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Friday, May 31, 2013

Interview of Author Kathy Lane: Ice Cream Dreams

Why is dieting during the summer so hard? You’d think it would be easier than in the winter, what with the holidays clumped right at the end of the year. But, no. Come spring and summer you’ve got trips to beach, back-yard bar-b-ques, and pool parties, all of which involve copious amounts of chips, dips, hotdogs, hamburgers, ribs, potato salad, and other assorted goodies. And ice cream! Ah, that’s the culprit!

Can we talk about falling off the diet wagon here? I have a bad habit of nibbling ice cream while I’m writing and I’ve recently discovered a sinful blend of milk and sugar that puts all others to shame. Chic-fil-A’s version of ice-cream. Yeah, really, who would have thought a fast food place could out-delicious Breyers? Thick and vanillowy (if it’s not a word, it should be), the stuff is what ice-cream dreams are made of…and I don’t usually like vanilla ice cream as a rule. But this? Such creamy goodness should be outlawed, that’s all I’m saying. Warning: If you haven’t tried one of these melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-cone concoctions yet and don’t have any will-power, please, stay away from you nearest Chic-fil-A. The smell alone is libel to pull you in right off the street.

Getting back to the flavor issue—I remember starting out my toddler years on plain vanilla ice cream. You know, the kind that came in the little cups with the little wooden ‘spoon’ to eat it with. Later, I turned into a strawberry girl. The best brand, of course, had the bits of real strawberry in it. Mmmmm. At the time, I remember thinking there was nothing better. Then, in my late teens and early twenties, I discovered Butter Pecan. Wow, the rich flavor of a good butter pecan ice cream knocked my socks off. As I grew older, so did my taste buds. I discovered the satisfying crunch of Pralines and Cream, the rich caramel sweetness of Dulce de leche, the slight bitterness of Mocha Almond Fudge.

Who would have thought that at my age—no, I’m not telling—that I’d come full circle back to vanilla?

So how about the rest of you? What brand and/or flavor succeeds in pulling you off the wagon and into ice cream dream heaven? Oh, the possibilities………….

I have lived all my life in central Florida. I began reading at an early age and have been devouring books on a regular basis ever since. I have always found books on fiction to be the most entertaining as they allow me to exercise my ever active imagination.

I began writing short stories and poems in high school where I contributed to both the Yearbook and Senior Memory Book. After graduating as valedictorian of my class I fell into my career as an accountant, but continued to both read and write science fiction/fantasy.

In 2001 I returned to my educational endeavors as a part-time student and received my AS in Accounting Technology from Polk Community College in 2005, graduating with a 4.0 GPA.

One of my college classes was an online Creative Writing course which fired my desire to write again. Nothing serious at first, just a short story here and there. Not until 2006 when my niece, Darelle, invited me to join her at a writer's convention in Bradenton, Florida, did the desire to write translate into the dream to write well enough to be published. Four years, three manuscripts, and numerous edits and revisions later, my dream is about to become reality.

Love means never missing when you shoot to kill.

All her life, Amy Sheridan wanted to be the one to slay the dragon and save the innocent. While her job as a sniper in a special ops unit required her to kill, she made sure the targets she took out deserved every bullet. When she’s tricked by a traitor into taking the life of an innocent man, exposing the traitor does nothing to assuage her guilt and Amy chooses to leave the world of black ops behind. Her new life is a tranquil change; no guns, no fighting. Until the traitor resurfaces, on the hunt for revenge.

Joshua Colby, the head of the elite special ops unit known as the NightHawks, is assigned to protect Amy, not realizing she was once the most talented sniper in the SO. When he and Amy clash, sparks fly. Joshua swears to protect her, but Amy isn’t used to someone else fighting her battles—or getting under her skin the way Joshua does. When the threats from the traitor become all too real, Amy’s vow to never kill again is put to the test. Will she be able to pull the trigger for the sake of love?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sensory Deprivation in Writing

blindfold photo: blindfold blindfold.jpg

I love writing for the 1NS line at decadent publishing. In this IR story, I decided to do something totally different than normal. I love adding a bit of kink in with my romance but realized I had yet to write a sensory deprivation story.

The idea was easy, the execution was difficult. I did more than just blindfold the partner during an intimate scene. I made the first date in the dark. That's right. No blindfold, well maybe for a minute in the beginning. The Opening scene of Trading Up is done in pitch blackness. The heroine and Hero  meet at a dining in the dark restaraunt where they must get to know each other's personalities without the instant judging once locking eyes on each other.

I felt that this was a good way to show that we people can lose a good chance at finding happiness because we make snap decisions and judgements off of one single glance.

Its true. They say, that men know if the woman they meet are worth taking home to mama in ten seconds after meeting or if they'll be a bag and tag.

Women take one look at clothing, appearance and instantly judge if the man has the means to provide for them, if he's a slacker, a bum, or a white or blue collar type of guy.

Our snap judgement or quick assessments can land us in hot water. No one can guess right at first glance. So with my couple who like to be too picky. I took that option away from them and had the magnificent Madame Eve work her magic.

During their dinner, they had the option of greeting each other by voice, touch, and sampling food and wine by taste. They had the murmurs and hushed conversations of others in the background. With sight gone other senses are heightened.

Writing Trading Up was a joy and a great learning experience on how to layer deep third pov with every sense possible fleshed out.

Here are a list of the senses and how we can incorporate using them in our work!

Sight- Vision. Nerve impulses give us varying colors, hues and brightness.
Perception of depth can also be argued as an agreeable sense.
Taste- Taste is often confused with sense of flavor.  It’s important to know the difference between the two.
Taste is categorized by qualities: sweetness, bitterness, sourness, saltiness and umami . Umami is consistency.
Touch- Receptors in the skin, hair follicles, tongue and throat activated by neural receptors.
Balance/ Equlibrioreception- Is known as body movement, sense of direction and acceleration. The three parts help maintain balance. The receptor is located in the inner ear.
Have you ever had a bad sinus infection?
Not only will the physician prescribe antibiotics, they will also prescribe a nasal spray. Why? When you have a really bad sinus infection the inner ears are affected. The nasal spray will open up the passages allowing for the ability to maintain balance. Without the nasal spray the infection my get better but sight and balance will be affected. Ex: seeing black dots in, dizziness, inability to walk straight or stand upright.
Temperature- Sense of heat or cold. This sense is great for paranormal authors. The sense of smell plays an important factor in shifter romances or novels.  Sense of cold for scent and telling wind for  direction.
Kinesthetic- is when your body part can do one thing without the other parts knowing or seeing.

