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Monday, March 2, 2009

What Stops Me From Writing?

I always have thoughts racing through my head, either plotting out scenes in a current book I'm working on or a future one. Right now, thoughts of finishing two books I've started and revamping four others to make them read-worthy keep my mind busy.

So...what's been holding me back from actually sitting in front of the computer and writing, putting ideas in print? Every night before I go to sleep, I go through scenes I want to use for the two books I'm determined to complete. I've also got another new book plotted out (except for a few minor details I need to work on to make the conflict important). Night after night, I go through these and plan to write the next day.

But, my motivation ends with sleep.

Okay. I've had a rough time with hospital stays, complications and surgeries. Yep. I've got the excuses ready. Why can't I overcome them and get back to work?

I'm tired a lot, and the idea of sitting in front of the computer instead of napping never wins. I've been able to do more on the computer now that drug-induced "brain fog" has disappeared. I'm catching up with email and rejoining loops I've been "no mail" on for some time.

Am I just being lazy? Couldn't I push myself more? I'm firmly determined to start March off right, and get back to writing. I keep thinking of a friend who kept writing, even while her husband was dying of brain cancer. She managed to keep motivated and bless her for doing so.

I've got to put my pity party tactics behind me and write! Yes, I've gone through some miserable stuff...and it looks like my husband will be losing his job...but maybe it's time for me to challenge myself and get busy!

My first erotic book, "Strip Poker for Two", by April Ash, is now available in both ebook and print versions at . This website is for Ellora's Cave. The book should show up soon at, Border's and Barnes & Noble websites. I need to promote this. I need to spread the word. I need to do my job.

I've kept up with my newsletter, and welcome emails from the people on my list. I run a contest every month, and try to keep readers motivated. You can join my newsletter by sending an email to or

Keep motivated to do what you need to do, and my plan is to do the same!

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