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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sensually Satisfying by Rose Anderson

Have you ever just thought about food? I don't mean thinking about it like you're super busy and you'd better stop at that drive-thru for a burger or there'll be no dinner tonight. I mean food as a feast for the senses. Food as sensual.

Sensual (adjective) pertaining to, inclined to, or preoccupied with the gratification of the senses or appetites; carnal; fleshly. 

Fleshly. Now tell me that doesn't conjure juicy images! 
I wrote a short story about food once -- a tale of a young chef in training and his lover. In honor of Valentine's Day and all the romantic meals lovers will share, I give you...

With Love from the Cordon Bleu ©

Angelique came home to find Luc in the process of lighting candles at the dining table. He kissed her cheek before pulling a chair for her. "Sit, my sweet. I have something for you." With that, he went into the kitchen and returning a moment later,
set a covered tray before her.
Luc was training to be a chef at the Cordon Bleu. Of late, his classes were devoted to sauces of all kinds. Curious, Angelique met his eyes. “What did you learn today?” 

"Voilà." Like a magician, he produced a dish of chocolate sauce and a spoon. Drizzling a thick, rich line on his finger, he said, “We learned ganache. Open, little bird.” Opening his own mouth in illustration, he fed her before withdrawing his finger slowly.  

Mmm, this is delicious.” His sauces were definitely improving. She told him so.
The compliment lit a smile in his eyes.

Licking his knuckle where she’d missed, he said, “I knew you’d like this one.” He coated his finger again. “More for you.” 

She sucked it clean. The tip of her tongue traced her chocolate-sticky lips.

He kissed the ganache from the corner of her mouth, sweeping his own bottom lip
with his tongue where the sauce had smeared. “Mmm, this does taste good. But it would be much better warmed, you know." 

She did know. Surrendering to the thrill of innuendo, she undressed. 

He drew a drippy line on her bare shoulder, the chocolate running past her collarbone required chasing with his tongue. 

delightful shiver danced over her
as her skin stippled with gooseflesh

Luc murmured against her skin, “Yes...much better warm.” His spoon painted a dark circle around her nipple, the flesh instantly firming. His voice was husky when he teased, “Look at you, a scrumptious little sundae with a cherry on top.” He dipped his head to devour her there. 

It made her toes curl.

He pulled back and searched her face. “More? Tell me.” 

"Yes." She licked her lips in anticipation, drawn to the candlelight reflected in fathomless eyes.

He set the spoon aside. “Oh no, my sweet, you must say it. No more for you until you do. But... there's more for me…” He set her on the tabletop, then gently eased her back until she lay down between the candlesticks. Dribbling a swirl of chocolate over her navel, he licked her clean. “You still want more?” 

“Y-yes,” she breathed, her palms flattening against the linen tablecloth.

“Then say it, love. Tell me what I want to hear.” He dripped another line between her breasts and all down her belly. The heat of her caused it to ooze slowly downward. Again he chased it with his tongue. "Tell me." He paused.

Her legs began to tremble. Above, the candle flames cast dancing circles of light on the ceiling. Angelique searched her mind to find the words – the words she needed to remember – the words she’d used before. His feasting elicited her ragged request, “Mmmore…”

He licked the lower line of chocolate and then paused once more. “My delicious sweetheart,” he breathed hot against her, “tell me, and I will give you all. You know what I want to hear.” 
His tongue swept her again then lingered delightfully, though the ganache was long gone.

Angelique’s mind raced. He’d made so many sauces recently. Memorable were the Crème Anglaise he’d lapped from her breasts and the Raspberry Chambord Sauce he’d licked from her belly. All were wonderfully delicious and each presentation deeply sensual. She remembered. Back arching and barely lucid, she purred the title he wished to hear, “
Mmm. Your sauces are heavenly, Chef Luc….”


:)  I hope you enjoyed that little flight of fancy. Here's a question for you if you'd care to share in comments. Have you ever had a romantic food interlude?

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Unknown said...

Delightful story, Rose. What a visual image. The only sensual food story I personally experienced was long, long ago, the first time I ever cooked. My efforts in the kitchen resulted in such a terrible meal, our focus was elsewhere... thanks for sharing your story of Angelique and Chef Luc.

E. Ayers said... LOL But being married to a New England boy from a "lobster-pot" town, a feast of lobster* served with drawn butter that was washed down with a hearty dark ale or a fine scotch usually meant the evening would end very well indeed.

*Oysters, crab, shrimp, scallops, etc. had the same effect, but lobster was extra special! said...

Delicious, Rose. You've written a beautiful picture of sensuality. Chocolate is fantastic under any circumstances. You've upped its cachet.

Unknown said...

Fabulous little snippet. I love ganache. It is so sensuous when your pout it over --- or onto --- something :-)

Unknown said...

Sorry I meant story - I typed snippet.

Cara Marsi said...

Delicious story, Rose. Thanks for sharing. Can't say I've ever had a romantic meal myself.

Judy Baker said...

How Sensual. Now, I need chocolate.

Charmaine Gordon said...

An unexpected treat when a man I was dating returned from New Orleans with fresh shrimp. He rolled up his sleeves to peel them in the sink-a turn on after years of widowhood. Then deftly he quick boiled them , made a sauce and we stood side by side while he fed me the best shrimp ever.

No ganache as in your sensual story. We did whipped cream from time to time and then all gone the tall man. You write a torrid story so well. Yum!

Sandy said...

Rose, your story about Angelique and Chef Luc was hot.

jean hart stewart said...

Yummy, yummy. Great excerpt..

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Rose! And I'm off to the store for some chocolate! I love the last line.

Tina Donahue said...

You had me at chocolate. :)

Paris said...

A long time ago hubby and I decided to splurge and I made seared scallops and steamed artichokes, served with lots of butter. We ate on the floor, picnic style and had a grand time feeding each other.The memory still brings a smile and the wish that I could eat that much butter at one sitting, again.

Thanks for sharing your delightful excerpt. Now I have to go search for some chocolate:)

Melissa Keir said...

Great story. I love the idea of feeding another person! I've forgotten how much fun that is. I should review this again with my hubby!

Rose Anderson said...

Thanks for stopping by, everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed my chocolate story. :)

Marianne Stephens said...

Anything with chocolate is sensual...eating from a spoon, picking up a piece of chocolate with your fingers, feeding it to your loved one, drizzling it on your loved one and...

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