Pain- Pain attracts our attention to dangers and will motivate us to avoid them.
Time- is the sense of perception of time passage and how it’s experienced. This is also a great sense for sci fi or time shifting stories.
In Writing
What can my POV Character Hear?
What can my POV Character See?
What can my POV Character Taste?
What can my POV Character Touch?
How can I make the reader experience all of these senses in his/her  POV?
Use senses that heighten a specific scene in your writing.
Example: Fear
Example: Elation/Happiness

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

You Are Published: When Will You Publish Again?

I have published three books and a novella, but I'm a slow writer.  I have a finished book, but it needs revision, and there isn't any time to do it.  Every week, I post a blog, which is a form of writing and I'm reading a finished book (not published) for a friend.  Both of these things are writing related, but they don't help me to finish my book.  They do keep me learning to write.

My husband has a bad knee, which he aggravated by falling from a ladder, and will probably need knee replacement sometime in the future.  After his fall, he was okay the first day, but the next two days it got worse and he finally took some pain pills for it.  The knee is better, but for how long we don't know.

The week before, I had to go to the doctor with my brother to make sure to get the straight scoop.  He had neck surgery seven years ago, and he's been losing the use of his left arm gradually over the last year.  They are going to try some shots in his neck to see if that helps, but if it doesn't work they'll try something else.

These are only two things that have interfered with my writing in the last few weeks.  A lot of things have hindered my writing over the last few years; even my health issues. It just doesn't seem to end, and I don't know what to do about it.  I know others go through periods like this, but how do you get passed it?

I'm terrified that I'll never get published again.  Have you ever felt like this?

Best always,

Sandra K. Marshall

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Interview of Author Krista Ames

Today I'm happy to present an interview of romance author, Krista Ames.

Latest Book: Take Me Home, Cowboy
Buy Links:

Born and raised in Northern Indiana, Krista now resides in Northern Lower Michigan. She is married to a very supportive man and is also a mother of 4 ornery children who keep her plenty busy. With an addition of 2 beautiful chocolate lab sisters and 2 playful cats, there is never a dull or spare moment in her household.

Krista has always loved to read and would often sit up for hours into the night not able to put down a book until she was finished. She still reads when she can but her main focus is creating her own stories to share with the world.

She loves to communicate with her readers so please feel free to drop her a line anytime at or visit her at or

Q: What’s the first thing you did when you received word you’d sold a book?
A: Ha, I screamed. My daughter would tell that story anytime asked. She thought I was losing my marbles lol.

Q: What part of the book is the easiest for you to write? Why?
A: Well, the title is the first thing I do actually. A lot of times, when I get an idea it’s because I’ve found a great title and I start building the story from there. I only then get a little frustrated when I’m asked to change the title in edits. After that then, the first few chapters of the book seem to flow the easiest for me, possibly because that’s what I’d worked out in my head after I’d thought up the title.

Q: What part of the book is the hardest for you? Why?
A: It just depends on whether it’s a sweet or spicy romance. Sex scenes give me a bit of trouble. Otherwise it’s bringing the book to an end that’s the hardest for me. I’m not real sure why that is actually.

Q: Who is your favorite character in your book and why?
A: My favorite character is Matt Gentry. He’s a cowboy….nuf said.

No really, I just like cowboys but he’s kind of a selfless person. Worries more about everyone else.

Q: Do you eat comfort food when writing? If so, what food inspires your imagination?
A: I definitely try to stay away from food when I’m writing. Sitting on my behind would be a bad scenario for eating. I’m not a huge fan of exercising anyway and I’m sure eating while sitting, all those calories would find their way right to my thighs.

Q: What hobby do you enjoy when not writing?
A: I love to read actually but even more, I love to spend as much time as possible with my kids !

Q: What genre would you like to try writing in but haven’t yet done so? Why?
A: I would love to try paranormal romance or romantic suspense because I’ve read both and loved them. We’ll see if it’s possible in the near future.

Tell us where to find you: website(s), publisher’s page(s), blog(s), Facebook page(s), etc. List them all!
Weekend Writers:
Amazon Author Page:
TRR Author Page:

Ally Kincaid returns to Freewill, Wyoming, to see her father after a two year absence. Anticipating a quiet family reunion, she finds herself butting heads with her father’s foreman instead. The man’s arrogance and sexy drawl push all her buttons, making her wonder what he’s hiding beneath his cowboy swagger.

Matt Gentry walked away from the past and shies from the future. No ties means no one gets hurt…until the boss’s daughter, a hot, green-eyed blonde, tempts him to break his own rules.

When tragedy strikes, will building tension and pride destroy their growing attraction or show them the way home?

“Ally-cat, this is Matt Gentry, my foreman.”

“Very nice to have you join us, ma’am,” he said and extended his hand.

She blanched, the smile fading from her eyes and her lips. She turned a glare on her father. “Foreman?"

Matt tried to hide a smirk, a bit of satisfaction curling in his chest at her obvious discomfort. What the heck, why not make her squirm a little bit more? “Yes ma’am, that’s what he said. Foreman. Of this ranch.”

She seemed immobilized by shock as she looked between him and her father.

“Best damned foreman I’ve ever had, too!” Jesse chimed in, seeming not to even recognize her aggravation. “He could run this place without me.”

“Oh, well now, boss man, I wouldn’t go that far. This job wouldn’t be near as much fun without you.”

Anger burned red on her cheeks, and she turned to glare at Jesse. “Damn it, don’t you know—”

“Ally-cat, don’t you start on me. I run this ranch the way I see fit. I’ll always accept your business advice when it comes to the books, but it ends there.”

“But Daddy—”

“No. Don’t you ‘but Daddy’ me. I make the decisions on this ranch. I may be old but I’m not dead, not yet anyway.”

“Don’t talk like that. You won’t be going anywhere for a long time yet.” Ally’s voice softened and her shoulders sagged.

“Glad you think so, Ally-cat.” Jesse patted a spot next to him on the couch. ”Come sit with me while Maribella whips up something for us to eat.”

“If you’ll excuse me,” Matt said, backing out of the room. “I’ll go clean up before dinner.”

He angled toward the hallway leading to his room, sensing her gaze following his movement, and assumed she would prefer if he cleaned up, ate, and slept in the bunkhouse with the other hands for the night. However, he wouldn’t be doing any of the sort. Jesse had given him a bedroom upstairs in the sprawling home, conveniently overlooking the barns, bunkhouse, and outbuildings, and he intended to use it same as always, especially if it pissed her off.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Writing Books That Last by Janice Seagraves

Yesterday in history: May 26, 1897: When Bram Stoker's Dracula was published, 116 years ago today, it was already part of a vampire literary tradition dating back to the mid-18th century.

