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Thursday, January 28, 2016

A bit of Sweet and Savory with Author @kimkasch #RB4U #PNR


That’s the perfect combination, like salted caramel or a good romance to read. They both tickle our taste buds and leave us feeling satisfied.
QUESTION: But what makes these two opposites—sugar and spice—attract one another…?
ANSWER:     It’s a complete mystery. Just like deciding what it takes to make a Dynamite Dinner or Delicious Dessert. It’s the same with figuring out the plotline to a great book.
One person might like the mellow luxury of warm chocolate while another wants the tart taste of lemon meringue. And still one person wants a humorous romance and the other wants a romantic tragedy.
So, how do we even decide between which sweet to select…or if we want something completely different, like a savory dessert?
Sometimes the best answer is not to decide at all but to simply have a little bit of both. We do this exact thing when we serve dinner with dessert.
We might start out the meal with a sexy dish – like Cioppini (or Seafood Stew).

And finish it off with a decadent temptation…or two…maybe even six:

And this sugary ending to an evening is sure to leave you feeling satisfied when you’re finished. You’ll be full and sleepy as a cat on a warm afternoon.
And, having a dinner that’s both sweet and savory is like reading a sweet romance with a little spice hidden in the center of the book. These two reading and writing combinations go together like sweet and sour chicken or French toast and bacon. They work together from opposite sides of the taste and reading spectrum to create a more worthwhile experience.
So when you’re working on a story, you might want to sprinkle a little sugar on top of that spicy romance to make it more well-rounded and fulfilling for your reader.
It’s the same when you make a meal, you don’t want to go too heavy handed on the salt, or you’ll ruin the entire dish. You want to combine all sorts of flavors . . . and emotions to have a complex story or a fantastic dinner.
And never give it all away at the beginning. That would be like serving dessert before you’ve even eaten your dinner.
You have to have a little mystery to dish up a completely fascinating book. So, remember to leave a little nugget tucked away in the center. A little secret or hidden clue in the middle of your story will keep your reader invested in your character enough to want to get to the bottom of whatever it is your serving. So sprinkle a clue here and there so your reader will keep turning those pages to get to the very last morsel.
So Bon Appetite! And happy writing.

Kimbra Kasch is the author of The Cats of Cullaby Creek.
This story has plenty of mystery stirred into the plot because when Savannah meets Kyle, its love at first sight. And why wouldn't it be? He's perfect, as far as she can tell. But Kyle appears whenever things go wrong. Maybe he isn't everything she thought he was.
She can’t figure it out until she discovers the water in Cullaby Creek is being bottled and sold as vitamin “infused” water. Mistic Water promises the impossible. And then, like a magical elixir, it delivers. People who drink it feel younger, smarter, faster...healthier. But it doesn’t take long before side effects hit. Literally. The secret has to be in the water…or is it something more? To find out, you’ll want to read the entire delicious story. And, if you do, Kim wants to hear what you think.




Cara Marsi said...

I love your post. So clever with the food references. So true, too, about adding a little spice to your sweet story. I love the cover and premise of your story.

Melissa Keir said...

Those desserts looked amazing and now I'm hungry!! I loved your post and wish you all the best with your book. The cover is very cool.

Paris said...

Loved the post and your view on blending the flavors so you achieve a balanced result with both food and plotting. I'm a big fan of mixing the salty with the sweet! Good luck with your book. Love the cover:)

Sam Cheever said...

Delicious! Thanks so much for sharing. xo

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