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Monday, February 1, 2010


Love is in the air as Valentine's Day is only two weeks away. Are you ready for love and romance? Whether it's with flowers, candy or some other special treat, enjoy the day with the one you love!
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 Below are 12 Reasons Why CHOCOLATE Is Better Than SEX:

12 Reasons Why CHOCOLATE
Is Better Than SEX!
1. You can have chocolate in front of your parents.
2. Nobody starts rumors about who you shared chocolate with.
3. People of the same sex can share chocolate without being called names.
4. The word "commitment" doesn't scare off chocolate.
5. Chocolate is satisfying even if it's gone soft.
6. No matter what kind of chocolate you like, it's legal.
7. You can have chocolate with a whole group of friends without being obscene.
8. If you have to pay for your chocolate, it's not too expensive.
9. Chocolate is just as attractive when you're sober.
10. A big piece of chocolate lasts longer, but even a small piece is satisfying.
11. You can have chocolate in the office without upsetting your co-workers.
12. It's easy to GET chocolate any time you want!!!
Do you agree? Now, I love chocolate and maybe sometimes it's just a wonderful, satisfying treat, but could anything replace sex in your life?

My romance books are all about love and sex, and none of my heroines would ever trade their heroes for chocolate...having both at the same time maybe, but not just chocolate without their men!
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Molly Daniels said...

ROFL! I love #5...'Chocolate is still satisfying even when its gone soft'...

Thanks for the chuckle:)

Adele Dubois said...

Mmm, and chocolate before or after sex is extra special!

Thanks for the smile.

Best--Adele Dubois

Sandy said...

Eating chocolate off a man is best. lol

jean hart stewart said...

Love it! The blog and chocolate both. Jean

April Ash said...

Thanks. As for me, I'll take an order of chocolate and sex TOGETHER!

susan said...

Sometimes chocolate last longer then sex. ha ha I am addicted to chocolate so I am really a nut case. Maybe we are able to admit both are equal in some cases. ha ha susan L.

booklover0226 said...

I agree with Molly, #5 is a hoot! I liked #1, too.

Tracey D
booklover0226 AT gmail DOT com

Debby said...

I love this post. Chocolate is great!
debby236 at aol dot com

Anonymous said...
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