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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Season of Romance - Delightful Bounty? Or Annoying Overabundance?

In the spirit of full disclosure. I hate Valentine's Day.

I know...let the flogging begin... I'm a romance author who hates the holiday which is supposedly based on romance. It seems a dichotomy, but it makes perfect sense to me. Like the heroine in my soon to be released, Devil May Care, I dread the yearly pressure for gifts, cards and expectations that drive this former pagan feast day, which was recast as St. Valentine's Day around 496. Though the month of February has long been known as the month of romance, I just can't shake the feeling that the day has been taken over by retailers so they can sell more stuff. Add to this the man-shaming that occurs for guys who don't follow the prescribed path and the false assumption that ALL women want their men to jump through a specific set of hoops to prove their love and you can count me irritated by this "day of romance".

Maybe I'm weird because I don't buy into the whole Valentine's Day thing but I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. Sure, I'm a bit of a rebel, but I'm also a person who doesn't care much for fuss and fluff and I don't want my husband to buy me stuff because he feels obligated. I'd much rather he do things because he loves me. I'd rather he help me around the house, stand up for me when life gives me a right hook to the chin, and consider my feelings in everything he does. To me, those are the things that real romance is crafted from.

All this isn't to take away from the cards and candy and flowers that many of us will receive on February 14th. But, IMHO, for any of that to have real meaning, it needs to be backed up by the stuff I mentioned above. Otherwise, the romance will last no longer than those flowers wilting in a vase filled with cloudy water.

Happy Romance everybody!

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vicki batman said...

Hi, Sam! I told Handsome no chocolate (hard to swallow) and no gifts. Just Whataburger. He said okay. Cause being with him is the best Valentine evah! I did buy his favorite treat-Reeses peanut butter heart. LOL

Melissa Keir said...

Sam, Valentine's Day is a hard one but even worse is Sweetest Day. It's like a made up holiday. Hubby and I won't celebrate it...first of all it was his first marriage anniversary and who wants to remember or celebrate that?? and secondly, why should we have a holiday that seems to be made up by card makers??

I wish you all the best. The book looks amazing!

Sam Cheever said...

Hey Vicki! I could get behind a burger and fries for Valentine's Day! Any excuse will do for that. LOL Great idea!

Sam Cheever said...

I couldn't agree more, Melissa!

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