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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Introduction time, I guess

This will be short as I hate talking about myself. I know, wrong attitude for a blogger and author, but I'd rather read about other people. I'm an writer, with a eight book series called Garland of Druids published by Cerridwen Press, and three more in a new series called Songs of the Mages. Have one more mage story scheduled for May. Plus the book of my heart, a loooong historical called the Third Rose to come out next month at Red Rose Publishing. Also three more mage stories and another historical in the works for later this year.

So I'm busy, busy, busy, and love it. Always wanted to have time to write and finally did when my DH and I became empty nesters. Here's an excerpt from Jennivere's Journey which came out the end of February. My stuff is sensual, very much so, but not quite erotic.

“I can’t wait any longer,” he muttered, as he took her in his arms and kissed her with all the passion he’d rigorously kept at bay. Only his stern determination had kept him from showing his desire even in the midst of their most heated dinner discussion. He’d known all along he was merely marking time. Waiting until he could get her alone, away from servants and any other distraction and taste the feast of those luscious lips.

She stiffened at first but he held her to him, lost to anything but persuading her with his kisses how much he cherished her. Then suddenly, just as before, she seemed to melt in his arms. She threw her arms around his neck and matched his kisses with her own.

Even in the midst of his passion he realized anew she didn’t kiss with expertise. All the better. A kiss from Jenny meant more than he’d ever expected.

He picked her up and carried her to the nearby couch, placing her on his lap so he could more easily caress her. He sat for a minute in awe, looking at her perfect and expressive features. Every emotion seemed to show as she lay in his arms. Then he suddenly realized that behind the eagerness she looked as frightened as a rabbit with its hind leg in a trap.

She wasn’t ready for where he longed to take her.

He held her, keeping his arms loose around her so he’d not frighten her.

She’d begun to fill his thoughts and dreams but now as he held her his main emotion was fear of alienating her. He lowered his mouth to hers, kissing her almost gently.

She didn’t respond as much as when he’d first kissed her and he stopped, raising his head and looking into her eyes.

“I won’t hurt you Jenny. I won’t do anything you don’t want. For now I just want to bring you pleasure. Let me show you a little of how I feel.”

She suddenly sat bolt upright and then jumped to her feet.

“No, no, this is wrong of me. So wrong.”

She turned and ran. Leaving him with trousers stretched so tightly he wondered how he could walk from the house. Certainly not by thinking about how she’d started to respond to him and how even her slight response affected him beyond any other woman’s practiced touch. He forced himself to walk to the window, where he stood staring out at the dark garden. Desperately trying to think of his latest book, his first book, anything but Jenny.

He finally was able to collect himself and quietly let himself from the house.

At least she hadn’t said it was wrong of him.

Very glad to be blogging at this group. Do go to my website at to see all the pretty covers and read excerpts...


Molly Daniels said...

Hi Jean:) Good to 'see' you!

Judith Leger said...

Oh, I hear you, Jean. I hate talking about myself. Love to talk about my writing, though. It's a lot more interesting (Hee hee). You are one busy lady! Very nice excerpt from Jennivere's Journey. Thanks for sharing.

Fran Lee said...

I loved these books, girl!

April Ash said...

Gotta talk about yourself and your writing...good stuff! Don't forget to add three covers to the sidebar!

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks everybody....LOL and happy Easter...

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