 There's a lot to be said for a book that's lasted, and is still read today, for well over a hundred years.

Something about his writing touched the human spirit and scared a lot of people.

Charles Dickens wrote to escape a brutal childhood:

His stories touch the child in us.

Iam Fleming used more active words to win his audience: His books are still being turned into movies today. 007 lives on.

I don't have the magic formula to write a masterpiece that will last the test of time (who wouldn't want that?), but the trick seems to be to touch your audience in such a way that it resonates with the reader.

What do you think?

I'm running a contest on my website. Do me a favor and stop by and leave a comment with your email addy to win a prize.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Biscuits and Rolls

When I was a young girl my grandmother used to make the best biscuits in the world: light, fluffy and mouth-watering good. She made them every day with a wooden rolling pin. I was certain I would inherit the talent. But sadly, I did not. My biscuits always came out more like hockey pucks than soft fluffy confections. However, from the time I was ten and already an avid follower of Julia Child, I could make any kind of yeast bread, from rolls to brioche.

Now, many years later, I can make a passable biscuit, but still not like my grandmother’s. After a long period of experimentation, I know my problem then and even now rests with my technique. You see, biscuits are simple. They only take the few ingredients you put together, mix just a little until the dough is the right consistency and not too sticky, and once that’s done, you spend very little time working the dough before rolling it out and cutting the perfect rounds for the oven. 

Rolls and other yeast dough are different. They take more ingredients, including yeast that isn’t too old and water at just the right temperature. You work in the ingredients and mix again until just the right consistency and not too sticky. But then it’s a matter of working the dough, kneading it a lot, banging it onto a floured surface and finally letting it rest before punching it down and remolding it. Only after yeast dough rises again can you bake it as rolls or in whatever configuration. You see, yeast dough is used for many different types of bread. Let’s just say that unlike biscuit dough it’s more complicated.

All of this got me to thinking: are you more like a biscuit or a roll? Think about it.  Are you the kind of person who is and has always been easy going, laid back and uncomplicated, but who is still light and enjoyable after taking the heat? Or are you more like a roll, someone who has to be kneaded many times, knocked down, only to rise again and then show your true abilities? Neither is the best way to be. Both are perfectly wonderful.

Each person, like biscuits and rolls,  also has his own wonderful qualities, no matter where he comes from or what he has been through. 

Margaret, the heroine in my book, Coming to Climax, is without a doubt a roll. She has been knocked down on that kneading board until the flour plumed out of her. But she still continues to rise, and maybe because of all that kneading and knocking down, she rises even higher. In the book, she has to be punched down one last time so she finally divulges her hideous secret, and in doing so purges out all of the darkness she has locked inside. She emerges, golden and full of delightful layers. We could all learn a lesson from her endurance.

I urge you to read about Margaret in Coming to Climax. Right now I think maybe I'll bake something...
Bobbye Terry is an award-winning author in both fiction and nonfiction and has also won awards for her poetry.  She penned five published novels and numerous short-stories in collections with co-writer Linda Campbell under the pseudonym, Terry Campbell and since then has written. a couple of dozen books solo as Bobbye Terry and Daryn Cross. She also writes inspirational nonfiction, including the newly released work, The Light Within. She has three other such works slated for 2013. Shake Hands with Your Soul, is slated to be published by Turquoise Morning Press in the fall of 2014

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Interview of Author J.S. Wayne

Today I'm pleased to present an interview of romance author, J.S. Wayne.
Latest Book: Even Groomsmen Get The Blues

Buy Link:
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Born in Amarillo, Texas, J.S. Wayne has lived, worked, and traveled in approximately three quarters of the North American continent, and has amassed a résumé that could kindly be described as "eclectic." He currently resides in Southern Utah, where he attends Southern Utah University as an undergraduate English major with a creative writing emphasis. He is actively involved with the Kolob Canyon Review, SUU's literary journal, as well as the Red Thread Movement, is an Honors student, and is the founder and CEO of Writing Out Child Abuse, a charitable initiative to raise funds and awareness for survivors of child abuse worldwide.

J.S. Wayne's work has been or is being published by Cleis Press, Black Velvet Seductions, the Kolob Canyon Review, Erotic Romance Authors (, and one other house he prefers not to discuss. He describes himself as "a male romance writer, without apologies!" J.S. can be found on Twitter @jswayne702, maintains a blog at, and can be contacted via email at He enjoys talking with and hearing from his readers, and he invites you to drop him a line!

Q: What’s the first thing you did when you received word you’d sold a book?
A: To be honest, I went to sleep. I had been up until five in the morning and was awakened at seven by my brother-in-law, who informed me he had crashed the household vehicle into a cow. Yes, a cow. In rural Texas, things like that can and do happen! After two hours of dealing with aftermath, I checked my email one last time before falling into bed. I saw one from a publisher that said “Congratulations!” For a fairly rotten morning, it turned out to be a pretty good day. When I fell asleep, I did it with a smile on my face! :D

Q: What part of the book is the hardest for you? Why?
A: The hardest part for me is resolving all the characters’ actions and motivations at the end. I love to leave a couple of loose ends dangling, but sometimes that’s just not appropriate. When I have to go back and make sure that everyone got their just desserts, good or bad, that’s the part that drives me just a little batty. I usually spend more time here than on any other single part of a story.

Q: If one of your books became a movie, which celebrity would you like to star as one of your heroines? Tell us about your heroine.
A: For “Groomsmen,” I’d have to pick Rose McGowan. Because, I mean, seriously...YUM! She’d be playing Melanie Carson, my feisty bridesmaid. Partly because I’ve thought she was one of the hottest women in Hollywood since “Charmed,” and partly because she’s got the perfect build, coloring, etc. to portray Melanie. Of course, I’d be uber-jealous of whoever played Ben Grimm! ;-D

Melanie’s been carrying a torch for Ben for months, but the stars never quite aligned to get her in position to talk to him. Her friend’s wedding proves to be the perfect time when she sees Ben dancing with one of the children at the wedding. Summoning up a boldness she never thought she could, she asks Ben if he wants to do something naughty!

Q: If one of your books became a movie, which celebrity would you like to star as one of your heroes? Tell us about your hero.
A: I had to tug on my roommate’s cape for help on this one, because I generally put myself in the lead role. ;D Moi? Egotistical? Surely not!! She suggested either Ben Affleck or Patrick Dempsey. Out of the two, I’d have to lean toward the latter.

