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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Janice Seagraves's Haunted House

Hi, my name is Janice Seagraves. 

A lot of people read have ask me, “Is your house really haunted?”

The old house we used to live in seemed that way to me.

Since my husband and I first moved into the old house twenty-eight years ago, I’ve heard a little girl crying when I washed my hands in the bathroom. Which in itself isn’t anything unusual, however we live two miles out of town in the middle of what had been a grape vineyard but is now an almond orchard, and we have no close neighbors. I’ve lived here for twenty-five years and heard the same child sobbing. Reason would dictate that if this was a child, she would be grown up by now.

Once when my daughter was still a newborn baby, she started to cry. I was sitting next to my husband, watching TV. I sighed and started to get up, when I heard a woman’s voice saying very clearly, “Hush, baby.” I ran into the bedroom, and my husband ran outside. When I turned on the light, my baby was asleep, and no one was there. My husband came back inside and told me no one was outside. 

While my daughter was a baby she would sleep with us, I would feel the bed dip like someone was sitting down. I’d open my eyes to see if my husband was putting on his shoes, but my daughter and I were alone.

Over the years I, my husband and my daughter have seen a little girl ghost at different times and places in the house. One time while my daughter was sleeping with me, she screamed in the middle of the night. I jerked awake and turned over to check on her--that’s when I saw the little girl ghost sitting on my bed on the far side of my daughter, staring at me. Then she faded away.

When my daughter was little about three or so, she had an invisible friend named Jenifer or Jenny, which I later realized was our resident ghost girl.

Once or twice I’ve heard a scary voice saying my name and a chill would wash down my back. Thank goodness I haven’t had that after since our move. *shiver*
I’ve been woken up by the sound of my bedroom door being opened and when I wake up, it was closed. 

We’ve seen orbs. Mostly green ones and blue ones. I saw one in the bathroom and followed it in my daughter’s room, where it landed on the foot of her bed and disappeared. 

I have taken a few orb photos with our black kitty we used to have, and I have an earlier photo with a white something that went through my husband’s mouth. These photos were taken with two different cameras; one digital and one a 35 mm.
When my husband worked nights, sometimes I would see something under the fitted sheet moving back and forth. I thought maybe a mouse got into the mattress. My husband and I flipped the mattress over and I couldn’t find any mouse holes, so I have no idea what that was.

One morning, I was woken up by a child singing the song called the Lilac Tree. Both my husband and daughter were in the living room watching Saturday morning cartoons. And nothing they watched had a child singing.

I’ve been woken up by the smell of Brownies baking and thought my daughter was baking. When I went into the kitchen and no one was cooking. Boy was I disappointed.

One time when I overslept, I heard someone walking around my bed, saying, “Come on, honey, it’s time to get up.” When I sat up, no one was there.
My daughter told me one of her friends that spend the night had heard the bathroom door creak open and the sound of whispering. The friend asked my daughter if her parents were up. My daughter said no, and then they both went and checked the bathroom. No one was there.

My husband and I both heard the whispering voices before, right when we got home from shopping. We quickly open the front door to the house, flinging it open but the noises stopped, and no one was there. 

Just before we moved from that old house, I just laid down to go to sleep, I felt someone tuck in the tag on my pajama top. My bedroom door was closed, and hubby was working the graveyard shift and my daughter was staying the night at a friend’s house. 

I was alone. 

Or was I?

