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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Parade Inside !

Here's two covers from my Passionate Pursuit series. And a blurb from Dangerous Pursuit. No. five in the series, Daunting Pursuit is being edited so I'm delighted with that. And here are some words of wisdom from a world famous artist. I love this thought. Words of wisdom indeed.
Joan Miro, one of the most celebrated artists in the modern world, had this marvelous sentiment on his 85th birthday. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times, he urged reporters not be deceived by his demeanor.

Deprecating his fame, he said, “I live like a normal citizen. But there is a Catalan saying that the parade marches inside you. What happens is inside.”
The world knows that what happened inside him produced a lifetime of sometimes amusing, sometimes thoughtful, but always powerful abstract paintings that changed the world’s view of modern art. 

So what’s going on inside you? It doesn’t have to be earthshaking, but it IS important. Like a pebble dropped in a pond, the widening circles of your action might astonish you if you could only know. My personal philosophy is that every one you pass by can be affected by a smile on your face. So I’m a Pollyanna! I like being one.  

Naturally I have to include an excerpt from my latest release, Dangerous Pursuit. From the Passionate Pursuit series of eight books from Ellora’s Cave. This is mild erotica. 

“Nicki looked at the handsome face slowly descending to hers and knew she should run. Once she let him kiss her, she sensed she’d never escape. Not until he wanted her to go. Ordinarily that thought would have had her scooting out of his reach, trying to protect herself from the heartbreak that would come from loving Vale. Every woman who saw him wanted him. Why should he stay constant to one?

But his eyes were heavy with desire, and she’d never seen anything like their narrow-minded intent. Such beautiful eyes. He was about to kiss her with the passion she’d always longed for, and never expected to find.

She’d fought off groping hands as many nurses had, and she never let herself be alone with Pringly. He’d tried to take her to dinner in spite of the stricture against hospital staff dating. He’d tried to corner her in the hall, in the clean-up room after an operation, even in some of the patient’s private rooms. Always the ones who were too sick to be believed if they reported such an unlikely thing as a doctor raping a nurse. Finally, fearing for her virginity, she’d left the hospital. Although she liked nursing, she didn’t think she’d go back to it as a profession. Genealogy was fascinating, and a much safer occupation for a young woman.

Now she’d found the one man for her, even though her mind told her it was temporary. Vale would be hers only for a brief time, but perhaps she should taste love while she had the chance. Surely she’d never match the intensity of her feelings for Vale with any other man.

Her lips felt hot, her body throbbed in a manner that surely was indecent, but she couldn’t possibly turn her face away from his. Her lower body in particular pulsated as she felt his lower body pressing against hers.  More than anything else she wanted his kiss. His kiss that she knew would open a new world for her. And she craved whatever else he chose to show her. Anything he wanted she wanted. He’d leave her eventually, she realized that, although she strove to smother the thought. Perhaps she could somehow learn to be such a passionate lover he would stay with her for a glorious while.

She never thought she’d allowed herself to be so passive. But he’d become irresistible. His fantastic and alluring looks, his eyes that bored into her very soul and made her feel she was the most desirable woman in the world. Even the way he moved. Like some jungle creature sure of his power and narrowing in on his prey. But his manner did not seem that of an overbearing and arrogant male animal. She thought him above resorting to domination. Never ruthless. He seemed as anxious to please her as she was to please him.

She was completely confused but she no longer cared.” 

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Tina Donahue said...

Wow, LOVE your covers, Jean - and what a yummy excerpt! Congrats on your continuing series. You're burning up the pages with your sexy prose. :)

Melissa Keir said...

Yes. This cover is amazing and thank you for reminding us about the parade inside.

I'm so thrilled that you have eight books in this series! Congrats!

Cara Marsi said...

I agree--beautiful covers. And I love the excerpt. Your blog is so uplifting. I'll try to smile more often and tap into what's inside me. Thanks.

Paris said...

Fabulous covers and thanks for the sexy excerpts:) Congratulations and wishing you much success on your continuing series!


Hi, Jean! Congratulations on your book. I like your Pollyanna philosophy. A smile makes everyone feel good.

jean hart stewart said...

Melissa and Tina, thanks for the congratulations and I'm glad you like the covers.EC always does well by me. I'm anxious to see the next cover for the next book, Fearless Pursuit..

jean hart stewart said...

Cara, it's what I've lived my life by, so of course I loved finding that excerpt of Miro. Don't think I'll ever forget the words "the parade inside."

jean hart stewart said...

Paris and Vicki, thanks for your comments and congratulations. They mean so much to me.

Sandy said...

Fantastic covers, Jean. Congratulations on your series, but how do you keep from getting bored? I would after a while. Smile!

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Sandy. No, I don't get bored at all. This is my third series of eight books, and it's like writing about old friends and wondering what the heck they're going to get up to next... I follow the family from the 1890's down to the almost present. Try it!
You'll like it..

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