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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Windswept Shores Book Two by Janice Seagraves

My first book published is called Windswept Shores, and in the years since it was published I've worked off and on on the book that follows it.

However, I've had Microsoft Word loose it, got the blue screen of death twice and some other problems too numerous to name. I've gone through five computers and still working on this same story.

Deep sigh.

The first time it went poof was so upsetting I felt physically ill.

But... the exciting thing is that this is the year....I'm very close to launching Windswept Shores, a survivor's love story part 2.

I haired an editor to work with me, and now a cover artist, so my book will have a professional cover.

The launch date is tentatively set for sometime before Valentines day. And that will be February of this year.

I'm trying not to get too excited about it, but it will be my fourth book published.

So happy, yay!

Blurb for Windswept Shores two:

Megan and Seth are finally rescued off their little island, but things are far from idyllic as they’re treated to one nasty surprise after another, which puts all plans of a wonderful future in jeopardy. 
Will they ever get back together again or see the life they envisioned?


Megan slapped his rump. “Come on. Get your butt in gear!” 
“Orright, love. I’m getting up.” Seth sat and ran a hand over his short beard. “I don’t reckon you’d be this excited about pirates?”
“It’s someone else. Come on. Get your clothes on.” Jerking open the built in Chester drawers, she tossed a T-shirt and shorts at him.
Seth eased into the shorts.
Megan grit her teeth. He’s taking too long. As he pulled on the T-shirt, she grabbed his arm and rushed out of the cabin, Seth stumbling behind her.
Once on deck, he popped his face out of the shirt and stared open mouthed. “Bugger me dead.” He shaded his eyes. “Is that a ‘copter?”
“It certainly is.” She bounced on the balls of her feet. Finally, we’re going to be rescued.
The small helicopter floated along the beach and landed. A cloud of sand and grit filled the air.
Seth grinned at Megan. They climbed the ladder out of the boat and hurried down the slope and across the beach to greet the new arrivals.
When the motor wound down, a slim redheaded man exited.
The pilot leaned out the door and yelled, “We can’t stay here too long.”
The slim man nodded. “Okay. Let me talk to these people before we head back.”
There was something familiar about the new arrival’s hair and build. As the young man drew closer, she was able to see his face better, and her eyes widened. Is it really him? Her heart sped up. The sight of him reminded her of how much she'd given up to be on the island with Seth.
“Eli?” Before she knew it, she was sprinting toward him. “Eli!”
“Mom?” Her nineteen-year-old son threw his arms around her, catching her in mid leap. He chuckled and spun her around. “I found you! I found you!” 

Windswept Shores (the first one) is available at: 
Find Janice Seagraves at 


Melissa Keir said...

How exciting to finally have the second book so close! Loved the excerpt! All the best!

Paris said...

I love computers but when they decide to be wonky, look out. I try to back up everything but there's only so much you can do and the delays can be disheartening. Good luck with Book! I loved the excerpt:)

Cara Marsi said...

Janice, I'm so glad you'll publish Book 2. I know about computer problems. I've had my share of them. There's nothing more upsetting. I enjoyed your excerpt.

Rose Anderson said...

I know what you mean. I have three stories trapped in a dead terabyte drive.

Congratulations for sticking with it to the end, Janice. I wish you the best! :)

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Janice! I just can't imagine losing a whole book. I email mine and save copies on drives--you name it. I think marching on is very admirable. Congratulations!

Janice Seagraves said...

Thank you, Melissa. Its getting so close I can almost taste it. :)

Thank you, Paris. You're so right about the wonky part. Oh, got me right here.

Thank you, Cara. Yes, very upsetting. I almost gave up.

Thank you, Rose. Oh, no how awful. :(

Thank you, Viki. I have an external hard drive now and it seems to be working and not losing anymore of my stories. :)

Thank you, ladies for your kind comments.


Judy Baker said...

Congrats on your upcoming release - finally! I'm not sure I'd have the heart to continue after all you went through. I backup all my work, often. Hope you did.

Word Actress said...

I loved the excerpt. So excited for you. I've lost manuscripts, too. Awful..awful...awful...I just took a break to drive down to LA
last week with my three Goldens and now I can't find five or six pages of haikus I started writing as one of my 2016 projects. They were hand-written, my friend had given me a pretty pen for Christmas. Damn! Maybe someday
I'll be better organized. Thanks for sharing and much good luck on your book...

jean hart stewart said...

I learned to back everything up with Carbonite, who does it for me every day at 5 'clock. Losing a book once made me feel the $59 a year I pay them is a real bargain. They've got everything I've written in their files. Loved the excerpt...

Janice Seagraves said...

Thank you, Judy. Yup, soon. And my hubby bought me an external hard drive. I back everything up now.

Thank you, Word Actress. I feel your pain. Isn't it awful to lose something you worked hard on.

Thank you, Jean. I have a seagate external hard drive. I back everything up.

Thank you ladies for the comments. :)


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