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Morgan isn’t expecting romance when she accompanies her friend for a week of skiing, but when she meets Jared all bets are off.
Jared has secrets that he doesn’t mind sharing with a special lady, and he hopes Morgan is that special someone. When his past and present collide it’s worse than he imagined, and he’s forced to fight for his life.
heart knot
“Morgan, open up.” The woman pounded on the door again.
Unlocking the door, Morgan stepped back so her mother could enter. “Mom, this is Jared. The man I’ve been seeing. Jared this is my mom, Alice Brookhaven.”
“Good day, Mrs. Brookhaven.” He held out his hand.
Instead of shaking his hand, she scanned him up and down. “No belt or tie.”
“Hardly anyone wears a belt and tie anymore.” Morgan snorted.
“What’s with his hair?” Alice stared. “Did you dye it that color?”
He ran his hand over his mane. “This is natural.”
Morgan frowned at her mother. “It’s a type of red, Mom. Lots of Scotts are redheaded.”
Alice gave her a sharp look before turning back to Jared. “Did one of your parents have hair that color?”
“I donna remember.” His heart twisted at the thought of his parents.
“Are you an orphan?”
“Aye.” As the deep emptiness filled him, he slumped against the wall staring down. “That I am. I have not even a photo of me mum and da to know which of them had red hair.”
“Oh, sorry to hear that.” Mrs. Brookhaven stared at his bare feet then checked her daughter’s, too. “Were you both naked when I called?”
“Huh?” Surprised at the accuracy of her guess, he baulked. He didn’t want to tread on dangerous ground with this woman. Jared glanced at Morgan for assistance.
Morgan threw her hands in the air. “Oh, Mom, you didn’t give us much notice.”

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

What Supernatural Being Would You Choose?

Halloween is almost here – the time when thoughts turn to the supernatural. With the popularity of the paranormal - books, TV, movies – it seems the supernatural is in our thoughts year-round, and the trend for all things paranormal shows no signs of abating. I’ve heard it said that when times are hard, people gravitate to the supernatural as a means of escape. Or maybe the paranormal is so popular because anything otherworldly is just plain fun.

I love reading time travel romances, love books about beings who have magical powers, love shifter stories. I don’t much like anything to do with vampires, but that’s just me. Vampires have scared me since Bela Lugosi lured unsuspecting and “too stupid to live” people into that old castle. Vampire romances aren’t as popular as they once were, but I think vamps will be with us for a long time to come. I published one very dark shifter paranormal romance which scared me as I wrote it. I prefer to read and write lighter fantasy.

My question today is: If you could have any magical power or be any supernatural being, what would you choose?

I’ve always wanted the powers of Samantha in the old TV show, “Bewitched.” I want to twitch my nose and have my whole house cleaned. Wow! Can you imagine that! I’d take it further. Whenever I wanted to change my wardrobe, I’d look at pictures of couture clothes, shoes and handbags, twitch the nose, and voila! An instant new wardrobe. Cool, huh? 

Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to think something and make it come true? But there’d be a rule you can’t hurt anyone. Imagine driving and some jerk cuts you off or runs a red light and almost plows into your car. Wouldn’t you love seeing the jerk’s wheels fall off his car when he pulls one of these stupid moves? And as a person with magic abilities, you could make this happen. You could be a one-person avenger giving the jerks of the world what they deserve. But, remember, don’t hurt anyone. I know, my mind works in strange ways.

 While I don’t read vampire stories, I do enjoy some shifter stories and witch stories. One of my favorite series is the Mayfair witches from Anne Rice. Those are some darn scary witches. I plan to write my own witch romance someday, with a witch heroine who will have great powers, but she won’t be evil. However, she’ll be surrounded by evil. That one’s still in the pre-writing stage.

My dark shifter story, Cursed Mates is on sale now for Halloween. My hero Nick was cursed to life as a werewolf in 1530. At each full moon he shifts into a great white wolf. I love real wolves and contribute to organizations committed to helping them survive. So, it was only natural I should write a shifter story about a werewolf. Have you ever wanted to transform into an animal? If I could be an animal, it would be a spoiled housecat, like my two cats. But I wouldn’t hunt mice. Eww!

Would you want to be a vampire? Think of all that power and immortality. Imagine drinking blood. Shivers. Or would you rather be a sexy witch who has the power to make men grovel at your feet? Or a one-person avenger out to rid the world of jerks?

What supernatural being would you choose?

Cursed Mates, on sale for only $1.99 until October 31.

Scorching. Suspense. Sensual.

"What if you were honor bound to kill the man you love?"

Nick Radford is a reluctant werewolf who’s been fighting the Beast within for nearly 500 years. He’s never killed a human, but the Beast is gaining strength and Nick may not be able to ward off his inner demon much longer.

Kyla Yaeger is an elite were-hunter with a scarred past. Her life’s mission is to slay the werewolves that slaughtered her parents. Her quest has brought her to Maine, where she’s been summoned to destroy the werewolf terrorizing the quaint little village of Heavensent. The last thing she needs is to get distracted by her mysterious—not to mention hunky—new neighbor, Nick Radford.