Ben Grimm was named by his dad after the Fantastic Four hero of the same name. After his fiancee Veronica decides one man isn’t enough and starts sleeping her way through Park Grove in Ben’s apartment, their relationship ends abruptly. Ben doesn’t much care for weddings anyway, and knowing he was supposed to have been married the same day as his friends Mike and Lacey doesn’t improve that situation. But when Melanie approaches him just as he’s thinking about leaving the reception, the afternoon...and the night...suddenly look a little brighter!

Q: Do you eat comfort food when writing? If so, what food inspires your imagination?
A: I’m kind of a weird cat in that I usually only eat once a day. The rest of the time, I fuel myself with Amp to kickstart the day, Mountain Dew to maintain, and cigarettes to equal it all out. I always have a glass of Mt. Dew on my desk, in arm’s reach but well away from my computer, as well as an e-cigarette. (Unless my roommate comes in and gives me the death glare because I haven’t eaten a proper meal in over 24 hours. Hey, you’d think forgetting to eat would be hard...but the care and feeding of my characters takes priority!)

Q: You’re on a remote island with a beautiful woman , a computer, and a “mysterious” source of electricity to power your computer. What do you do?
A: Wow...this is a tough one! I’d probably start by playing 120 Questions with her and committing the answers to memory. Then I’d write a novel with her as the starring character. (If I’m going to be stuck on a deserted island with a beautiful woman, I’m going to bring my A-game!) ;) No sense in wasting a perfectly good beach, or a fire on said beach after dark!

Tell us where to find you: website(s), publisher’s page(s), blog(s), Facebook page(s), etc. List them all!
I keep a Google account (jswayne702@gmail) which is also my Google Plus account, a blog at, and a Twitter account: @Author_JSWayne. (I don’t believe in Facebook.) My Changeling Press author’s page is, Cleis is, information about my collaboration with Black Velvet Seductions can be found at, and all my books are available on, Barnes & Noble, and other popular publishing formats. I love talking with readers and hope y’all will drop me a line!

Ben Grimm hates weddings on general principle. The fact he would have been one of the intended if his fiancée hadn't been sleeping with half of Grove Park isn't improving his outlook. Ben does his duty as Mike's groomsman, but once the ceremony's over Ben's had enough. As he's trying to decide how soon he can politely leave, Melanie Carson, one of the bridesmaids, comes over and makes Ben an offer he can't resist.

One-night stands aren't Ben's style, and the sultry redhead who took him to new heights of erotic pleasure assures him she's not interested in being an angel of the morning. Somewhere along the line, without ever having met him, Melanie decided to offer Ben her heart. Now it's up to Ben to decide whether the exquisite sex is worth giving another woman a chance to break his heart... or if he's ready to try to let Melanie heal it.

EXCERPT: WARNING - Adult Language
Being single and lonely sucked even worse when he had to dress up in a monkey suit and dance around acting all happy for his best friend, Ben Grimm reflected. He loved Mike like a brother, but right now he wanted nothing more than to "adjust" Mike's teal bow tie until he choked the idiotic, I'm-so-in-love grin off the groom's face.

"Jack and Coke," he yelled to the bartender over the thudding beat of the music. The bartender nodded and bustled off to take the order of a rowdy crew at the other end. Ben sighed, running a hand through his ash blond hair, and peeked at the clock surreptitiously, wondering how much longer good manners demanded he stay. Being a single guy at a wedding sucked syphilitic goat peckers, Ben ruminated. The few decent-looking women on display were either taken, too young, or eyeballing another potential conquest, which left him out in the cold.

He didn't begrudge Mike and Lacey their happiness, and he certainly didn't want to be a cloud on their day. If Veronica hadn't done what she had, this would have been a double wedding.

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride, he thought sardonically, checking the clock again. His feet ached from standing for most of the day, his lower back was starting to spasm from an overly enthusiastic turn on the dance floor with a cute nine-year-old girl who had a charming lisp and who'd developed the kind of prepubescent crush he just didn't have the heart to turn down, and he felt the beginnings of a low-grade migraine settling in at the back of his head. He'd have one drink, make his excuses, and get the hell away from all this lovey-dovey bullshit.

"Got a date?" a husky feminine voice murmured in his ear, downy soft lips brushing his sensitive lobe.

He whipped his head to the right ruthlessly enough to wrench his neck and provoke a strangled curse. When he saw the speaker, whiplash tumbled to the bottom of his priorities list. She can't be... His jaw dropped, and a gibbering voice in his head screamed, Say something, stupid!

"Were you talking to me?" Ben's mouth felt even drier.

The redhead laughed, exposing the creamy sweep of her throat and rolling her shoulders so the tips of her breasts pressed against the teal satin of her gown. "I thought if I didn't come talk to you, you were either going to slip out the door or jump out the window." Her large eyes, the exact shade of her dress, played over him appraisingly. "I'm Melanie."

He stuck his hand out awkwardly. "Ben."

She took the offered hand. His cock pressed uncomfortably against his zipper, responding to her heat. Six months of enforced monkitude had done nothing to make his errant manhood behave itself, and Melanie was sexy enough to push every hot button he had just by engaging in basic social contact. For a moment he entertained a fantasy of her spread-eagled on a bed while he took her, and he locked the erotic thought down fast. If he'd been a little quicker, he might have avoided the painful erection the woman before him had triggered.

Melanie pulled away, sliding her gaze south of his cummerbund as if mentally subtracting his tuxedo from the equation.

"You planning to drill through the wall? Or can I suggest a better use for that?"

Ben flushed. "I'm not sure what you mean..."

Melanie cut him off with the faintest hint of an eye roll. "Sure you're not. Look, I'm lonely, horny, and need to fuck. You're obviously up to the job -- unless you're here with someone?"

He growled a little. "Unless you count the groom, no."

She nodded. "I'm with Lacey's party." She paused for a moment, looking up at him with great significance. "I've been watching you."

Ben's eyebrow lifted skyward. "Oh?"

"Lacey told me what Veronica did to you. We work together," she added. "I've always thought Veronica was a stuck-up little c --"

"Young lady?" Ben asked, keeping his tone just on the socially acceptable side of polite as he parried the epithet he knew trembled on Melanie's luscious lips.

 Anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you all very much for coming by and hanging out with me today, and especial thanks to Marianne for letting me come in and bring a little madness! Hopefully we’ll do it again soon!

