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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fatherhood and Romance Novels

Okay, I admit it, I hate to write scenes with condoms, because one of the tropes for romance stories is the Secret Baby. I used to think this was so trite and overused. Now I see the beauty in it. I've used it 3 times in the past 3 years.

In my latest example, Jameson Daniels, the hero in Nashville SEAL, discovers he is a father when a young woman comes up to him after a concert. He thinks she's one of those girls who frequent his motel after his events, and doesn't recognize her. I know that's a bit sad, but she'd changed her appearance, and I did show him dreaming about the wonderful week with her and wondering what had ever become of her.

Lizzie tells him he's a father. Here's the SoundCloud snippet:

In working on the full length novel now, which will be my next release in August, I'm developing the relationship with his daughter further.

Fatherhood is no less complicated than motherhood. I've always said that a man who loves a child, regardless if that child is his own blood, is indeed a real man. So is a man who steps up to the plate and takes responsibility for a child he may have brought into the world and without his knowledge. We can judge them, assume lack of protection and poor choices could lead to this little miracle, but in the end, there are millions of people all over who come into this world in this fashion. For centuries this has been a trope, and has happened regardless of being rich or poor, or station in life.

We want our men to be strong and to protect us. We want to support and love them back for all they do for us, especially today. But I think those of us who live in romance novels know the true test of manhood isn't in his shorts, or the way he fights or defends. It's the way he is amongst the gentlest of us, towards the innocent, the weak and old, toward women and children.

Happy Father's Day Warriors! We love and worship you with devotion that will never end.

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jean hart stewart said...

I'm not good at using fatherhood in my books. Mine died when I was six, so I don't feel confident of writing about fathers emotionally. Love to read about it, though. Best of success with your new release.

Sharon Hamilton said...

Thanks, Jean. I have things I cannot write about either. Thanks for stopping by.

Michele Zurlo said...

Secret babies is my guilty pleasure. I'm actually planning to use it soon, but I'm nervous about it! I hope it turns out as well as yours:)

Sharon Hamilton said...

I'm sure it will!! Nothing to be nervous about. It's, as the quote says, "Life finds a way." Some of our best things in life are random, accidents, but indeed miracles. Best of luck! And thanks for the compliment!

Melissa Keir said...

Men are so much sexier when they are fathers. :)

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