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Friday, September 23, 2011

Guest Blog: Qwillia Rain: Life Can Be Ironic

Have you ever wondered what a conversation would look like between an author and her character? Well, it isn't a pretty thing, I'll tell you that much. When I sat down to talk with Triss Long, the heroine of my novella Teach Me, Master, she had some very definite opinions about authors and characters.

TL: Authors are such pesky creatures. They think they know exactly how the story goes, but they don't. I mean, really, what person in their right mind would get up to some of the things these writers think about? Although, I have to admit, as a writer, I have done some wicked things to my characters. But, as a character, I do have to wonder about this.

TL: Take my author, for instance. She had this insane notion that just because she introduced me to the hottest Dominant I've ever seen, I'd quit writing erotica and start pulling out the hearts and flowers and relationships. Nah uh, no way. For one thing, my character, Chelsea, is not looking for Mr. Right. She wants Mr. Right Now. She likes playing the field and sampling from the menu placed before her…even if that menu is related to men and not food.

TL: I know it seems kinda weird to have a character talking about the characters she's writing about, but Qwillia talks about me the same way. There were so many things she tried doing with me, and I made sure she knew I was having none of that. Puhlease, just because Vince was smokin' hot and oh so yummy, I wasn't about to just jump into bed with him. He had to coax me and court me, in his own fashion.

TL: And that's not all I get to do. Qwillia has decided to pull my erotica stories out of my world and put them into hers. She's even putting my name, Triss Long, onto them. I'm very excited to see how they do, since they are so different from what Qwillia usually writes.

QR: Yes, Triss, it is quite different from what I normally write, but you have to admit, the direction I've taken your stories in is interesting. Not that I intend to get Chelsea to settle down. I'm just giving her a little taste of what Vince introduced you to.

QR: When I decided that Vince Black, a secondary character from my novellas Meeting A Neighbor's Needs and A Neighbor's Ultimatum, needed his own story, I knew the woman he would become involved with had to be complicated and very independent. What I had assumed would happen was Vince seducing and joking his way into Triss's life and starting a relationship. What I hadn't expected was the level of dominance within Vince and his willingness to pull out all stops in order to have Triss for his own. Nor had I counted on Triss's form of employment -- erotica author.

QR: As a reader, I always enjoyed reading books where the main or even secondary characters are authors. On occasion these characters can appear almost as a reflection of the author telling the story. They can discuss motivation and conflict and even give a quick sample of the story developing within the mind of the character of the book. Like Sebastian and Atreu from The Never Ending Story by Michael Ende, or Jack in Loving Jack by Nora Roberts. The character of one book is involved directly with the book within the story.

QR: As a writer, I discovered how tricky and compelling that type of storyline could become. There were scenes written by Triss for her books that I did not use in Teach Me, Master. Very intense and sexy scenes that I thought would make a great erotica short, but it was a genre I'd never tried before. Yes, Meeting A Neighbor's Needs comes very close to erotica at the beginning of the story, but by the end, the main characters, Gina, George and Garrick, are in a committed relationship. With Construction Zone: Charlie Chelsea Nolan clearly states she's only in it for the sex. And I'm finding that very interesting to work with.

TL: You're trying to set her up to be in a relationship.

QR: Maybe, but it isn't a committed one like you have with Vince.

TL: True, but it could end up being that way.

QR: Yes, it could be. But not right now.

TL: Yeah, right. I thought Vince was just in it for the kink, but you sure pulled a fast one on me there.

QR: (Wicked Evil Grin) True, true, but you know your brothers would have been upset if what you had with Vince wasn't likely to become permanent.

TL: Okay, I'll concede that point to you. And, it's not like I don't enjoy going to the clubs he's taking me to…

QR: Randy likes 'em too. And Jynn.

TL: OMG, do not tell me …

QR: (Shaking head) I'm not saying anything. Yet.

TL: You-- snort-- well, fine then. We'll see how long that lasts once Richard pulls his shenanigans in Mexico. That next Diablo Blanco Club book is soooo not what you were expecting.

QR: Oh, we are not going there!

Unfortunately, readers…the conversation simply devolved from there so, I think I'll leave you to wonder about how we resolved the issues.

TL: Yeah, you just don't want to admit you lost.

QR: We're not going there. Thank you Marianne and everyone at Romance Books R Us for letting me hang out. Have a great day!

Qwillia Rain is a middle child, born under the sign of Taurus on Friday the 13th. With those three things to live up to, is it any wonder she grew up stubborn, opinionated, and with a tendency to take sudden left turns in conversation? Pushing boundaries has always intrigued her and can partially be to blame for her moves from her home town of Las Vegas, Nevada, to Alaska, Montana, and North Carolina. While keeping an eye out for a mate strong enough to control her and too full of wander lust to set down permanent roots, Qwillia never leaves home without a book to read (or her Kindle), a road map, a pen, and a notebook to jot down ideas for another story. Her interest in power exchange and the Dominant/submissive lifestyle are further evidence of her need to re-draw boundary lines, but at the core of each of her books is the developing relationship between her characters. She can be found at her blog, discussing characters, sewing, cooking, and just about anything else that comes to mind.

BLURB: Teach Me, Master
Triss Long loved watching her neighbor and the games he played with his lovers. Whether it was ropes or whips, blindfolds or ball gags, the way his body moved mesmerized Triss, and fueled a few of her own fantasies. Not to mention inspiring a scene or two in the erotic novels she wrote.

Until the day she literally fell at his feet.

Now that Vince Black's attention is focused on her, Triss has to choose between the naughty girl who's dying to play along, and the good girl her mama raised who's screaming "Run Away!"

**This is a novella of 34,500 words (approximately 96 pages) and is connected loosely to Meeting A Neighbor's Needs and A Neighbor's Ultimatum**


Molly Daniels said...

LOL! LOVE it when characters and their authors 'talk to each other'! It helps bring them to life, so to speak. Great job Quillia:)

Liz said...

well done--books sounds great! best of luck with all of it, including the "mate search!"

jean hart stewart said...

Intriguing blog. Love reading BDSM, just can't write it. Although I'm working on it...

Katalina Leon said...

Fun post Qwillia. It's wonderful to be on good speaking terms with your characters! lol

Qwillia Rain said...

Thank you Molly. My characters have a life of their own and they make sure to let me know when I've messed up and sent them down a path they wouldn't or didn't follow.

Qwillia Rain said...

Thanks Liz.
I'm resigned to disappointment in the "mate" search, but I still keep my eyes open.
So far so good with the writing though.

Qwillia Rain said...

Jean, it's all about the trust within the relationship.
The toys are just props, like a bed or rocking chair in a vanilla relationship.
If you're interested in reading some great books about the D/s lifestyle, check out S&M 101 by Jay Wise, and Screw the Roses, Give Me the Thorns (I'm drawing a blank on the author)
Both books are very informative about the elements within a D/s (Dominant/submissive) relationship. Ironically, in many cases there is no sex involved at all, it's all about the power exchange.

Qwillia Rain said...

Oh Kat, I only wish I were on good speaking terms with my characters. What Triss failed to mention was the fact that Richard got angry at me for divulging information to the heroine that he thought she didn't need to know, and he went off to a beach in Mexico for six months and refused to talk to me.

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