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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I just returned from Virginia Beach, Virginia a few weeks ago for a special high school class reunion. Actually, it encompassed five classes—1969-1973. The entire weekend was a whirlwind of meeting old friends and by default, even some promoting. I was so surprised that many classmates sought me out to discuss my writing! It was so exciting and I felt so humbled. See, I was the very “nerdy” and shy girl in school. No one ever suspected that what I write now is what they remembered at all about me. I found their surprise amusing. I rolled with it and told them I write erotic romance more on the raunchy side. They loved it. Next, year is our class reunion for real, not shared. We are taking a cruise and I’ll be writing a little story about it and some of the actual classmates will be part of the book. They are excited to find their stories created in fiction and love the idea their “love lives” will be depicted more on the raunchy side. I love it! An event for fun turned into a delicious idea for another story.

To coincide with the weekend, I did a bit of research for my next story in the Born Vampire Series. I scoped out locations and refreshed my memory of places I used to frequent. I was also a real estate agent for twenty-plus years and surprised at the many changes but also relieved to know I still knew how to get around (shortcuts) after being away for nine years. Also going on during the weekend was the Neptune Festival and in conjunction Oceana Naval Air Station was having an air show. Believe it or not, I missed the sound of the fighter jets. They were such a part of normal everyday life living there. Ah, the sound of freedom again.

Back to the research, I just love road trips! You never know where your next inspiration will come from. The storyline through each of the stories for Born Vampire take place in Virginia Beach and also Miami. The most recent release, which I’m presenting today, takes place in Miami so the next one is in Virginia Beach. To let you get an idea of what Born Trouble is about, here is the log line: A cowboy and an exotic dancer are roped into a world filled with trouble.

Guess which one I did research on! Yes, I was a naughty girl.

Well, that’s all I have to share with ya’ll, except for the excerpt for my latest release, Born Again in Dreams. Enjoy!

The Master of His Domain
Sorin Bochinsky, Master and Commander of the Eastern European Blood Family, controls everyone and everything around him, except the woman of his dreams with the face of an angel prevents his needed rest. She’s the light to his dark and pained existence. The search begins to find the mysterious woman of his nightmares before he goes insane.

An Angel Awakens
Merliah Travers suffered more than serious injuries from a car accident over four years ago. She awakens in a place where the pain and scars have hidden her away from the world. A fantasy lover leads her out of the darkness and into the light, then discovers a special ability acquired during the coma has put her in danger.

Two lost, scarred souls battle their inner demons and a fanatic killer to unite as one, to never be alone, and be born again in dreams, forever.

