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Monday, March 1, 2010

Newest Release: "Anything You Can Do"

Before I begin to tell you about my book, here's some information about TWO BIG CONTESTS I'm running to celebrate the release of "Anything You Can Do". Two lucky winners will receive lots of winner will get prizes valued at $25! Visit for details!
 Contest runs until 31 March!
  Women always seem to be on the side of defending their position of "I can do whatever a man can do". In my latest book, the opposite is true.

"Anything You Can Do" is now available at:
Video: I got the inspiration for this book after listening to the song "Anything You Can Do" from the musical "Annie Get Your Gun" (Annie Oakley vs. Frank Butler). Love story where Annie had to prove she "could do anything Frank could do"...and still won his love.

 For my book, think: Hunky CEO vs. kids in childcare for a week, all for a dare to prove he can do anything the tantalizing daycare owner can do. This time, a man has to defend his capabilities. Childcare clueless Jeff Ryan hasn't any idea what's in store for him when he accepts the challenge from the daycare's owner, Allison Minetti. He figures he can "babysit" with her and get to know her better. If he wins, she'll spend a pleasant weekend with him.

Allison desperately needs funding from Jeff's company to keep her business running. Offering him a partnership in Ryan's Rugrats seems like a reasonable request to her, especially since all her clients work for his company. Irritated when he calls what she does "babysitting", she issues her dare. If he loses, he'll consider her financial needs. Deep down inside, he's sparked her interest and spending time with him would be an added bonus.

Things don't go as smoothly as Jeff hopes, and he questions his sanity in accepting her dare as the week begins. But, decreased numbers in childcare attendance during the latter part of the week eases his time working with Allison, and he wins their bet.

Allison welcomes their weekend together, and the chance to explore their passion for each other. After watching him interact with the kids all week, she figures  he'll still consider her request. But, someone's interference in their challenge leads to loss of trust, heartache and a rift in their relationship. Can they find a way to clear up the confusion and salvage their love for each other?

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Sandy said...

It sounds like a great story, Marianne.

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