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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scenes To Remember

As an author, we have our favorite scenes from the books we write. Sometimes it's because of the clever banter exchanged between characters. Sometimes it's the sensual moment shared between the hero and heroine. And sometimes it's just because the scenario practically wrote itself. Whatever the reason, we hold fast to the memorable moments in our stories that have emerged from our creative minds.

One of my favorites, (because let's face it - I have MANY) is a scene from Silent Partner when Grayson ventures out the next morning to find Chloe, the woman with whom he had a heated one-night stand, and offer her the job as his dance partner.

Now, realize that Chloe doesn't know his name, nor does she think he knows where she lives. However, Grayson has lived in Back Bay all his life and "knows" people. To her surprise, he finds her gallery and boldly enters.

One of the reasons it's my favorite scene is because it shows how a perfectly sensible woman can lose her wits in the arms of a sexy, swarthy man, especially when he's daring. Trust me though, you do NOT want to miss what she does to him by the end.

Hope you enjoy!

"Renee Vincent captures our mind as well as our hearts as we find ourselves entwined in the dance between Chloe and Grayson."
~ Romancing The Book 

"Do not mistake the ‘sweet’ rating for tepid writing. Silent Partner is well researched, offering background information woven into her story so skilfully it blew me away."
~ "LASR BEST BOOK" ~ Long And Short Reviews

"With every turn of the page the words had me drawn like a moth to a flame. The major plot twists were so well written that I never saw them coming and lets be honest anymore that is a GREAT thing to have happen. I fell in love with Gray and Chloe from page one to the very end. This was an awesome book of beautifully written love scenes, surprises at every turn, and truly good show of how one person can adapt to anything if there is love involved!"
~ 5 Fairies! Judging The Book By The Pages 

Silent Partner
By Renee Vincent

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Chloe gasped, her heart frozen in her chest. Just as quickly as she feared for her life, she melted at the sight of her Adonis’s beautiful face smiling at her. Was he real?

Oh yes, he was real.

Every hardened muscled in his body was pressed against hers, his strong hands at her lower back, bordering on her butt, pulling her closer. She was tightly held in his embrace, his eyes delving deep into hers.

Oh shit! He expected her to say something. She could see it in his eyes, now dark and richly ambitious. No, she wasn’t ready for this. Not now…it was too soon. He would run.

But then another shock wave rippled through her. How did he find her? And how the hell did he get in here?

I swore the door was locked and the ‘Closed’ sign was up.

Her body stiffened in his arms, despite the fluid motion of his hips swaying to the beat of the music. She lost all sense of rhythm and awkwardly followed his lead, wondering if she had made a huge mistake in sleeping with this guy in the first place. Maybe he was crazy out of his mind? Maybe he was the type of guy who was overly possessive and an ax-murderer on the side.

He drew his face back, softening. “I didn’t mean to frighten you.” He then thumbed behind him. “You left your outside door unlocked. But don’t worry…I secured it behind me. Besides,” he added, purposefully drilling his pelvis into hers, “you had the music up so loud it was like a beacon.” He licked his lips. “Calling to me…”

Chloe smiled nervously, her mind going a hundred miles an hour.

She talked herself out of thinking he was an ax-murdered, but he could very well be a trained burglar. A sexy, high-class, mouth-watering burglar who knew how to steal her heart.

She couldn’t believe he had snuck into her shop and made his way into her meager apartment. She glanced around, checking the condition of it, worrying about what he’d think of her modest living conditions, which were quite different from his.

His home looked like something out of Architectural Digest, a penthouse suite of some famous actor in downtown New York. While hers resembled a barely middle-class, single-income dive, with drop cloths on the floor and artist utensils resting on every flat surface of the room.

He stopped dancing, his face scrunched in thought. “Can you turn this down? I can barely hear myself think.”

Chloe swallowed hard and nodded, leaving his arms in haste to find the remote on the table. She aimed it at the TV and pressed the volume button, her heartbeat climbing as the volume fell.

She stared at it, lost. It was inevitable he would find out about her secret, but she wasn’t prepared to tell him now. Truthfully, she never thought there’d be an opportunity to explain or a need to. She had left his bed this morning thinking she would scarcely cross his mind. Evidently, she was wrong.

A smile curved the corners of her mouth at that very thought. Her perfect Adonis had thought enough about little ol’ her to go searching for her and he must have been pretty adamant about it since he had succeeded.

She felt his presence behind her and turned around, his arms already crisscrossing her back.

“Just because the music is turned low, doesn’t mean I’m finished dancing.”

Again, he gyrated his hips against hers, fanning his hands again across her bottom. She followed his lead, though she still couldn’t believe he was here. In her home. Looking at her with an insatiable lust in his eyes.

And why? She wasn’t dressed in tight-fitting clothes or even an outfit that revealed a large amount of skin or cleavage. She was wearing sweats for crying out loud!

As if reading her conflicted mind, he nudged his nose with hers. “You are sexy as hell, you know that?”

His words flattered her immensely, but she could tell by the look in his eyes he meant them. She closed her eyes, feeling his hands moving up her sides, his palms skimming over every single rib as he went. His thumbs lingered just beneath her breasts, the anticipation killing her.

Okay, so he wasn’t a trained burglar. But he was man with extremely talented hands. Touch me, already!

It seemed, he was so in tune with her, for he stroked one thumb over her, her nipple tightening to a taut peak beneath her shirt. He felt it, she knew, because he left his thumb there, lightly grazing over it back and forth.

Her stomach flipped and a warming sensation flared between her legs. He stared at her, his tempestuous gaze threatening to light her afire, though she felt he was holding back, waiting for something. Permission, perhaps?

