lawyer slash gentleman farmer would be the perfect life. But his agricultural kingpin uncle had other ideas. And when dear uncle foots the bill for law school plus signs your paycheck, you suck it up, alter your plans and move to Dallas, Texas. Now Seth divides his time between litigating on behalf of his uncle’s company and trying to find his “Mrs. Right.” When the opportunity to return to Tatum comes up, he’s grateful for the chance to go home.

Grace and Seth end up on opposite sides both in and out of the courtroom. Grace is determined to get her vengeance while Seth only wants to make up for his unintended past transgressions. When the verdict is read, who will win—and at what cost?

I’ve always loved stories, especially romances. For me the only thing better than reading a romance is writing one. That and drinking red wine while eating dark chocolate.

My romances are full of passion, with heat levels that range from hot to sizzling! I’m proud to have been a 2010 finalist in the prestigious Golden Heart®. I hope you’ll join me for laughter and love, and where the good guys always win in the end.

I live in Reno with my husband of thirty+ years and our two pampered pooches.

Stalker Links:
Facebook Author Page:
Amazon Author Page:

Thanks again to Romancebooks4us for letting me hang out on my birthday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Can we sit down and have a chat about writing Navy SEALs?

Think it's time to talk a bit. We've seen things in the news concerning reveals about Navy SEALs and their tactics, their mental capabilities and their planned missions. There is a lot of controversy about this, and I am not clear on which side of the fence I stand, except to say that I want our bravest and best-trained warriors protected, at all costs. There's a mystique to being a SEAL because much of what they do has to be kept secret. And we all know there is temptation not to keep those secrets.

So, as a writer, I walk a fine line between accuracy and storytelling, all the time worrying about protecting the fine men and women who put themselves in harm's way so we can write the crazy books we do, and go run around and do unmentionable things with our lives. Our SEALs signed on for this. They are our warriors and they want us to have a normal life.

There are details in my books I've written on purpose incorrectly. There are probably details in my books I've written incorrectly by accident. I don't think I've gotten wrong the community or the character of the men who serve as SEALs. The how of what they do might vary, but the why and the way they are I believe is as accurate as I can make it. I love the smack talk and the sense of humor these usually soft-spoken warriors have.

Now we have hundreds of writers thinking they can write Navy SEAL romances. I love reading the blurbs where SEALs perform jobs real SEALs would never do, or serve in capacities they would never serve under. Reviewers don't pick these up, and I think that's fine. The bottom line is that it's good all this misinformation is out there. I hope our enemies are reading all the Navy SEAL romances, because they'll get pretty confused when they do. If they read my SEAL stories they'll get a lot of sex education too. Some of our enemies I think might need a little of this.

And that would probably make a SEAL chuckle to himself. He'd never tell you that you are an idiot writer getting facts and figures wrong, well, maybe if you knew him well enough he would. Have I been an idiot? You bet. Proudly. Will I continue to be? Hey, the more newbie SEAL writers there are out there the better I look. LOL. Seriously. We're talking about FICTION. We aren't writing Tom Clancy or WEB Griffin or Dick Couch.

As one SEAL told me, "Just make it up. If you can imagine it, it probably happened."

And so I have.

You can watch my Chapter One Live read of SEAL's Promise here. Some adult content language some of my fans think is funny seeing me say.

SEAL's Promise Excerpt (TJ Talbot and his best friend are talking about dating and other unmentionable things - strong language here). Hear the buttery, romantic voice of my Warrior Storyteller, JD Hart, as he breathes life into my words. The audio book will be out any day now.

SEAL's Promise is available on Kindle, and iTunes, Nook and Kobo.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Guest Blog: Melodie Campbell: MY CHARACTERS HATE GOING TO BED aka Why We Write Romance

(As usual, this post will sit on the wacky side. But there is a serious message behind it all.Why?Why do we spend hours and hours alone in our garrets, piecing together romance stories that may never earn us a living wage, or even see the light of day? Are we insane? Or, as I pose, does writing keep us sane?)

Rowena is arguing with Thane. Cedric meets Soren the demon for the first time. Kendra can’t choose between Richard and Logan…or is it that young cousin of the Viking Warlord, what’s his name?

Gina and Nico are planning an art gallery heist. Uncle Seb is about to kick the bucket, and he didn’t die ‘cleaning his gun.’ Pete is caught with counterfeit moolah, and slips through the portal to Land’s End…

No, wait a minute. Wrong book. Wrong series. Even wrong genre! Plots, you’re getting yourselves mixed up.

It’s 3:15 AM, and all is not well in my head.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my characters hate going to bed.

Like little children, they race around in my head, determined to have yet another adventure. Problem is, they stumble over each other in their bid for freedom. Series start mixing in decidedly zany ways.

(Okay, back to the point of this blog.)

We authors control what our characters do during the day. It’s one of the things I love about writing: the ability to control the world in a way we can’t do in real life.

I can’t control the real world. Sometimes the script being directed from above is pretty painful. In my case, it contains an autistic brother and heartbreaking care-giver burdens I can do nothing about.

But I can control the world I create in words.

In my romance fiction, I control my characters, put them where I want them, alter their lives, change the time, the year, the setting, give them astonishing adventures and dramatic endings– it’s glorious, unfettered control.

But at night, even they go wild.

In the wee hours of the morning, my head is a playground for creative creatures, both human and fantastical. They have adventures even I haven’t thought of yet.

So here’s a job for you scientists out there. Figure out a way to capture the nocturnal plotlines that create havoc for us authors as we struggle to give our brains some needed snooze-time.

And in the meantime, can you guys please keep it down in there?

Melodie Campbell. Billed as Canada’s “Queen of Comedy" by the Toronto Sun (Jan. 5, 2014), Melodie Campbell achieved a personal best when Library Digest compared her to Janet Evanovich.

Winner of 9 awards, including the 2014 Derringer and the 2014 Arthur Ellis (Canada) for the screwball comedy, The Goddaughter’s Revenge (Orca Books), Melodie has over 200 publications, including 100 comedy credits, 40 short stories, and seven novels. She is the Executive Director of Crime Writers of Canada.

Top 100 Amazon Bestseller)

“Is that a broadsword on your belt, or are you just glad to see me?”
When Rowena falls through her classroom wall into a medieval world, she doesn’t count on being kidnapped – not once, but twice, dammit. Unwanted husbands keep piling up; not only that, she has eighteen-year-old Kendra to look out for, and a war to prevent.

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