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Merry Month of May


     My turn to blog was rapidly approaching, but I found myself devoid of ideas. Not a good thing for a writer. But there I was, high and dry of topics. Then I read a newsletter that included blog ideas for May. Eureka!
     The article wasn’t quite what I thought. Rather than blog topics, it listed May monthly observances. I picked out the ones I liked, then set about figuring how I could relate them to each other and to writing. So here goes:

     May is Creative Beginnings Month. That certainly relates to writing. We all need a great beginning, a hook that will reel in editors, agents, and readers, especially readers.

     May is National Salsa Month. Salsa is spicy and delicious--just like romance novels. A scrumptious opening hook whets our taste buds for the rest of the story.

     May is Sweet Vidalia Onion Month. Vidalia onions sweeten a salsa recipe. Sweet, tasty Vidalia onions enhance any recipe much as a passionate and sweet love story enhances any romance novel.

     May 27 is Cellophane Tape Day. Cellophane tape holds things together. Good writing, good characterization, and believable conflict will hold any story together, be it sweet or spicy, or a dash of both.

     May 30 is Hug Your Cat Day. I love cats. Most writers own cats. Every day should be Hug Your Cat Day.

     I’ll end on that note as I go off in search of Killer, my sweet black diva of a cat, to give her a big hug.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Interview of Author Nikki Lynn Barrett

Today I'm pleased to present an interview of romance author, Nikki Lynn Barrett.

Latest Book: Baby Stetson - Love and Music in Texas, Book One
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Nikki Lynn Barrett lives in Arizona with her husband and son. She's an avid reader, a dreamer, and loves everything about books. She runs a book blog, an online used bookstore, and writes various genres of romance. Nikki can also be found outside with her camera when a storm is near, snapping photo after photo. Her dreams of becoming a writer started when she was young, when she started writing books in one subject notebooks by the fifth grade. The Secret Santa Wishing Well is her debut book. You can visit Nikki's site at: for more information. She is working on her next book. Nikki would love to hear from readers. Email her at

Q: Who is your favorite character in your book and why?
A: For Baby Stetson, I'd have to say Lucas. He has so much character growth from the kind of cold, distant man he was in the beginning of the book, the loving man he becomes at the end. He's been jaded and shut off from emotions for so long, but there is something about Avery that brings out the better man in him. He connects with her on a deeper level than just a very strong physical attraction. Though their situations are still very different, they both had an abandonment in their past that affects them. Lucas took a much darker path, so he learns a lot from Avery and how she's dealt with her own. I loved writing him and how he slowly begins to open his mind up to the possibility of love and happiness.

Q: What hobby do you enjoy when not writing?
A: There's quite a few! I mean other than reading and blogging...I love singing, writing songs, photography, especially of weather. And as of lately, jewelry making. My mom and I have recently bonded over jewelry and have been creating quite a few things. We're still trying to get our business off the ground, and with different, hectic schedules at the moment, it's hard to get together, but it's been very fun.

Q: What’s your strongest point as a writer?
A: I'd have to say channeling emotion. I've always been an over emotional person, and now I know how to put that to good use, lol. I put that in the stories with the characters!

Q: What part of the book is the hardest for you? Why?
A: It's between the love scene or the beginning of the story.

The love scene, well, because how do I keep writing them to be different and exciting? Ha!

The beginning, because it's not always the easiest to start the book at the perfect place.

Q: Do all your heroes and all heroines look the same in your mind as you “head write”?
A: No. As I start to think of my characters, I get a pretty clear Idea of what they look like. With Baby Stetson, while I was writing, I started to search the stock sites to find the perfect couple for the cover to help even more. I had an easier time liking photos for Avery, but Lucas was much more difficult. I like to search for photos in the beginning or middle of the story so that I can use that description in the book and seal the image in my mind.

Q: You’re on a remote island with a handsome man, a computer, and a “mysterious” source of electricity to power your computer. What do you do?
A: Hmm, maybe I should make sure all my books I want are on my computer....just in case...

LOL. Umm...The man would be Keith Urban.We could work on the Love and Music in Texas CD soundtrack...oh yes! Beach time, singing...with Keith Urban? Yup, I'm all in. When we do leave?

Tell us where to find you.
@Stormgoddess925 on Twitter

In small Texas towns, strangers come and go...

Left in a Stetson hat, on the steps of the local bed and breakfast, Avery Callimer came into the world on a wing and a prayer. Raised by loving adoptive parents, she's never lacked for love...only the knowledge of her past.

By day she works the Inn, but by night...Avery comes alive as lead singer in a band. Life was good...stable, until new guests blew into town.

Some strangers come with secrets and lies.

Lucas Bennett is one such stranger. Drifting from one mess to another has left him jaded. Doesn't matter the dramas are never his doing. Giving it one last shot to make a fresh start lands him Harmony's Echo, Texas and smack dab in front of the tantalizing Avery.

Despite his best efforts to ignore the burn Avery's ignited within, he's intent to keep his distance. Secrets have followed him. Secrets he doesn't want Avery to know.

Each time they're near the other things heat up like a brushfire on a dry Texas prairie.

But maybe, after the dust settles and the smoke clears, love can bloom with a fresh start.

"This is a nice kitchen,” Lucas said, closing the door behind him.

Avery faced him.

"You like to cook?"

"Oh yeah. I learned at a young age that I had to take care of myself, so I taught myself to cook. Now it's something I enjoy.

"Are you good at it?"

"I'm good at a lot of things, Avery. Lucas closed the gap between them.

Too close, too close!

She couldn't back up anymore, though. Behind her was the counter. Her back was already pressed up against it.  Lucas looked at her like he wanted to devour her.


"I know I need to stay away from you, Avery. All I want is one kiss. I've got to taste you. Tell me no, right now, and I'll back away."

Lucas pressed his body to hers. He slid his arms around her waist, pulling her to him. His face, only inches from hers, lowered.

"Tell me now, Avery. Because if you don't, I'm going to kiss you."

Don't! Yes! No! Do it! No!

She couldn't get the words out. All she could think about were Lucas's lips, mere inches from hers, sexy, tempting, inviting.  Avery opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out.

"I'm not supposed to be so attracted to you, Avery," Lucas whispered, then his lips crashed down on hers.

He cupped her face, pulling her into his kiss. She didn't even have time to decipher what that comment meant. Avery tilted her head upward, responding to his kiss. She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders as her fingers dug into them. Holy hell, this man could kiss. The deep urgency of his kisses drove her mad.

"Lucas," she muttered against his lips. His touch was lethal. It wasn't supposed to feel this good. Or amazing. Or sensational. Avery wasn't supposed to react to him this way. She didn't even know this man! Oh, but she knew his gaze, so intent on her, and she was fixated on him.