By the time Kyla learns Nick is her target, she’s already fallen for him, making her task of killing him that much harder. She is torn between her love for him and her duty to kill her sworn enemy. Nick fights his forbidden love for Kyla, knowing she is duty-bound to kill him. Kyla and Nick must join forces to fight an even bigger threat—one that will destroy all humanity. Only by their combined powers, can they destroy the evil and bring an end to a centuries old curse.

Like lighter fantasy?

Snow Globe Magic

The gift of love...
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Her Snow White Christmas...
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Her Red Riding Hood Valentine...
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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Halloween Costumes and Customs

I am a big fan of the holiday. I love everything about it. The fact it comes shortly after my birthday meant I had a lot of Halloween themed parties growing up. Interrupted only by one Batman themed one because I was a seven-year-old with my first crush.  I love It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and giving out candy and getting candy and dressing up in costumes of all kinds. But most especially as a vampire or a witch. When I learened about a party this year, I just tossed out, "Oh no problem, I'll just grab a cape and mask."  Because I have several. Some I even made.

Even in SoCal we get some cool evenings and a fair amount of fall wind that sends leaves skittering and locals on fire watch. But it's still the most magical time of the year. Samhain. 

This year, I am thrille to be releasing a story as partof the brand new Magic and Mayhem Universe. Stop by and like our Facebook page to find out all the exciting doings from me and 14 other authors who are releasing truly Halloween-worthy stories. We specialize in magical, funny, romantic tales and we only have three days to go!

Here's a little bit about Witch Way Inn!

Witch Way Inn

Growing up in a town populated by magical beings, Karina Jewel’s complete lack of ability is an embarrassment to her family and a source of great personal misery. But an inheritance from an aunt she’s never heard of offers her the chance to break free and start life anew in the scenic High Sierras. The Witch Way Inn, a haven for magical and non-magical folk alike is about to open, and it holds all her hopes and dreams. In addition to the house, Aunt Graciela left her a prophesy. She will reconnect with someone from another life…and that connection will change everything.

Early Rogers’ article about the Shifter Whisperer for The Journal of Magical Times received a less-than-positive response from Zelda, who happens to be a good friend of his publisher. Instead of his usual globe-trotting assignments, he’s to cover the grand opening of a hotel with such low standards even regular humans are invited. He’s already got the piece half-written in his head. The sooner his punishment is fulfilled, the sooner he can get back to the real world and his exciting life.

Neither is looking for their other half, at least not in this life. But could they have been looking for lifetimes? And maybe, just maybe, there is a key somewhere in the mountains to unlock Karina’s magic, if there is any to unlock. They say opposites attract, but  sometimes opposites collide with explosive results.

My first contribution, Witch Way Out is also available.

Have a Happy Halloween. Be safe, eat candy or some treat to celebrate this holiday. I am going to attempt to make Soul Cakes. I'll have to report back on how that goes.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

What Are Paraprosdokians???

Paraprosdokians are a figure of speech where the latter part of the sentence is unexpected and usually humorous. These are from Carlene Rae Dater.

Here's some of them......

1.  If I had a dollar for every girl who found me unattractive, they'd eventually find me attractive.

2.  I  find it ironic that the colors red, white and blue stand for freedom, until they're flashing behind me.

3.  Today a man knocked on my door and asked for a small donation toward the local swimming pool so I gave him a glass of water.

4. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

5.  I'm great at multi-tasking. I can waste time, be unproductive and procrastinate all at once.

6.  If you can smile when things go wrong, you have someone in mind to blame.

7.  Take my advice, I'm not using it.

8.  My wife and I were happy for twenty years, then we met.

9.  Hospitality is the art of making guests feel like they're at home when you wish they were.

10.  I was going to wear my camouflage shirt but then I couldn't find it.

Have any to add to this list?
Jean Hart Stewart

photos: Flickr: dbowman2001 and dusty64
and Nancy M (grammarly)

Sunday, October 14, 2018

OUR GHOST, FRED by Marianne Stephens

In the 1990s, we lived in a large house to accommodate our family of six. Nothing unusual happened our first few years there, but then events started happening that convinced us we weren't living there ALONE. Below are some examples why I say this:

#1: Daughter number two had just finished drying her laundry. I told her to just dump it on her bed and she could fold/put away everything since we were about to have dinner. She dumped the laundry on the bed and brought the laundry basket down to our laundry room (next to our kitchen). All my other kids and husband were already sitting at the table.

