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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Social Media Circus ~ by Joanne Jaytanie #RB4U

Are you one of those people on the pulse of the newest social media site? It seems like every day there is something new coming out. I must admit, I’ve signed up on sites such as MeWe and Alignable, only because I get emails from friends asking me to join. I’ve looked at the sites – but I’ll most likely never use them. Especially if they want me to pay for connections. 

And let’s not forget, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Snapchat, LinkedIn – just to name a few. My gosh, the list goes on and on. WhatsApp – what’s that? Google+- it’s still hanging on? Reddit – I have no idea. You could spend your entire day and night wading through the bottomless depths of the monstrosity known as social media.  

What should you do? Ignore it all and hope it will all go away? Become an expert on every media app? Not me. I consider myself techie-less. I’ve come a long way from not knowing how to turn on a computer, but I’ll never be a social media expert. 

Even so, I’m an author and the computer is my workplace. I’ve found my best strategy is to work with a core of social media apps. Meaning I limit myself to a few choices and try to get a handle on just those apps. Some I enjoy spending time on. Others I get on, get what I need done, and get off. Of course, there’s a downside to spending time on the apps I enjoy – I tend to spend too much time. Every bright shiny picture pulls me in. Every new recipe, how-to, repurposing, new releases—call my name. Have you guessed which app – Pinterest! It can suck you in for hours. But it can be a great place to make new followers and sales.

Did you know that over half of the millennial generation use Pinterest at least once a month. Over 90% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan their purchases – large and small. 

I set up a new board for each book. I’ve even used my boards as storyboards for my WIP. There’s a lot going on in Pinterest. 

And, because over 80% of the users are on a mobile device, there are certain ways to layout your ads, so that you get more views. I’ve started testing a few and find I do get more interaction.

Pinterest is also a great place to do research. 

If you haven’t used Pinterest yet, you might want to give it a try. 

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Grace Augustine, Author said...

Great article...and I totally agree with Pinterest being a time sucker...kinda like depositphotos!

Deanie Balke said...

You are,so,right! Pinterest is just a huge search engine. Used strategically, it can widen your reach immensely. Good article!!

J Jaytanie said...

That's true, Deanie. Thanks for dropping by.

J Jaytanie said...

Thank you, Grace. Yeah, if you're not careful you can spend hours on Pinterest. :)

Nicole Morgan said...

Great post, Joanne. I sometimes forget about my Pinterest page. :( But, I just followed you! :)

J Jaytanie said...

Thanks, Nicole! I'm heading out to follow you, too!

Paris said...

Loved the post, Joanne! Pinterest is so much fun that I probably spend too much time on it but you are spot on about it when it comes to research.

J Jaytanie said...

Thanks, Paris. It is a double-edged sword, isn't it?

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