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Monday, October 1, 2012

On the "Edge" of Paranormal Romance

Mention paranormal romance and you'll get many different responses to define it. Vampires? Shape Shifters? Ghosts? Other Worlds?

I decided to "dip my toe" into this category with two paranormal books: one Time Travel and one about a psychic. I guess the Time Travel is more in line with paranormal romance books while the one about a psychic remains on the fringe ends of the category.

I enjoyed writing each one. Entering contests with each gave me questionable responses.

Why would someone judge a paranormal book and mention he/she couldn't accept the paranormal element? This happened more than once (and even in some Reader Reviews at Amazon). Why read something you won't set aside reality for?

I loved writing Second Sight Dating. As my first book, I reveled in all the hoopla surrounding a first published book. My hero and heroine are fun, and just need to find that road to love through some rocky paths.

I've always been interested in Time Travel and was fascinated by the movie/book The Time Machine. In Street of Dreams, I had my hero and heroine travel back in time to an era I remember, and relived the time period through them.

Blurb for Second Sight Dating:
SERENA XAVIER runs a dating agency using a special gift, her "second sight", to match up potential couples. While successful at matching others, she fails in finding a true love match for herself.

Undercover police detective DAN REESE (CARRINGTON) comes to her as a client but in reality is sent to investigate her agency after a complaint has been filed about it being an "escort/sex for hire" organization.

Serena finds him to be a challenge to her sight and decides to double date with him in order to watch him.  He's not her usual client and matching him with other women tests her system. Dan's mere presence plays with her emotions as she finds herself attracted to him. He finds the attraction mutual, but after events make each question the honesty of the other, they both have to weigh giving into passion vs proving the other a phony.

Serena sets up dates for Dan with three not-so-matchable women, to include a final double date at a murder mystery dinner where they become part of the show. Is it Dan and Serena hurling accusations at each other, or their characters for the show?

Will they settle their misunderstandings and find a love match with each other?

Blurb for Street of Dreams:
Detectives NICK OLSON and EILEEN MURPHY are sent back in time to capture an escaped killer who may change history. As they battle for control of their mission, there's one thing they can't ignore...the growing attraction between them escalating the desire and passion for each other.

Setbacks and dead ends hamper their pursuit and test their control and resolve as time to catch the suspect starts running out. They face life-threatening danger as the killer becomes more desperate.

And, of course, posing as newlyweds and having to share a heart-shaped bed proves to be a complication of another sort and doesn't make their mission any easier.

Both books are available at Amazon, B&N, Ellora's Cave, and other romance books sellers.

What type of paranormal do you enjoy reading/writing?


Tina Donahue said...

You wrote: Why would someone judge a paranormal book and mention he/she couldn't accept the paranormal element? This happened more than once (and even in some Reader Reviews at Amazon). Why read something you won't set aside reality for?

Good questions. I never read Amazon reviews. Too suspect. I'm certain you've heard about authors who trash other authors' work giving their books one star and a scathing review while giving themselves 5 stars and writing glowingly about their own books under a pseudonym. Nice.

I've learned contests can be a crap shoot. If you're lucky, you'll get someone who adores your work. If you're not, you'll get someone who just doesn't get what you're writing about. Doesn't mean your work is bad. Just means it wasn't a favorite of that particular judge.

Stay true to what you want to write. I learned long ago that twisting my voice, style, thinking to what someone else wanted doesn't work out. I have the rejections to prove it.


I've read some paranormals and enjoyed them. But they aren't usually what I go to for my fav read-mysteries. I grew up with Nancy Drew and guess mysteries stuck.

However, there is the little paranormal erotic I wrote... lol

Elf2060 said...

I write reviews and submit them on Amazon and I always want to ask why I get negative votes! I actually read all of the works that I review but I am sometimes amazed by the fact that I can be very diametrically opposed to reviews that others have written. I am always puzzled by those reviews that complain about an element that is clearly stated in the blurb or excerpt...why would you pick up something to read with that element if it offends you? I like paranormals that have strong characters of both genders. I don't mind suspending disbelief for any number of characters but I am not fond of overly gory or violent stories and tend to shy away from zombie tales.

Sandy said...

I enjoyed both of these books. Some people just like to complain about everything. lol

Don't worry about it, Marianne. The people who follow you and your stories are the ones who count.

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