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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Interview of Model/Actor Stefan Pinto!


Today it’s my pleasure to present an interview with the multi-talented Stefan Pinto. His career encompasses many avenues; web designer on Wall Street, a journalist, certified PADI scuba diver, model, author and an actor! If you’re a fan of TV shows "Burn Notice" or" CSI: Miami", you would’ve seen Stefan. Interestingly, he played a bad guy in both! Stefan was also a Playgirl Centerfold - something he said he would’ve done for free! Let’s find out some more about him!

Where to find information about Stefan Pinto:
Twitter: http:/
Fat-to-Fit Blog:
Random photos from his iPhone:
You can email Stefan at: hithere at stefanpinto dot com

Q: With all the directions you’ve taken with your skyrocketing career, is there one job you’ve thought about trying but haven’t attempted?
A: Well, I have attempted it, so maybe it doesn’t count. But if I were to do it, I wouldn’t call it a job since it’s something I would completely enjoy doing; taking pictures of people, places and things doing things that they love to do – or maybe have to do.

Q: Tell us how you were “discovered”.
A: I was in a Miami supermarket buying a turkey wrap when a model scout approached me. It was quite unexpected. Ha ha, like a scene in that movie, I forget the name: “Do you want to be a mo-delle?” And I said, "Yes’, I want to be a mo-delle."

Q: You’re an author! Tell us about “Fat-to-Fit: 50 Easy Ways to Lose Weight”.
A: It’s non-fiction! The book came out of some tips I tweeted, Facebooked and wrote on my fitness column. We expanded them, found some new ones and put it together with my story on how I went from a shy, fat guy to a male model and what I do to stay fit. I don’t advise people to buy any special food or do anything extraordinary. Frankly, it’s simple, everyday things that only makes sense. It amazes me how many people refuse to believe that eating vegetables make such a difference in how you look. Yet, they refuse to eat them!

Q: What TV acting role did you enjoy the most?
A: It was for a Spanish soap, “Pecados Añjeos”, where I played Edgar. It taught me not to assume I know what’s going to happen and to just “go with it.” I met some nice people there.

Q: Did you enjoy your time on the TV show "Burn Notice"?
A: I did! But when I did that, I was more “seasoned” I suppose. "Burn Notice" was my first supporting role. It was quite a thrill; I had my own trailer and actually had someone who made sure I was comfortable.

Q: Tell us about being a web designer on Wall Street.
A: Exciting! I walked through the World Trade Center every day for a year. At that time I lived in New Jersey and my commute was about two hours each way. Sometimes I bought breakfast, lunch and dinner. I learned a lot at that job. Our offices were right on 44 Wall Street, directly across from a Starbucks, where the Barista called me "Venti White Mocha". It was a different time, then. Very different.

Q: You were an RT “Mr. Romance Contestant”. What was that like?
A: Twice! The first time, I totally had no idea what to expect. I was sort of a deer in headlights. I placed First Runner Up in Orlando and Second Runner Up in Los Angeles, which turns out to be the last Mr. Romance competition ever. The second time, in Los Angeles, I knew many people who attended – both authors and some of the attendees. I admit, I used my time to promote my book!

Q: Playgirl Centerfold in 2007. How did you prepare for this and what was it like?
A: Ha ha. How did I prepare for a nude shoot? It was actually a lot of work, sitting there, you know, posing. Seriously, a friend suggested I submit some photos to the magazine, which I did; I sent two to the photographer. I heard back on Christmas Day while I was laying on the beach in Miami. I got a text that simply said, “pics r gr8. When can you come to LA?’ And that was it! They flew me out for a shoot on Valentine’s Day. The shoot lasted for four hours -- and in the middle of shooting, the photographer yelled at me for “looking bored”. I was merely hungry! To this day, the pictures still surprise me. I would’ve done that shoot for free, you know?

But, I was paid more than I'd expected. When they told me they wanted me, I had no idea I would be a centerfold. They don’t tell you these things. Actually, the photographer has no idea. I went from a nerdy, skinny then fat, shy guy to being asked to pose in an international magazine – nude – for my body. It’s the epitome of western body worship. And I’m guilty of it. There, I called it.

Q: Tell us about your fitness routine and how you keep those “six pack abs”.
A: Mostly diet. Actually, abs is all diet. Everyone has abs but they could be covered by fat. You can do a hundred sit ups a day and you won’t get abs, you’ll just get a neck ache. In fact, most people do sit ups incorrectly, but that’s for another publication. I try to change my workout routine every two months. Your body adapts. I lift as heavy as I can.

