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Friday, May 15, 2015

Is it the 15th already?

Fran Lee

May is the month of emeralds and Lily of the Valley...of love and acceptance. And it is the month of romance. And nothing says "romance" to me like one woman finding that love has not passed her by. 

When I wrote this novella, I was told that any book that contained infidelity in any form was taboo, but I firmly believed that sometimes people must take wrong steps in order to find their way back to the right path. When I got my rights back to this work, I revised it to allow my characters to learn from their learn that love is not lost because of mistakes. I was told that the concept in my work is unacceptable to many readers, but that seems narrow and stunted to me.

Menage has become acceptable in romance...wife-swapping, sleep-overs between consenting adults has become mainstream rather than taboo. And when one lucky woman finds two men who adore her, and want to give her everything she needs. then why not?

This is a highly erotic story....all the naughty words are included. All the doors are open. So if you might be interested, just remember that it is on pre-order now for only 99¢.

Enjoy the rest of the month...and gather your lily-of-the-valley as you like...


Fran Lee


J.M. Maurer said...

Love the cover! Shared :-)
Happy Reading!!

Lynda Bailey said...

Smoking hot cover, Fran!
Thank goodness attitudes have changed toward what's *acceptable* in the romance genre. Same sex, multiple partners, BDSM... it makes for much more entertaining reading - and writing... ;)
Congrats on getting your rights back and here's to many sales!

Paris said...

May I interject another "Great cover!"? I'm so glad there are writers like you who step outside the box and tell the story that wants to be told. Readers know when an author takes risks they are in for a wonderful ride!

jean hart stewart said...

Looks and sounds VERY good! Many, many, sales...

Melissa Keir said...

What a beautiful cover! Congrats on reworking your story! :)

Fran Lee said...

Thanks, dear ladies. Yes, I think the cover is delicious. The shorter, older man on the left is Haley's husband. The slightly taller, younger man on the right is the man who's been crazy about her since forever. And the lucky lady is one happy camper. :)

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