After four years wandering in the darkness of her mind, ready to succumb to the grim pain, Merliah experienced such desperation, depression and fatigue, she wanted to scream and find a way to end the misery. The strong survival instinct brought her out of the coma initially years ago, but her strength to fight remained hanging by a thread. This wasn’t living, awake and aware but unable to communicate in any form was like death. When the pitch-blackness first happened, she tried repeatedly to call out, but her voice couldn’t be heard. Relentless, she tried over and over, to move a toe, a finger, and she even cried to draw attention. The nurse, who witnessed the one tear, all those years ago, dismissed the physical plea.
Merliah’s parents had her moved from the hospital to another facility. She understood the distant voices calling the new place, Berger Institute. The first reaction was of shock. Ohmigod, I’ve been put in an institution with crazy people. Am I insane? She refused to believe Robbie abandoned her, but after leaving the hospital, she never heard his sweet voice again. The man she loved gave up and left her without saying good-bye and her imprisonment became more painful and lonely. Her parents’ voices faded as well. Time ceased for her and she slipped deeper and deeper into the gloomy abyss, existing on a different plane of consciousness. She could hear and feel on the outside, but remained in the darkness of her mind unable to communicate to her loved ones. Time seemed to cease to exist. She’d occasionally hear the staff celebrating a holiday, but after a few coming and going, Merliah stopped counting. The instinctive will to survive faded.
One more cry out into the emptiness before she resigned to death’s call was made as a last resort, and to her surprise and elation, a voice answered. First, faintly, then it grew louder. A deep, melodic, and velvety voice broke through the darkness reaching toward her. It was a man, with a beautiful deep tone. His voice consoled her, wrapped around her and pulled her toward the light. She cried tears of joy and then a slight fear overtook her thoughts. Am I dead? Is he the Angel of Death from the stories I’ve read?
Up to that point, everything that made sense in her black world evaporated. Minutes, hours, days, months slipped by slowly and now someone reached out to her. How long she wandered aimlessly in her mind, often time curled up in a ball in the depths of the bottomless pit, she didn’t know. Time meant nothing without any reference point. The sweet-sounding, shadow man had found her, and brought her into the light. Who was he and how did he find her when no one else could? She didn’t know and didn’t care about the details. He had found her, the only thing that mattered.
From the murky shadows, arms outstretched to clasp on to reality. She jolted when his cold hand touched hers, swiftly pulling her toward the light with his commanding voice guiding the way. Feeling the strong power moving her forward, she feared he was the Dark Angel of Death and not salvation to the world she had known before the blackness became her present life. She pulled back from the stranger, frightened more than relieved. As she battled with the fear, she glanced up but was unable to view his face, only sense the touch which set her skin afire.
Several seconds ticked by, and a little more of the self-control eroded away. His dominant presence began to put her at ease, and with one foot in front of the other, he guided her through the prison of hopelessness.
“Come with me, you’ll be okay. I won’t hurt you.” The voice spoke softly, a low, lyrical, and heavily accented one. Where is he from?
The power he exuded surrounded her again and his efforts to save her worked as she fell under his spell and into the tight embrace. Fear, anger and desperation had driven her to this desperate position. She either had to trust him to lead her home or believe he was Death, or allow him to eliminate the misery of her present existence. Either way, the hellish nightmare would end. Could she leave the nightmare and be born again in dreams? Apprehension still held her back because he could be nothing more than wishful thinking on her part.
“You scare me. I called out for a long time and you’re the first person to answer my cries. Am I dead?” The words were tentative, barely above a whisper.
“I don’t sense you are. Blood runs strong through your veins. Your skin is warm and your eyes are bright. You are definitely alive,” the shadow man’s velvety voice soothed her.
Ohmigod, this man’s voice could melt icebergs. He certainly did a good job of bringing life back into her desolate reality. Merliah’s senses screamed as if she were freefalling over a cliff, becoming light-headed and the wind knocked out of her lungs. Between his seductive words and the sensuous touch, the hunger of desire clawed her insides to be released. The arousal continued with thin fingers tickling up and down her spine. The light touches lit nerve endings on fire and caused her pussy to contract. Her clit ached for attention, a simple caress to ease the need she had not felt in God only knows how long.
The world she once remembered swirled in heat and desire. She swallowed hard and tried to stifle the passion down building in her core. The power of his presence shoved right back. Merliah stumbled backward and gasped as the energy surged upward when gazing into the glowing red eyes piercing through the darkness. The stare was one of a predator, a carnal stare which stole her breath and sent her head spinning. She tried to breathe through the fire consuming her.


Cynthia Arsuaga
Erotic Romance Author

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jean hart stewart said...

Isn't it just great how people react when you tell them you write erotica. I've newly switched to it and get a kick out the reactions.

Elf2060 said...

Brave classmates...I hope that you were happy with all of them...otherwise I would think that they would be a little nervous about you writing them into a story, lol.

Janice Seagraves said...

LOL. I hope you changed the names of the not-so-innocent classmates that will play in your next book.


Sandy said...

Lovely cover, Cynthia. The blurb and excerpt were great, too.

I just went to my 50th class reunion this past weekend. It was fun.

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. Yeah, the interest in the fact I wrote, was published, and the genre made me smile. A number of them definitely want to be in the book for the official cruise reunion and have no problem with the eroticism. Too funny! I'll only add them if they say yes, if not I'll totally fictionalize the characters.

Fran Lee said...

Your books are fabulous, girl! And I love writing pays way better. LOL!

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