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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Guest Blog: Kim McNiel: I'm a "Pantser"!

Panster! I realize that I am a complete panster and it’s just something I have to accept.

I’ve tried several times to plan out my writing, made an outline and everything, only to have my characters not cooperate. My muse can be quite difficult sometimes and very determined. Even if I have something lined out sitting next to me, when I begin typing my brain and fingers deviate from any plans I have. Over time I finally dismissed even making an outline, it never works for me.

As I begin typing, the story tells itself. It kind of surprised me because normally during the other things in my life, I seem to have things somewhat planned and organized, but not when it comes to writing.

That is completely a fly by the seat of my pants, but it works for me.

Kim McNiel is a good ole' country girl at heart. She was born and raised in a small Texas town called Spring. As the mother of three, she spent most of her adult life dedicated to raising her family. With her children almost grown, she decided to fulfill her dream of writing. Her best friend, told her "pen to paper sweetie, never give up, and never let anyone tell you that you CAN'T--" she heeded his advice and didn't. She writes contemporary and steamy romance and several memoir pieces on the back burner.

Caleb loves the ladies and can't keep his ego in his pants. With a new set of legs to wrap around him every two nights, he never thinks about what he'd do if Sarah caught him - until she does.

he repercussions are cataclysmic, giving him a second chance at life. Who is Caleb really? The ego or the man he professes to be? This playa plays to win.

Living a double life, Caleb is a hard-working and self-assured man, who doubles as an arrogant, cocky and womanizing prick. With his choices of women on a layaway plan, he’s never lonely.

Caleb believes he’s nailed the market on being the ultimate playa and never wonders what the consequences could be if Sarah, his live in, ever found out…until she does. When Sarah turns his life upside down, Caleb loses it and catastrophe follows not far behind.

When his world gets flipped right size up, he begins to realize the things that are really important to him. Although Caleb makes some ultimate sacrifices to save his pride, ego and relationship with Sarah, he still hides one very important secret.

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Kim McNiel said...

Thanks for having me on today.

Melissa Keir said...

It isn't all bad to be a pantser! It just means you think quick on your feet or let the muse guide you. I find that when you make the characters come alive, they take over. :) Enjoy the ride!

Kim McNiel said...

Thank you Melissa and you are so right about that. Yes, the muse guides and the character just took over in this story. The ending was a complete shock to me, and not what I'd originally imagined it would be. It was a complete blast on the ride though.

Virginia Kelly said...

I'm a pantser, too. Admitting it is such a relief, isn't it? Overcoming the urge to not be one, that's tough. Being pantser, to me, means I'm SLOW in my writing. Thanks for sharing.

Sandy said...

I've tried outline method, but I'm a panster, too, Kim. Good luck with your stories.

Sandy said...

I've tried outline method, but I'm a panster, too, Kim. Good luck with your stories.

Kim McNiel said...

Thanks so much Virginia and Sandy, and yes just admitting it is freeing-lol. Thank you for the best wishes and for stopping by.

Cara Marsi said...

I wish I could be a pantser. I'm more of a plotster. I outline the story before I start, then as I write, I stop following the outline. But I must have that outline. I look on awe to all you who are pantsers.

Kim McNiel said...

Oh Cara, I tried my best to be a plotster, and it didn't work. I would write a general outline, then by the time I'd finish it, my story would already change. Now I just sit down and type, it's the only way I can do it.

jean hart stewart said...

I outline the plot and then don't pay much attention to it. Writers are strange creatures....

Kim McNiel said...

Hahaha, well said Jean. Yes we are!

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