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Monday, June 19, 2017

June 19 is a Big Day in our Family

Yesterday was quite a celebration, and I got off to a late start today. But, my garden is watered, since it will be another close to 100 degrees.

I wrote this for my FB post of today, and will embellish it:

46 years ago today. Honeymooned all summer camping from the UK, throughout Europe, Italy, Yugoslavia, along the Riviera to Barcelona, where this was taken. Came home in September for Sonoma State classes. Broke. 

We did it all on $900, including $400 for two new Mario Monte bicycles we had handmade for us in a little village near Milan. The most we ever paid for a campsite was $1.55 in Spain at a place that had 7 swimming pools. Traveled with two German guys, a South African couple, an Aussie couple, two Irish guys who had to go to mass every day, and a married couple from the Netherlands for a couple of those weeks. 

Slept in a field of sunflowers in France and never stayed in a hotel one time. Cooked all but 3 meals. Those were the days when Americans were not well liked because they were stoned, sitting in fountains all over the place. With our Dutch plates, we let people think we were from Holland. 

Met a group of Navy SEALs and their wives traveling by MC before their next big deployment. DejaVu for me. Little did I know, but I loved talking to them and knew there was a presence about them. My husband had to point out who they were and how special they were. 

How innocent the world seemed then, but with our whole lives ahead of us, so much was possible. And so much of those dreams were realized. Our oldest daughter turns 40 today, born on our anniversary, another blessing. 

The whole trip had lots of memories, like my husband eating tuna fish sandwiches in Spain while we were watching a bull fight (none of the rest of us could stomach anything), the adventures getting lost, which turned out to be the only bad part about the time overseas. We finally reached that point where we just wanted to drive around a corner and see something we expected to see.

Now, 46 years later, I have 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys. I have five grands, with a 6th on the way in October. That will make 3 boys and 3 girls, of course. Everything in perfect balance!

When I look back on those early married days, what a foretelling it was to meet the SEALs and their wives on that trip. It shows me how life is full of circles, and we are turning and coming back to our places of origin every day, every minute of the day. The colors are brightened, and the texture richer and richer. The tapestry of our lives is where we get the best of our stories as writers. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy June 19 to you as well!

Have you gotten your piece of Paradise yet? Just out this week, PARADISE - In Search of Love. Enjoy!

Paradise: In Search of Love


jean hart stewart said...

Great column...Do you still have those special bicycles?

Sharon Hamilton said...

I do, Jean. I need to re-do the tires because they were for racing. Our roads need regular fat tires for off roading. But yes, and I haven't been on mine for about 20 years. Mostly because of the tires...

Thanks for checking in!

Cara Marsi said...

Sharon, your honeymoon sounds so cool. What wonderful memories. Great picture of you and your husband. You could be heroine/hero in one of your romances. My 41st wedding anniversary was last week. Our honeymoon wasn't as exotic as yours, only a trip to Martha's Vineyard. Happy Anniversary!

Melissa Keir said...

We don't often know when we are lost that we are right where we need to be... maybe not at that exact moment but could be in the future. What you had that time was a perfect moment which trailed back through your life into today's time.

Happy Anniversary!

Sharon Hamilton said...

Martha's Vineyard is one place I've never been. You lucky ducks! Some day...congrats on the 41 years. Not many of us around!

Sharon Hamilton said...

Thanks, Melissa. So true. Isn't it amazing as we look back on things, how this happens? I guess that's why I'm a writer. I have a huge memory, and not enough time to write it all down! thanks...I like being lost the best, but after awhile, it gets tiresome!

Janice Seagraves said...

Oh, those are nice memories. Good luck with your book. I wish you many sales.

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