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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I have moved my computer back into my own bedroom again...

It's wonderful to have my own space again...

Without having to share it with a young adult male whose guitar, amp, dirty clothes, and the scent of dirty socks permeates the room. Sigh. A few months ago, just before the holidays, my grandson asked if he could come home (this was his home from the day he came home from the hospital in his mom's arms until he chose to see what the world was like outside). He spent time living with his dad, his dad's brother, and then his dad again...and found that the only place he had felt safe and loved was the one he had so eagerly left at age 16.

Over the past four years, I had moved my office into the bedroom he vacated. But having him move back in made that a very messy and crowded room. He needed his privacy in the evenings, and I was used to being on my computer in the evenings. I cannot seem to write in the daytime. LOL! So, when he returned to my house and moved back in, he agreed to share the room with my computer. The problem is, he never really had privacy if I needed to use it.

He got a job, works hard, and comes home stinky and filthy, covered in sawdust and grime. When he comes home, I vacate the room, shut down my computer, and leave him to his peace and quiet...but that means I cannot go in and write when the urge to put something on the computer strikes.

So it's much better this way...and maybe I will actually find the desire to write again.  Who knows?


Fran Lee     


Tina Donahue said...

Love the artwork. :)

Melissa Keir said...

I just recently got my office/son's bedroom area. One of my children moved out and my son who comes to stay only one week a month now has his own space. Thank goodness for laptops because I often bring mine to bed to work. At least it does give me an office the other three weeks out of the month but I'm loving having my own space and so is my son.!

Marianne Stephens said...

Ah...the revolving door. Usually, it's our kids that "come home". How wonderful of you to help your grandson!
Yes, we need "our space" to write on our time. I too do computer stuff at night, so need that space available.
Now...go write!

jean hart stewart said...

Glad you're free to write again. Kids are wonderful, but!!!!!

Cara Marsi said...

Fran, how wonderful your grandson is close to you. I'm glad you got your writing space back.

Fran Lee said...

Thanks's wonderful having family here with me...but it does make it rougher to have the privacy we (ahem) erotic authors need to do our work. :)

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Sandy said...

Oh, Fran, sometimes we make hard choices. We've done our share of revolving doors here, but it was never grandkids. Smile! You're a great grandma.

You'll write again. I know you will.

B.C. Brown said...

It was wonderful of you to have him come home, even at the possible derailing of your own writing. It's good that you have gotten back to having your own work space again however.

I've learned over the years that it is impossible to work when you don't have whatever your ideal conditions be (music, utter quiet, washer/dryer tumbling in the background, etc).

Now your muse can flow, he can have his privacy, and harmony will once more be achieved in one corner of the world. :)
BC Brown "Because Weird is Good."

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