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Friday, March 19, 2010

Secret Identities

Typically Overheard At Any Of My Signings:
"So who are you; Molly Daniels or Kenzie Michaels? And why two pen names?"

"Molly writes Young Adult Smut for ages twelve and up, while Kenzie writes Adult Smut, for strictly the eighteen and older set."

Call it Erotic Romance, Adult Smut, or Adult Contemporary Romance...I discovered twenty-five years ago I prefer to write more of an accurate account of what happens in the bedroom. Part of it was curiosity; I'd devoured Jean M Aul's book, The Valley of the Horses, and constantly reread the 'Passage of Womanhood' rites performed by Jondalar. So when I began writing my first romance story, I drew upon my own experiences, plus the 'true confessions' of friends and roommates as we discovered more about the opposite sex.

Molly's Arbor University Tales, self-pubbed in 2002 and 2007 (Love Is Sober and Love Finds A Way), reflects college life in the 1980's, and have since discovered it's more accurately in the Women's Fiction genre.

When I joined the online community in 2007, and discovered the erotic romance books, I began reading a few and communicating with a few authors. And was challenged to see if I could step up my heat level. I wrote Teacher's Pet (coming soon from Freya's Bower...I'm awaiting edits!) during NaNoWriMo, and discovered my new blogmates had indeed 'corrupted' me, hahaha:) I also decided my teenage readers had no business being exposed to my new stuff, so I invented Kenzie in 2008 and kept writing.

My first Kenzie book, All She Ever Wanted, was accepted by Freya's Bower, first in November 2008 on a conditional basis to add more to the plot, and then fully in January 2009. It was released last May and in August went to number #3 on the Ebookwise site. I finally worked up the nerve to submit the steamier and longer Teacher's Pet, but it got lost in cyberspace and I ended up subbing it again last fall.

My goal this year is to have two or three releases; two Kenzie and one Molly, or one of each. I debated keeping Kenzie a secret, but decided against it. I did create a blog for Kenzie, and blog at least once a week over there, mainly tracking her progress. And she has her own page on my website, as soon as it is up and running. I had to cancel my web hosting last year, due to the graphics not being seen. My temporary site is here.

After all, if Marianne/April can have a successful 'split-personality', why can't I?


Sandy said...

There's nothing wrong with a split personality. I may have to do it some day. lol

April Ash said...

Split personalities can come in can always blame your "other self" for whatever! HA!
I can let Marianne write her genre and April can be "wilder" in hers.
Go for it, Molly!

Judith Leger said...

Love the distinctions between the two pen names! I too have a similar situation. But hey, we have to do what we gots to do!

Wishing you a ton of success with both authors' sales!

Molly Daniels said...

Thank you:) Didn't mean to post and kids and I are at an indoor water park for spring break.

My 1st pen name is my real 1st name combined with my hubby's. Kenzie morphed out of my maiden name, and couldn't do anything with my real last name, but my dad's name popped into my head, and it all came together (Freudian moment, lol??). Now if I could just WRITE Kenzie's sort of looks like 'Kezzie'. Word of caution: When picking pen names, make sure the signature is a good one:)

Anonymous said...
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Amber Skyze said...

I hope to have a split personality soon! :)

Bryn said...

I can definitely see the appeal of dual identities! My historical is under Bryn Donovan, and I hope to publish a contemporary paranormal under that name too, but if I ever did sweet or inspirational I'd probably pick a different name.

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