Q: You have a wonderful and long resume of your fabulous career. What will be added next to your list of accomplishments?
A: Gosh, I don’t know! You’ll be third to know!

Q: Favorite food?
A: Italian. I cheat with lasagna. I love lasagna. If you ever invite me to dinner, cook lasagna.

Q: Favorite drink?
A: Scotch. "I have very poor and unhappy brains for drinking." I'ts a line from Othello and I played Cassio - just had to say it! Ha!

Q: What would you consider to be the most romantic place in the world…just so we might get some travel ideas?
A: Tallinn, Estonia. Heard of it? It’s in the Baltic and is one of the most picturesque, romantic, quaint and surprisingly modern cities in the Baltic. It was spared from Communism, but some signs are still there; you can’t really run from a regime like that. But Tallinn is lovely.

Q: Where can we buy your book?
A: It’s on Amazon, available for the Barnes and Noble Nook as well as for the iPad! Links to download Stefan’s book:
Amazon Kindle:
Barnes and Noble Nook:
iPad (or iPhone:
Stefan’s “Fat-to-Fit” blog is:

Friend me on Facebook where I post some of what I think are the most beautiful photos I've taken on my travels. Did I mention that I studied with National Geographic?

Photos: Michael Stokes, Greg Prescott, Scott Tietler, Maury Povich Show.


Hales said...

Stefan is a fabulous man. I have adored him for years :P I told him once he was actually the model I picked off line for Atreyu one of my heroes tied into the Tygara family. The funny thing is a lot of characteristics of Trey are dead on for Stefan.
It's amazing what life does to us or how choices can shape who we are in the future. I for one can't wait to hear more about his plays and the roles he's taken. I am addicted to the yogert pic btw.

It's great to see you here. I for some reason missed you were in Playgirl. Or forgot that's totally possible, either way it's great to know you'd have done it for free haha!

I have an almost profession camera...when are you available *winks* I was joking....really. LOL.

Renee Vincent said...

No she wasn't joking. Hales meant it though she would never admit it hahah

Great to meet you, Stefan. Loved the interview and getting to know you better. You've done so much in your life - very impressed. I like a man with brains to go along with his gorgeous body.

Wishing you all the best and many sales on your book. Cheers!

Liz said...

seriously heavy sigh.....someday sometime when I'm a big shot enough to design my own covers....he's at the top of the list.
thanks for the interview Marianne.

Adele Dubois said...

This was a terrific interview. Though Stefan has had amazing success, his humility as an everyday kind of guy shines through. I didn't sense arrogance about him. He's 100% right, too, that a diet largely of vegetables (and fruit and small amounts of lean meat) is the secret to staying slim.

Best of luck!

Pat Dale said...

I can see how the girls would love this guy. I admire him for his ability to do more than chew gum and walk at the same time.
Saw him in those TV episodes and wondered who he was. Now I know. Thanks for shining a little light of understanding for all of us.
Pat Dale

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

Great interview and insight into another lovely man to follow, figuratively speaking! Stefan is the name of my hero in my first pub, and he resembles him. Wow! Didn't know that when I wrote him. Thanks for bringing him here today Mariannne.

Hales said...

I forgot to say Happy Birthday Stefan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katalina said...

Wow, just wow Stefan you win the model/actor/ amazing guy contest in my mind. What's next?

Kayelle Allen said...

╢╢☀Å☀Ƥ☀Ƥ☀ϒ✽ β¡ɾʈɧժąʮ ✽

Stefan's Twitter link is tangled up with blogger's in the post. It's I bopped over and wished him happy birthday.

Thanks, Marianne!

Kat Fort said...

Great interview! Sounds like a really friendly guy and love his work on those shows! (I'm a big-time crime and crime-fighting show fan!)

Anonymous said...

I haven't actually heard of him and since everyone's saying he's pretty amazing well, hello there! He's really hot and although I've never had my hands on a PLaygirl...well.. where can I get one?!!! LOL

Thanks for sharing this to us! Major eye candy, hoping to get him on a book cover maybe...hmmm... :)

Happy belated birthday Stefan!

Stefan Pinto said...

Hi everyone! Thank you for your kind comments and for reading the entire interview! Ha! Marianne, thanks for having me on your blog! xoxo

Fran Lee said...

Nice to meet you, Stefan. Great interview! Thanks for bringing him onto the blog, Marianne!

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