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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

New Release Kate Allenton

Better late than never. Have you ever had that feeling that you're forgetting something. I had that feeling. I completely spaced out on putting up my post for today. I've been taking care of my kid that has been out with the flu and following her around armed with several cans of Lysol.
My apologizes.

I released two books in August, one was the third book in my Hex Sister Mystery Series and the other was a Time Traveler. Who knew they'd be so much fun to write.

Nothing is more deadly than a wicked witch with a grudge.

When Georgia, the first of Tess’s sisters, finally shows up to claim the antique shop she inherits, a dead witch is discovered inside. 

To unmask the killer they’ll have to outsmart him.
Outmaneuver him.
Out-spell him.
Only one problem stands in her way—Tess isn’t trained to fight like a witch.

You’ll adore this cozy mystery, watching Tess and her sisters on a magical journey to catch a killer while trying to juggle relationships and daily problems. 

You can find out more about Witch Bait by clicking HERE

They live among us. 
Pretenders, Seekers, and Scholars that don’t belong in our time. 
Sarah Weston knows who they are. It’s her job to monitor the time-traveling tourists movements and tracks them in the streets to make sure they don’t break the course of history.

Until one day they do. 

When an unsanctioned injured time traveler runs right into the middle of Sarah’s operation, it will be a race against time to figure out who she is, what she wants, and just where in the time line she came from. 

Take a peek behind the curtain into one of big brother’s timeless secrets of an organized world where time travelers from the future not only come to visit but sometimes end up staying. It’s a suspenseful quest about exposing secrets and discovering the truth. 

Find out more about Time Watch by clicking HERE

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