"Yes, Avery?"

He trailed kisses along her neck now. Desire burned within, igniting quickly. His lips were back on hers now. He darted his tongue out, touching the corners of Avery's lips, pushing his way in gently. Avery opened for him, needing another taste. Lucas's erection pressed into her, only making her want him more. She lost all senses, other than to kiss him. Lucas hoisted her up, still pressing her against the counter. Avery squealed and wrapped her legs around him. More fiery kisses came next. His tongue was gentle, daring, inquiring. He moaned against her lips, nipping lightly. "I want to take you to-"

They broke apart as the sound of loud voices neared. Lucas put her down quickly and backed away from her.

"Oh shit." Avery giggled, heart thundering in her chest, and blood roaring in her ears. That was close. Had anyone come in to see them, especially her parents... She'd never live it down. Need pooled within her, but the distraction was probably a good thing, otherwise she didn't know what would have happened next. She could almost picture what they might have- No, no. She wouldn't have let things go that far, not here!

The fact that she had to convince herself of that meant that she very well might have given herself to Lucas, right then and there. What was wrong with her? She never lost that much sense, not for anything or anyone. Emotions heightened, she fidgeted with her hair, smoothing it back and straightening her clothes as if nothing happened. Lucas still stared at her, that look of lust in his eyes, and smiled. "Well, that was fun," he teased. If he was trying to ease the tension, it worked. Avery laughed out loud. Inside, she wasn't. How could she lose control like that?

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Other books by Nikki Lynn Barrett
The Secret Santa Wishing Well

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Where is the romance?

  Okay, I’m on my soapbox, revisiting a topic that is always simmering near the surface for me—the belief of television producers that there can be no happy romance in their shows.. Call me  crazy but where has the romance gone in today's shows? The good feeling? The “Oh, I love this show” feeling? I don’t know about everyone else but when I watch a television series and a couple has really great chemistry I want them together and I want them happy. I want to feel the love!!!  
In an ensemble series with a large cast and the story line basically about the lives of the people involved, I want one couple that’s the anchor. One couple that is sold despite everything. That you can always depend on no matter what.
I’m a romance writer right? So I want the romance! However small it might be.
Yet television seems to have this wild notion that if you don’t constantly break people up you’re not creating “conflict.” Maybe that’s because they don’t know how to write “conflict.” Or maybe it’s because they think the only way to keep the viewers coming back is to give them a weekly dose of angst.
Ahem: check out Castle. They are doing it very very well.
Now I’m not saying every show has to have a romance. Some, like the police procedurals, aren’t even built around romance. But if they introduce couples and their private lives are only peripheral to the show, then why can’t they be happy? In love?
Oh, yeah, I know, I know,  couples fight in real life and they deal with problems. That’s okay if it’s not too intrusive. But if you want to watch “real life” then tune into lone of he gazillion reality shows. Or take a look at life around you. Lord knows there’s enough angst and “conflict” to go around.
When I watch television I want escapist entertainment. I want to feel good. I want a break from the trash I deal with every day.
And what’s the argument when shows get complaints about splitting up key couples or not putting them together when the chemistry between them is son strong is about ignites the screen? The Moonlighting Curse. When David and Maddie got together the show tanked. Jumped the shark. Well, hell. Moonlighting was a long, long time ago and I’d like to think writers have learned a lot since then about how to do it right. How to make it work.
I must have every book written by the Dell Shannon, the queen of police procedurals. The story of the crime and the police department was primary but she skillfully wove in the personal stories of the detectives. And guess what? They didn’t break up, or if they did it was instantly resolved. They didn’t do things to hurt each other. Although I’m sure she didn’t think of it this way, her books had “strong romantic elements”.
Just like many of today’s shows, like Grey’s Anatomy. I watch shows like Flashpoint, where poor Ed has to decide between his job and his family. Why? It’s not even close to being primary to the show. Or Hawaii 5-0, where Danny and Rachel are finally getting back together and she’s pregnant with his child and he ditches her at the airport. Why? It’s not germane to the story line.
So if this bothers you like it bothers me, let me know. Let the producers know. Maybe they’ll take pity on me.
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Love For Opening Scenes in the 1st Place

For the past two months, I've featured some of my favorite openings from a few memorable books I've read throughout the years. And can you believe, I've found some more?

After searching through my kindle, I couldn't help but share a few attention-grabbing paragraphs and/or lines from several amazing authors I've read recently. I hope you enjoy them!

By Sharon Page:
He had caught gangs of murderers in the stews off Whitechapel High Street. Arrested opium dealers in seedy brothels near London docks. But in all the years he had worked for Bow Street as a Runner, Trevelyan Foxton had never been required to investigate in a more foreign and intimidating place.

By Kimberly Killion:
The bastard was finally going to kill her.

By Julie Destry:
It was midnight dark in the room - the kind of blackness that was almost, but not quite, absolute. It wrapped a sense of privacy around her, the same as she'd done with the complimentary satin robe. Anonymity. Such a strange concept for a woman used to being in the spotlight.

By Elaina Lee:
A strong curl of anxiety bunched in Lyndi Crisdean's stomach. Three days wasn't long enough to recover from what she'd done. Yet, the choice was out of her control. Either she returned to work today, or she turned in her resignation. Taking a deep breath, she pushed the button to her law firm's floor. Defense attorneys didn't get the luxury of guilt.

I'd also love to know some of your favorites too. So, at the end of this post in the comments section, please feel free to let me know what opening paragraphs have caught your attention. It means so much to me to see your smiling faces show up in the comments section so I'll thank you all ahead of time for doing so!

Renee Vincent

Oh, and by the way, I am also blogging at Sweet N Sexy Divas  where I feature hot snippets from authors whose heroes weren't afraid to be a little soulful, sappy, or even suggestive when it came to the heroine. I'd love for you to hop on over and visit me.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Guest Blog: Melissa Keir: Mothers and Sons

With Mother’s Day happening this month, I decided to share about why I feel parent/child relationships are important and why I include them in my books.

Just as fathers and daughters have a special bond, so do mothers and sons. I’m fortunate to have one of each. My daughter is a lot like me, driven and a type-A personality. She knows what she wants and goes after it fill throttle. I’m very proud of her dedication and hard work. We are close and good friends, but it is the relationship with my son which always amazes me.

My son is very different than my daughter but I’m just as proud of him. He plans his life around a balance of work and play. He is more laid back on the surface but worries a great deal about other people and how he impacts them. At eighteen he started his own IRA in order to make sure that he was ready for retirement. Mind you, he had only had one job so far at a local retail store. Each day he calls me when he is on his way home from work or college so that I don’t worry and shares his thoughts about his day. He constantly makes sure that I’m okay financially, emotionally, and physically. It is those feelings that we each have to take care of each other that makes our relationship truly exceptional.