She glanced at his mouth, craving to taste his lips. To give him whatever he waited for. She knew, right then, he wasn’t going to take it unless she offered it. He may have been boldly intrusive and daring when he snuck into her residence. But now, he didn’t seem so self-assured. Could it be that her arrogant Adonis was not so sure of himself? Or maybe…a gentleman?

She wasn’t the cruel type to make him sweat it out. Nor was she willing to hold back herself. She ran her hands up the length of his arms, enjoying the feel of his flexed biceps beneath her palms as she continued over his shoulders and up his neck into his hair. Pulling him down slightly, she tip-toed up on the balls of her feet and kissed him.

The softness of his lips melted her like butter, while the tender prickling of his well-trimmed goatee solidified her into a covetous woman. She had to have more. His mouth. His touch. His body. Everything he possessed, she wanted.

Opening her mouth to him, she took his passion and ran free with it. Her tongue slipped between his lips, soft and heated, and found the powerful hunger of him inside. Finally, he severed every restraint tethered around his fiery spirit, his hands swarming her body with wild fervency.

In the blink of an eye, he gripped the collar of her worn t-shirt with both hands and tore it in half, stripping her of her lucky shirt, his mouth never leaving hers.

Well, it was her lucky shirt.

His hands were all over her now, groping her through the thin fabric of her bra. She could feel the searing heat of his touch and her entire body longed to feel his warmth, his naked skin blanketing her.

His feral kisses fell from her mouth, blazing a trail down her neck and across her shoulder. He pulled away for a moment, breathless, as he gazed at her chest.

Teasingly, he slipped a finger beneath her bra strap, sliding it downward. “White lace today, huh? Matching panties, I assume?”

Chloe bit her lip, hoping like the devil he’d check for himself.

With his other hand, he tugged her waistband open and peered down into her pants. His devilish smile told her he liked what he saw.

“So, is this just like last night?” he asked, his brow raising curiously. “Sex now…talk later.”

She answered him quickly by unclasping the front closure of her bra, her breasts falling out of the cups for his pleasure. She liked how his eyes roamed over her, his mouth slightly parting in awe.

Immediately, his hands went to his shirt, his fingers working over every button like a wild man. He seemed to have no patience by the last one and he whisked his shirt away, taking her into his arms.

She sighed at the feel of his hot skin, the comfort of his strong embrace enveloping her. She glanced over his shoulder at her newly painted canvas. It was as if her sleeping Adonis had awakened, stepped right off of the easel, and had come to her, thanking her for bringing life to him.

If only he knew how alive she felt to be in his arms….

How amazing it felt to have him stripping her pants and underwear from her body.

He pulled her down to the floor, lying on top of her. A large block-pattered area rug acted as their bed and that was fine with her. She didn’t care where he chose to take her, just as long as he remained strapped to her body. Between the weight of him crushing her into the carpet, and his mouth wickedly sucking at her neck, she felt like she was in heaven.

No one had made her feel this good, this bad, this horny in a long time. Hell, she couldn’t even recall a time when sex was this good the second time around. With his hand petting over the sensitive skin of her bare stomach, she wanted nothing more than feel his probing fingers between her thighs.

She loved when he touched her there, the feel of his fingertips caressing, smoothing…teasing. He was very skilled with his hands, knowing where to be delicate and when it was okay to be rough. Right now, she could stand a little rough.

She pushed him to the side and rolled on top, straddling him. His eyes widened and he gasped, arching his back as if something was poking him. “Wait!” he exclaimed, reaching for whatever was beneath him.

He pulled out a tube of paint, most of it squeezed-out on his hand and back.

Chloe brought her hand to her mouth, hiding her smile. She didn’t realize it had been dropped on the floor, but in this little apartment, there wasn’t much room for storing her utensils and supplies.

She watched as he tried to wipe the mess from his back, the soft yellow color smearing across his dark skin, his hand covered in thick oily paint. With a compulsion to be daring, she grabbed his hand and hooked a dollop on her finger and began drawing the letter “M” right above his navel.

His head jerked and his abdomen flexed. She could feel his pelvis rise to meet hers, his erection, trapped beneath his denim jeans, pressing against her naked flesh. But still she continued to write.


Then an “N”…

And an “E”…

And then finally, a downward arrow.

She watched his face turn devious. “Oh, really…” he said, relaxing back onto the carpet. “Prove it.”

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Tina Donahue said...

Great excerpt, Renee. Congrats on the wonderful - and well-deserved - reviews. :)

Liz said...

congrats on all your success with this one. the excerpt was fabulous!

Renee Vincent said...

Thank you so much Tina and Liz! You two are great!

Sarah Hoss said...

I own this book and others buy Renee and I am a HUGE fan! I remember the scene that Renee describes and it is a good one.

If you have not read Renee's books, I HIGHLY reccomend them.

Brenda Hyde said...

SO good Renee. Just what I needed this morning:)

Mary Corrales said...

Oh, may, what an excerpt. Makes me want to go dancing!

Yeah, that excerpt is definitely going to stay with me all day. Can you see the big grin on my face? :)

Renee Vincent said...

Aww, thanks Sarah Hoss! You are so sweet for saying that. I can't wait to read yours! Soon that day will come, darlin!

Renee Vincent said...

Brenda Glad I could make your morning!

Mary Can you see the big smile on my face from reading your comment? Thanks doll!!!!

Katalina Leon said...

Beautiful excerpt Renee! All praise is well deserved.

jean hart stewart said...

Loved this. Hot and original. No wonder it's successful.

Renee Vincent said...

Thanks Kat and Jean for reading my excerpt. I'm so glad you liked it.

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