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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother, May I Write Erotic Romance Books? I'm wondering how many erotic romance authors discussed this with their mothers before actually writing their stories.

I know I didn't! My mother, as a reader of sweet romances and biographies, wasn't the person I needed to ask what her opinion would be. I know she wouldn't have been happy, but she would support me.

And, she did. She just didn't want to READ my erotic romance books...which was okay with me. She read my other books, and had me send some to relatives. One aunt wanted an erotic romance book, and she had me send her one of those. But, like I said, my mother didn't want to read them.

Now that she's in a nursing home with dementia, she hardly reads anything. I don't discuss what I'm writing since her "world" revolves around things she finds important at any given minute. And, her memory isn't good so talking about my books is something I'd have to repeat many times.

I know she supported me and still would, in anything I did or do. That's special for me.

At age 91, I'm just grateful she was able to celebrate another Mother's Day. My questions now are based on her needs and wants. She's given me a lifetime of advice, counseling, and support. I'm very blessed!

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Paris said...


I never asked my mother because I too knew what her answer would be. I'm just happy that she reads on a Kindle and loves her mysteries. My brother, who does read my books and is very supportive got her hooked and she'd rather read than watch television. My mom is is in her eighties now and like you, I'm happy that I got to spend another Mother's Day with her. Good luck with The Naughty Literati!

Rose Anderson said...

I didn't tell anyone other than my husband. After two books I figured I'd better tell the kids. Just in case something happened to me and the books would come as a shock. ;)

Lynda Bailey said...

My mom knew my writing was a bit...racy...but she never truly asked about the content and I never volunteered. Guess it was our version of *don't ask, don't tell.* ;) But, as any good momma, she supported me. (I think it's in the job description, isn't it?)
Big congrats on The Naughty Literati!

Cara Marsi said...

What a nice tribute to your mother, Marianne. I understand why she might not want to read your erotic novels but she supported you and that's the most important thing.

Melissa Keir said...

My mom never knew about my writing. She's been gone for over 15 years. She missed out on so much of who I am. I'd like to think she's watching over me. My dad on the other hand, staunch Catholic, raised five daughters and taught us to shoot and fish...he reads my books and brags about them to his girlfriends.

I'm glad you have this time with your mom. Dementia has a way of changing our loved ones. But we do love them!

stanalei said...

Moms are just awesome. I don't write erotic, but my mother still doesn't always approve of some scenes in my stories. She would much rather read something sweet or inspirational.
I hope you're on the mend Marianne. And super congrats on the release this week!

Anonymous said...

My mom is one of my beta readers and I try not to think of her reading the scenes that are a bit on the racy side :)
I hope things are working out for you healthwise and congrats on your new release!

Denyse Cohen said...

My mother doesn't read English (I think, er... hope), so I'm safe. But she's still very supportive and bought hard copies for the books I have available.

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