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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Do People Influence the Characters You Create?

I'm old enough to have "senior moments", so I guess I've met all kinds of people in my long life. Do they creep into my writing? Do I find them in my books?

One person in particular crept into my writing in ALL the earlier books I attempted (poorly) to write. My first three books all had nasty women named "Laura". Yep. Used that name with vengeance in my heart and a need to make "Laura" a villain.

Over the years, I still don't talk to "Laura", but I no longer put her in my books. Had my full of her and my need to seek revenge of some type. But I do see some hints of others I know or have known in my books.

My erotic books have no basis whatsoever on anyone I know. Not me. Not my husband. Not friends or family. Although, in "Strip Poker for Two", I made the hero an Army captain and have known men in the Army, including my husband. But, we never played strip poker!

I'm starting to think that some heroes and heroines have characteristics of TV or movie personalities. We're constantly bombarded by images on screen and those have to slip into our heads as we write. I see the image of Sandra Bullock, the heroine in "While You Were Sleeping" and think of Katie in my book, "Gone to the Dogs". I see the heroine of "Ugly Betty" and think of Eileen in my book, "Street of Dreams"...someone always trying to prove her worth.

I see a combination of my daughters in some of my heroines as they search for true love and maneuver the pitfalls and rocky roads to love. Didn't I do the same thing? Only a few of my friends/family members fit into the category of "love at first sight" with their first and only love. The rest of us had to tread water and separate the nice guys from the losers.

What about you? Do you see others in your heroes and heroines? When you read a story, can you "see" someone you know?

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