Because of my relationship with my son, I incorporated two little boys for the the main character of Second Time’s the Charm and the sequel, Three’s a Crowd. Lissa would do anything for those boys. One of my favorite scene in the story is the one where Lissa is getting ready for her best friend, Chloe’s son’s birthday party. The goofy accident that happens is exactly what could have happened in my own house. While the nose accident is completely made up, all too often for my taste, my son had quite a few accidents over the years. Each time, I ended up seeing a unique strength in my son.

When my son was younger we used to spend a couple of minutes before bedtime, laying in his bed and talking about his fears, feelings, and dreams. That time was the most precious time for me. It helped established the close relationship we have. My children are a huge part of my life and made me who I am. It’s that connection that I hope to convey in my stories. After all, being a parent is a lifetime job and one I’m very proud of.

For Lissa, the second time at love was a charm but in marriage, three’s a crowd.

Single mother Lissa Vincent found her soul mate in her best friend’s ex-husband. Alex Hunter couldn’t believe his fortune when his ex-wife told him her best friend was available. After divorce, finding love again could be a challenge but it appeared Alex and Lissa had gotten lucky. Yet as they start their lives as newlyweds, Alex and Lissa don’t realize just how difficult it might be to blend a family.

When Alex’s ex new marriage begins to unravel, she sets her sights again on Alex. Does Alex still have feelings for the mother of his child? Will Lissa keep her best friend or lose her husband?

Fairy tales promise a happily-ever-after. But what really happens after the after.

As a writer, Melissa likes to keep current on topics of interest in the world of writing. She’s a member of the Romance Writers of America and EPIC. Melissa is always interested in improving her writing through classes and seminars. She also believes in helping other authors and features authors and their books on her blog.

Melissa doesn’t believe in down time. She’s always keeping busy. Melissa is a wife and mother, an elementary school teacher, a book reviewer, an editor for a publishing company as well as an author. Her home blends two families and is a lot like the Brady Bunch, without Alice- a large grocery bill, tons of dirty dishes and a mound of laundry. She loves to write stories that feature “happy endings” and is often found plotting her next story. (fan page)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Introducing The Ladies of Wild At Heart

Today I have the honor of sitting down with Angela Clayborn and Emma Nichols, co-heroines from Wild At Heart.

K:  Greetings ladies:)

A:  Hello again!

E:  Hi Kenzie:)  Thanks for having us back in better weather this time!

A:  It's not snowing this time, but the rain can stop anytime now.  I'm ready for more 80 degree weather.

K:  I hear you!  My son's playing baseball and we've already endured one rainy game, plus a few practices have been cancelled due to the weather.

Is everything still okay between you two?

A:  Definitely.  I think we're all happier now.  Wouldn't you say, Emma?

E:  Yeah. I like the new cover! I'm glad we're being-what did you call it?-re-released closer to our timeline.

K:  That's exactly what's happening.  I'm not going to bad-mouth anyone, so suffice it to say, things didn't work out the first time around, so I was graciously granted my rights back.  My new publisher is totally in love with you two, and fast-tracked it.

E:  I see.

K:  How's Brad?  I've tried to get him to talk to me, but he won't.

E:  I've kept him pretty busy:)  I'm also training him as a part-time stable hand.

K:  What about you, Angie?  Are you happy with the new cover and the re-release?

A:  I like the depiction of Indiana better on the other cover, but I'm happy with the new one.  It's more like a 'Little House on the Prairie' look.  And in case people don't remember, I can't believe I was in such denial about Steve.  I had started dating Brad because my friends thought he was perfect for me, but it just goes to show you can't force chemistry.

E:  And you and Steve definitely have it.  We went out to dinner last night before the rain arrived, and Steve couldn't keep his hands off of her.

A:  Well neither could you and Brad.

K:  I also want you both to know that your story will be available on Kindle the first week in June, and I'm going to be in Estes Park late July/early August, Emma, so I hope to present Nicky's manager with a signed cover flat.

E:  Cool; I know she'll like it!  Brad's getting me one so I can find that scene in Anny's book.

A:  Who's Anny?  And she wrote a book?

K:  Anny's a good friend of mine, Emma.  Contact me when you get your Kindle and I'll email Anny's website to you.  She's got a lot of other books you might like, plus I'll introduce you around to other wonderful e-books and authors.

E:  Awesome!  Thanks!

A:  I told Steve I wanted a Nook for my birthday.  After that controversy on Amazon a few years ago, I'll buy from somewhere else.

E:  They pulled the book, Angie....but I see your point.

K:  My books are on the Nook, so if you want to read them, either way is good.  Time's up ladies; I need to fix dinner for the family.  Thanks for coming by!

A:  Thanks for the yummy cookies!  I need your recipe.

E:  Don't tell Nora, but your chocolate chips are better than hers.

K:  Who do you think gave me the recipe?  I've improved on them, that's all.

Wild At Heart,
Available May 31st at Secret Cravings Publishing

I also have another book releasing this month, to my surprise!  

This is what happens when you have two publishers; sometimes the timing overlaps.  I never ever thought this would happen to me, but it did.  So indulge me a few more minutes of your time?  This book releases May 29th and you can pre-order it at Freya's Bower.   

Here's the blurb and a short excerpt.  Enjoy!

Austin Harmon is intrigued by his quiet, efficient new administrative assistant. Why does she have an obsession with her watch, and what does she do after hours?

Cara has put her social life on hold while caring for her elderly mother. But after her boss helps her through a crisis, she can't deny their attraction. Romance and Alzheimer's don't mix... or do they?


Austin captured her once inside the darkened office and swung her into his arms for another kiss.  Her shoes hit the floor as she moaned, and felt his tongue slip past her teeth.

Cara struggled and tore her mouth from his.  “Wait. This can’t be happening.”

“Why not?  I’ve enjoyed the past two weeks of getting to know you.  I’d like to get to know you a little better, that’s all.”  Austin pulled her back and covered her mouth with his.

She hesitated a moment.  How long had it been since her last kiss?  It’d been two years since David had broken up with her, not understanding her responsibilities to her mother.  With a muffled groan, Cara tossed her purse to the floor and twined her arms around his neck.  Moisture pooled between her thighs as his tongue explored the corners of her mouth.  She eagerly returned the kiss, and was rewarded when one of Austin’s hands slid upwards to palm her breast.  Cara didn’t pull away; soon his cool fingers slid inside her bodice and nudged the lace of her bra aside.  She moaned when he rolled the nipple between two fingers and pressed herself closer to him.  Dimly in the background, she heard the vague tones of Bette Midler singing “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

“Wait. My phone’s ringing.  Austin,” she pleaded and forced herself to pull away.

