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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hi, I'm Tina

Greetings, all - I'm author Tina Donahue. I write contemporary, historical and erotic romance. I've received awesome reviews from Booklist, Publisher's Weekly, Romantic Times and various online review sites.

My newest release Lush Velvet Nights will be released shortly (early April, I hope!). Here's a brief blurb (no cover yet, sorry, but will post as soon as I get it)

Lush Velvet Nights

When wanton desires & love demand all. . .

During the day, Adriana's a lonely corporate heiress, helming the supermarket empire she inherited from her father. At night, she finds the closeness she craves by hiring escorts and scripting provocative fantasies of kidnapping, lust, submission and endless longing. It's all she has to excite and comfort her until Nathan Wynn enters her life.

Tall, blond and muscular - like a modern day Viking - Nathan's a labor relation's attorney negotiating the contract for Adriana's union employees. His imposing presence intensifies her yearning and basest desires. When he protects her from an escort he mistakenly believes is an attacker, she knows he's everything she thought - dominant and unrestrained.

Fascinated by Adriana's underlying sensuality, Nathan brings her to his secluded mountain estate intent on having her submit fully to his hunger. . .no other man's. At a gentleman's club, he makes certain she denies him nothing. Engaging in a seductive sexual journey where anything can happen and does, Nathan's caught off-guard by his stunning need for Adriana. An attraction he fears because of past events in his life. A growing emotional connection she will not let him deny.

And I currently have Deep, Dark, Delicious out. It was nominated for Book of the Week at Whipped Cream Reviews. Here's the blurb for it.
Deep, Dark, Delicious
A wickedly sensual feast. . .
Eden DeCarlo may have narrowly lost Miami's best chef competition and the prize money she desperately needs, but she has caught the eye of dangerously virile Rafael Zayas, one of the judges and a wealthy restaurateur. Despite her vow not to let any man derail her life, Eden's captivated by Rafe's imposing masculinity, then challenged by the business deal he offers. He'll invest in her new venture if, for one month, she can satisfy his culinary expectations and the sexual attraction they both feel. Dominant and unashamed, Rafe knows what he wants when it comes to carnal pleasure and will spare no seduction to have Eden in all the ways he demands - naked, wanting, submissive. Within thirty days, he will teach her the delights of yielding to passion, relinquishing all control to him and fulfilling her deepest, darkest and most delicious desires.


Molly Daniels said...

Hi Tina:) Must add this one to my TBB list...I remember seeing your title somewhere. Thanks for reposting the blurb!

Judith Leger said...

Hi Tina! Man, Lush Velvet Nights sounds Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Fran Lee said...

Sounds fabulous, Tina!

April Ash said...

Thanks for posting already! Book sounds yummy! Post three covers on the side bar for our viewing pleasure!

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