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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A HUNK For My Easter Basket!

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Where's that Easter Bunny? I've got a terrific suggestion about what I'd like to find in my Easter Basket this coming Sunday. I've been reminiscing about all those childhood years and what I dreamed about finding in my basket Easter morning. Now that I'm an adult, all that has changed. Well...some things will always be desired, but then...

Chocolate? Hmm. Sure. Lots of that. But that's not my great idea.Jelly Beans? Marshmallow chicks? Colored eggs? Uh...yeah. But I've gone beyond that line of thinking. And, I've bought a giant Easter basket for my treat...(and the Easter Bunny can leave the chocolate, marshmallow chicks and colored eggs, too!)

Now, here's a basket I think will be big enough to hold what I want. Of course, I'll have to decorate it with 
lots of pastel Easter type of stuff, but that won't take long! It's already kinda colorful, don't you think? Has the right colors for Easter...just needs some "grass" and ribbons! 
                                   What, you might ask, can fit into this that I could possibly ask for?
 Okay, so he's asking about going camping for an Easter holiday vacation, but that doesn't appeal to me. Other things...ahem...about him do. So I figure the Easter Bunny can put him and his attributes in that basket...keep the tattoos and lose the shirt covering his interesting "package"...and I'll come up with something to keep him busy. The shirt won't be needed...he'll be covered with all colors of Easter basket "grass", chocolate, jelly beans, marshmallow chicks... Hmm. I'll have to eat my way to find him, I guess. Sigh. Nothing but work, work, work. What hardships we sometimes have to face!
This is DEFINITELY not an Easter basket for kids!

Story idea: Heroine makes a wish for the Easter Bunny to leave her something "tall, dark, and handsome"...and she finds my basket and HUNK in her living room on Easter Sunday! What should she do? What would you do?
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Fran Lee said...

OMG! I'd love a man who could hang his shirt on his own special hanger. LOL!

Paris said...

I have to go with Fran. That's one must have "accessory". It would sure make camping a lot more interesting than I remember it;-)

Molly Daniels said...

I'll take him, plus a solid milk chocolate bunny (nothing hollow, please!) and plenty of chocolate eggs:) Not a Peeps kind of gal. Chocolate all the way baby!

Katalina Leon said...

It's so nice to see a man picking up after himself! lol

Karen H in NC said...

Loved to post and the pictures too! I so the man who can hang his shirt on his own hanger! But didn't you mean to say that HE could come up with something to keep YOU busy!?? I wonder if they have made him in chocolate? Wouldn't that be the best of both worlds?

April Ash said...

Thanks all! Yep...that's one BIG "accessory" he's hung his shirt on! Bring on the chocolate and the hunk...please, Mr. Easter Bunny????

jean hart stewart said...

I can see I haven't been visionary enough in my Easter wishes....Definitely need to get more creative...

Sandy said...

LOL Oh, you're so bad. Give me! Give me! Grin.

Shawn said...

I hate camping, but he could definately change my mind.

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