“Can’t you ignore it?” He panted, reaching for her waist.

“I can’t.  This one is important.”  Cara stepped to the side and fumbled with the clasp with shaking hands.  Doreen wouldn’t have called unless something happened!  One look at the clock on the outside told her it was past ten o’clock.  “Hi, it’s Cara.”  She cleared her throat to sound normal.  “I’m sorry, Doreen, I just looked at the clock–What?”  She reached back for Austin’s hand to steady herself.  “Oh my god, which hospital?  Thanks.  I’ll be right there.”  She snapped her phone shut and whirled around.  “I have to go.”

“Wait a moment, Cara.  Hospital?  Let me go with you.”

Cara shook her head as she tried to shove her feet into her shoes.  “No, this is something I have to do.  It’s my responsibility.  Besides, you have guests.”  

Remember; you can pre-order this book here:) 

See you next month!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Guest Blog: Caridad Pineiro: Challenging Myself as an Author

Thank you for letting me visit to chat about my two new releases. As an author, I always strive to create something new for readers and to challenge myself as well. I hope that readers will definitely think I’m bringing something different with my two new novellas.

I have to confess that it was a challenge to create a romantic arc in so few pages. It was also tough to create a mystery plot in GHOST OF A CHANCE and a new shifter mythology in THE SHIFTER’S KISS in shorter works.

I set GHOST OF A CHANCE along the Jersey Shore and wrote a story where the mystery revolved around a murder/suicide that had happened during Prohibition. It was fun doing the research and working in facts about what happened along the Jersey Shore during those years. It was also a lot of fun to add not only the ghostly element to them, but the romance between true crime writer Tracy Gomez and sexy Peter, the lawyer who has put together the crew he hopes can solve the mystery.

To read an excerpt from GHOST OF A CHANCE, you can visit

For THE SHIFTER’S KISS, I went for a totally different feel for the novella by choosing the San Blas Islands. The indigenous people there believe in shark gods who protect their islands and I used that to create a mythology about Nali, a shark-shifting goddess who is the last of her kind.

It became a very emotional story for me as I imagined how lonely Nali would be as the last one of her kind. It also upped the kind of sacrifice she would have to make to find and keep the man she came to love. It was a challenge working in the romance arc with the erotic story elements, but for me the romance has to be there otherwise the sexiness falls flat.

To read an excerpt from THE SHIFTER’S KISS, you can visit

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author and RITA® Finalist Caridad Pineiro wrote her first novel in the fifth grade when her teacher assigned a project – to write a book for a class lending library. Bitten by the writing bug, Caridad continued with her passion for the written word and in 1999, Caridad’s first novel was released. Over a decade later, Caridad is the author of nearly 40 published novels and novellas. When not writing, Caridad is an attorney, wife, and mother to an aspiring writer and fashionista. For more information, please visit

I hope you will enjoy reading the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them! Thank you, for letting me visit!

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Parade Inside !

Here's two covers from my Passionate Pursuit series. And a blurb from Dangerous Pursuit. No. five in the series, Daunting Pursuit is being edited so I'm delighted with that. And here are some words of wisdom from a world famous artist. I love this thought. Words of wisdom indeed.
Joan Miro, one of the most celebrated artists in the modern world, had this marvelous sentiment on his 85th birthday. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times, he urged reporters not be deceived by his demeanor.

Deprecating his fame, he said, “I live like a normal citizen. But there is a Catalan saying that the parade marches inside you. What happens is inside.”
The world knows that what happened inside him produced a lifetime of sometimes amusing, sometimes thoughtful, but always powerful abstract paintings that changed the world’s view of modern art. 

So what’s going on inside you? It doesn’t have to be earthshaking, but it IS important. Like a pebble dropped in a pond, the widening circles of your action might astonish you if you could only know. My personal philosophy is that every one you pass by can be affected by a smile on your face. So I’m a Pollyanna! I like being one.  

Naturally I have to include an excerpt from my latest release, Dangerous Pursuit. From the Passionate Pursuit series of eight books from Ellora’s Cave. This is mild erotica. 

“Nicki looked at the handsome face slowly descending to hers and knew she should run. Once she let him kiss her, she sensed she’d never escape. Not until he wanted her to go. Ordinarily that thought would have had her scooting out of his reach, trying to protect herself from the heartbreak that would come from loving Vale. Every woman who saw him wanted him. Why should he stay constant to one?

But his eyes were heavy with desire, and she’d never seen anything like their narrow-minded intent. Such beautiful eyes. He was about to kiss her with the passion she’d always longed for, and never expected to find.

She’d fought off groping hands as many nurses had, and she never let herself be alone with Pringly. He’d tried to take her to dinner in spite of the stricture against hospital staff dating. He’d tried to corner her in the hall, in the clean-up room after an operation, even in some of the patient’s private rooms. Always the ones who were too sick to be believed if they reported such an unlikely thing as a doctor raping a nurse. Finally, fearing for her virginity, she’d left the hospital. Although she liked nursing, she didn’t think she’d go back to it as a profession. Genealogy was fascinating, and a much safer occupation for a young woman.

Now she’d found the one man for her, even though her mind told her it was temporary. Vale would be hers only for a brief time, but perhaps she should taste love while she had the chance. Surely she’d never match the intensity of her feelings for Vale with any other man.

Her lips felt hot, her body throbbed in a manner that surely was indecent, but she couldn’t possibly turn her face away from his. Her lower body in particular pulsated as she felt his lower body pressing against hers.  More than anything else she wanted his kiss. His kiss that she knew would open a new world for her. And she craved whatever else he chose to show her. Anything he wanted she wanted. He’d leave her eventually, she realized that, although she strove to smother the thought. Perhaps she could somehow learn to be such a passionate lover he would stay with her for a glorious while.

She never thought she’d allowed herself to be so passive. But he’d become irresistible. His fantastic and alluring looks, his eyes that bored into her very soul and made her feel she was the most desirable woman in the world. Even the way he moved. Like some jungle creature sure of his power and narrowing in on his prey. But his manner did not seem that of an overbearing and arrogant male animal. She thought him above resorting to domination. Never ruthless. He seemed as anxious to please her as she was to please him.

She was completely confused but she no longer cared.” 

Available at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. And of course my website,




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