After dinner, my daughter went up to her room and screamed. We all ran up to her room. On her bed were her clothes, all neatly folded. None of us had been in her room. She was scared, so slept in another daughter's room that night. We tried to joke about the incident...and hoped the "ghost" would fold ALL laundry from there on. No such luck.

My kids decided to name the "ghost"...and that's how "Fred" came into our lives.

#2: I always kept my phone book under the phone in the kitchen on a desk. But, one day, I couldn't find it. I checked all over the kitchen and then called my kids into the room. No one knew where it was. I sent them into all the other rooms of the house to look for my phone book while I continued, alone, to search the kitchen.

When the kids returned, they all said the same thing....they couldn't find it. At that time, I was standing in front of the desk. Daughter # one peeked to the side of me and pointed. When I turned around, there was the phone book, right under the phone. Once again we joked about it, and decided that Fred meant no harm...he just like to play tricks.

#3: We went on a week vacation to Florida. I had a college student, "Joe", come to the house each day to feed/water our bird and bring in the mail. The birdcage was on the kitchen counter and the mail was to be placed there, too.

When we returned, I called  "Joe" so her could come over and be paid. His mother answered the phone and said she'd come instead. I assumed "Joe" was not home. His mother told me that  on the third day of taking care of our house, he went inside and the birdcage and mail were  in the living room, not the kitchen. Freaking out, he went home and had his father search our house with him to make sure no one was there. They moved the birdcage and mail back into the kitchen. He wouldn't go into our house alone after that...either his mother or farther would come with him. 

And he wouldn't house-sit again.

#4: I was at the kitchen table, doing bills. On the counter was an old, portable black and white TV...the kind you had to turn the dial to change channels. It had a very distinct loud clicking sound as you turned the dial from one channel to another.

I was watching an old episode of "I Love Lucy" while paying the bills.  Suddenly I looked up at the TV and realized that "Lucy" wasn't on. Instead, on the TV was an episode of some court series. I first thought maybe the show had ended and I hadn't realized it. Then I looked at the clock and noticed that "Lucy" still had ten minutes left in the half hour episode.

I got up and went over to the TV. The dial was on a different channel, about five channels from where the "Lucy" show was. As I stated  before, changing the channels involved a loud click sound, and I'd heard nothing. I turned back to "Lucy", and said aloud, "Fred, you have to stop this stuff."

Other things continued to happen, but nothing sinister. I guess that's why we never felt really frightened.

My mother moved in with us after we moved from that house. She finally told me that if we had stayed in that house, she would not have lived with us. Over the years, she and my dad had witnessed some strange things whenever they visited. Mom was afraid of ghosts.

During the twelve years we lived there, we had two dogs at different times. Each dog did the same thing on a routine basis: they'd sit up and slowly move their heads from one side to the other as if watching someone walk across the room. We'd notice the dogs' movements but never saw anything ourselves.

Do I believe in ghosts? Maybe but I'd like to think of them as helpful or playful.

Do you believe in ghosts? Any ghostly encounters?

In the Naughty Phantasia Boxed Set , I have a paranormal story titled "Cupid's Curious Case":
Alan’s last job as Cupid 8
4 involves neighbor Amy and a special box of candy. Both secretly desire the other. Can they find true love?

For buy links, excerpts, blurbs, and reviews, go to:

Marianne Stephens


Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Most Paranormal Time of the Year

Christmas may be our biggest cultural holiday, but for someone who reads, writes, watches and shops paranormal themes, October is the month for feasting. My favorite purchase so far this month is a pillow with a lovely raven on one side and a floral-and-skull patterened reverse. The burgundy flowers match my parlor decor so well, the skulls don't even pop at a casual glance. I did resist the giant dragon skeleton for the front yard--barely.

