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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Here I am, wearing an apron while shopping! (use your imagination with me on this!) When I saw this "Santa" in his cute little hat and socks, I just couldn't resist. After all, I'd already gotten presents for others (see the bottom of my cart...did you even notice the gifts until I mentioned them?)

No matter how much you beg, I won't tell what store I was in or how much he cost...that's my little secret! Now I have to decide whether or not to gift wrap him and put him under my tree until Christmas, or treat myself to an early Christmas gift! Decisions, decisions!

Speaking of gifts, I got a nice "surprise" a few weeks ago. I sold another book! "Anything You Can Do", by Marianne Stephens, will be published by Breathless Press. No release date has been set. The new cover is here on my blog and on my website:

Unofficial BLURB:
Daycare director, Allison Minetti, challenges Ryan Industries CEO, Jeffrey Ryan, to spend a week in daycare with her. Clueless to childcare programs , he calls her business “just babysitting” and hesitates to donate financial aid to her center.

They agree to the following terms: if he makes it through the week, she’ll stop funding requests and spend a friendly weekend with him. If he can’t survive the five days, he’ll seriously consider donating to Ryan’s Rugrats, where his employees send their children. Allison makes sure he gets a full dose of childcare daily routines, including Diaper Day, Kitchen Day, field trips and swimming lessons. All of these test his orderly realm of sanity.

Instant mutual attraction leads to a week of seductive teasing and brief steamy encounters. Both welcome the weekend and satisfy their lustful passion in a series of lovemaking encounters. Hurtful lessons of betrayal from past loves haunt each of them so trust is vital in their relationship. Will someone else’s interference in their challenge lead to mistaken conclusions and pull them apart?

Happy Shopping! Let me know if you find a present like mine!

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