Hocus Pocus, Nightmare Before Christmas, and other seasonal classics are readily available on every streaming service, and a new favorite, The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, a dark, Creature Shop infused cooking, crafting and sewing show is being binge-watched in my house as I type. And to cap it all off, the paranormal romances come out to play.

If you're looking for a quick seasonal read, might I humbly suggest Between a Rock and a Hard Dragon by yours truly. For something with a little more bite, there's my vampire erotic romance trilogy: Exploring Ari, Dani's Demons, and Just for Jess.

In other news, I've just contracted for the re-release of two of my favorite stories, Sea Change, a full-length novel about a merman and a marine biologist, and One Good Man, a ghost story co-written with the fabulous Lacey Thorn. They'll be out early 2019 from Supenova Indie Publishing. I'm very excited to be working with this fabulous group.

Enjoy the fall or spring, whereever you are, and Happy Halloween/Blessed Samhain to all!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

In 1492 Columbus Sailed The Ocean Blue

Posted by R. Ann Siracusa

This blog started out as an update of my article about Columbus Day, but also to debunk the often-taught concept that Christopher Columbus discovered America. But, alas, that was not to be – at least in terms of the total picture.
Since the time I last updated the information, it appears that good old Chris has fallen into disrepute, and there is a major effort to reinvent the holiday as Indigenous Peoples Day.
Well, not exactly -- even though it may be what you learned in grammar school.
Point one: It depends on what is meant by the word discover.
Christopher Columbus was not the first of human kind to set foot on the North American Continent. There were already indigenous peoples living there when he arrived, both on the islands where he did set foot, and on the North American continent, upon which he did not set foot.
Columbus wasn't even the first European to set foot there, either. In 1960, undeniable proof of Vikings in North America came to light at L'Anse aux Meadows near Newfoundland, Canada. Islandic-style house foundations gave proof that the Vikings briefly settled there around 1100 (five hundred years before Columbus arrived), and artifacts including a needle whetstone, a soapstone spindle whorl, and bronze ring-pins of the Norsemen were also convincing evidence.

Leif (The Lucky) Ericson (970-1020) the Norse explorer and first son of Erik the Red, is regarded by many historians as the first European to land in North America
There are a myriad of other claims that the North American continent was “discovered” before both Columbus and Ericson.
530 AD - St. Brendan
The story of St. Brendan, from Ireland, sailing to America certainly falls within the myth category.

1170 AD - Prince Madoc of WalesMadoc (Madog or Madawg) ap Owain Gwynedd was a Welsh prince who, according to legend, discovered America in 1170. The story is unconfirmed, but there is a growing belief among many Welsh in the US that the Wales has a claim on the discovery of the continent.
The first written account of Madoc's story is in George Peckham's A True Report of the late Discoveries of the Newfound Landes (1583). There exists disputed archaeological evidence, three hill fort sites similar to Celtic hill forts, along the river in the area they are supposed to have "colonized." The Mandan Indians are reportedly the descendents of these early Welsh explorers. Unfortunately, there are no Mandan Indians left of pure blood to confirm this through DNA testing.
1398 AD - Henry SinclairAlso in the myth category is Henry I Sinclair, Earl of Orkney, Baron of Roslin, and Lord of Shetland (c.1345-c.1400). A Scottish explorer/nobleman and the grandfather of William Sinclair, 1st Earl of Caithness, the builder of Rosslyn Chapel. Henry is also noted for being the subject of legend that he undertook early explorations of Greenland and North America in about the year 1398.
And how about the claims of the Jewish, the Chinese, the Egyptians, Scott Wolter, and everyone else suggested on the History Channel? Every year there are new discoveries with the potential of rewriting the history we're taught in school, and the ability to DNA test certain ancient finds may eventually be able to put to rest old myths and word of mouth stories and establish real evidence.

Point two: It depends on what is meant by the word America in this context.

While it’s true that Columbus never set foot on what U.S. citizens consider “America,” he never claimed he had. At that time, explorers who discovered things they didn’t recognize, fell back on the writings of the ancients, assuming they had wider experience than those who came after.Columbus must have believed the same thing.

He is often accused confusion, of not knowing where he had been or what he had discovered, but the problem then was less a matter of “naming” things as finding the original local names … which no one in Europe would have understood anyway. In all, he made four voyages to the Americas and explored a rather large area, but it wasn’t until the fourth trip that he determined he hadn’t located Asia but another continent heretofore unknown to the Europeans.

Routes of Columbus’ Four Voyages:

The name “America” (bestowed on the New World) was derived from the name of explorer and cartographer Amerigo Vespucci (Florence, 1454-1512), although even this “historical fact” is in contention.
Through another ironic quirk of history, Vespucci didn’t name it, either. In fact, both Columbus and Vespucci believed what they discovered to be parts of Asia that, at that point, had not been explored by Europeans. Historians tell us that neither man had any concept of a new continent.

Amerigo Vespucci - photo of drawing

One source indicates Amerigo Vespucci was a merchant from Venice who owned a business in Spain outfitting ships for mercantile expeditions. Another claims he worked for Lorenzo de' Medici and, in 1492, was sent to work at the SevilleSpain branch of the Medici bank. According to that source, King Manual I of Portugal invited Vespucci to participate as observer in several exploratory voyages to the east coast of South America between 1499 and 1502. And, in fact, both versions might be correct.

However he got there, Vespucci accompanied those expeditions to South America and, as a result, wrote letters with glowing descriptions of the newly discovered countries which he called the lands of a "New World."
Vespucci’s letters were read by Martin Waldseemuller, a noted geographer, and Mathias Ringmann, who were preparing a reproduction of Ptolemy's treatise on geography. They decided to incorporate Vespucci's voyage into the treatise. Ringmann, acting as editor, was apparently unaware of Columbus’ discoveries fifteen years earlier and wrote the following in his introduction: “There is a fourth quarter of the world which Amerigo Vespucci has discovered and which for this reason we can call 'America' or the land of Americo."
Their work (entitled Cosmographiae Introductio) was published in April, 1507, and marked the first time the word America appeared in print.
This is sooo not what I learned in high school history. Do we really know anything for sure?
According to Toby Lestera contributing editor to The Atlantic and author of The Fourth Part of the World, “History hasn’t served poor Matthias Ringmann nearly as well as Martin Waldseemuller. That doesn’t seem quite fair. So tonight let’s send up a few of our fireworks in honor of the man who had the audacity to declare, before anybody else, that the world had a fourth part—and to imagine that he might be the one who could give it a name.”

Is nothing sacred? There is also a claim the name America came from Richard Amerike, a Welsh-descended English merchant, Royal customs officer and Sheriff who had sponsored John Cabot's voyage to America in 1497.
Christopher Columbus – Photo of Drawing


Stories have it that Columbus died broke and in jail, but for the most part, the history books still give Christopher Columbus the credit for “discovering” the new world and opening up the Americas to European colonization. They also lay the blame on him for the negative impacts of his arrival in the Western Hemisphere. A double-edged sword.
He is also blamed for the destruction of the native peoples of the islands he explored, and he is labeled a racist, which was true of most of the aristocracy of that period. People have expended many words on extolling his successes and virtues and criticizing his faults and failures. There is plenty to read, if you want to explore those avenues.

By Edmund S. Morgan - The Gallery Collection / Corbis 

CONTROVERSAY OVER THE HOLIDAYAlthough celebrated in some locations since the 1800s, Columbus Day as a national holiday was not declared until in 1937. Over the decades, as civil rights came into focus, it has become more and more controversial.

According to Nadra Kareen Nittle’s article in, March, 2017, “Native American groups argue that the Italian explorer’s arrival in the New World ushered in genocide against indigenous peoples as well as the transatlantic slave trade.” Much like Thanksgiving, it highlights Western imperialism and the conquest of people of color.

Columbus Day marks the first encounter that brought together the original indigenous Americans and the future Americans and changed the history of the world.
The Holiday does not commemorate the person nor does it celebrate the ultimate outcome of the voyages. It is the historical event Columbus Day honors and is neither a positive or negative comment on the value of the event or what happened subsequently.
Nearly all events commemorated by any culture, have their positive and negative impacts.

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