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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Year of the Cat by Janice Seagraves

My daughter is pregnant again, and I've been working like crazy trying to get all my writing projects done before she is due. I want to sit and hold my newest grandson and not worry about anything. Yes, she is having another boy, due mid October.

One of those projects is called Year of the Cat. A paranormal romance. I've always love this story from early conception (it was only three scenes) to first short story, to it's new shape a novela, Year of the Cat.

I love the hero Jared and the heroine Morgan.  Their interaction together was fun to write.

I've been working nonstop, since I received my covers from my cover artist on Monday, going through my manuscript. It's fully edited but there are still those little typos that get missed.

And isn't the cover lovely? It was created by Lex Valentine of Winterheart Designs.

Its finished and just released this morning. I am actually surprised that it happened so quickly. When I posted it last night, the message that popped up said it could take as long as 72 hours. This isn't even twelve hours since I posted it at midnight and it's now seven am.

I did use their new Kindle Creator, called kindle create, that may have helped to get it published sooner. It was easy to use but your manuscript has to be full written with the copyright info, dedicated page and author page all there. You can do little things like adding or taking out a word or sentence, or small correction, but its really not designed for writing. It's still in it beta stage but worked well for my needs.


Jared stood in the snow and tried not to shiver. He usually wasn’t outside this early, but at least he could give his free lesson before working with the other patrons. He let out a breath and it blew out in a vapor. Even with his quilted pants and parka it was freezing. The whole bloody mountain range was Baltic. A light dusting of snow obscured the traces of yesterday’s activities.
A black and brown calico rubbed against his leg.
“Trying to make amends?” The cat stuck her nose in the air and turned away.
“Don't get haughty with me, Ms. Puss, you started it.”
“Are you talking to the cat?” Morgan said softly behind him.
He sniffed and caught the light aroma of spice and flowers with an undertone of Morgan’s sweet feminine scent.
Jared swung around.
Morgan was dressed in a stylish sporty outfit of black bottoms and a bright pink jacket. It went well with her blonde hair and pale blue eyes.
She gave him a shy grin, he almost chuckled. “Such a sweet smile on a lovely lady. Is that smile all for me?”
When the cat hissed, he picked up a fistful of snow and dropped it on top of her. The calico ran.
Morgan huffed and sat her fists on her hips. “You’re mean. What did that cat ever do to you?”
“She scratched me once.”
“Only once?” She cocked her head.
“Well…” He couldn’t tell her the truth. “More than once.”
She strolled over, snow crunching under her boots. “And if I do something to displease you during our lesson, will you dump snow on me, too?”
In his excitement from seeing her again, he’d nearly forgotten he’d promised a free skiing lesson, but the thought of what other lessons he could give her made his pants tight.
He took her hand. “I’ll be gentle.”
She raised an eyebrow. “Promise?”

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Two Reckless Hearts in the brand new #TROPICALTRYST Boxed Set #Preorder #RB4U @hollycortelyou

Super excited to have a Tropical Tryst author to the blog. Please give a big RB4U welcome and lots of love to today's guest!


Hey! I’m Holly Cortelyou, and I write small town, contemporary romances as well as supernatural and paranormal romances. I love it sweet, and I love it steamy…and at the end of the day, I just gotta have my happy-ever-after!

My latest novella, Two Reckless Hearts, will be debuting in the TROPICAL TRYST boxed set that releases on August 1st ( 

It’s been a blast writing an enemies-to-lovers story set on a lush tropical island, deep in the Caribbean. I dreamed of silky, blue waters and the sexy beat of steel drums the whole time I was writing Jami and Beck’s battle to love.

On my average writing day, you will find me in my little office with the white French doors, with a silver lab puppy napping on her giant Costco bed, and my Maine Coon kitty sprawled on my keyboard. Between fighting for my chair with the cat and fluffballs floating through the air, I sip on black coffee all morning and type away.

My favorite quotation and writing inspiration is from C. Ara Campbell -- "Here's to the girl who read the compass written on the walls of her heart and follows the North Star etched upon her Spirit."

But, in case you think I’m all woo-woo and starry eyed, I learned how to drive a semi-tractor trailer in order to "catch" my man!  LOL!

Please come find me on the web (and snag a free book) at:
Luv ‘n hugs,
Holly Cortelyou

…Always Dare to Love!

Two Reckless Hearts
Two Reckless Hearts is one of 25 brand new sexy romances in the Tropical Tryst Boxed Set. Escape with us to a hot and tropical setting for only 99 cents. It’s available for pre-order now and will be released Aug. 1. 

Buy links: Amazon | Barnes and Noble  
Kobo | Google Play

And bonus: visit for special pre-order giveaways and join the Tropical Tryst Facebook page ( for updates and a chance to win Tropical Tryst swag!

Tropical Tryst

Monday, July 24, 2017

History of Tequila

History of Tequila

Today, July 24, is National Tequila Day. Sounds fun, right? Back in the day, I drank my share of tequila, with salt and lemon.  As a nod to my younger days, I thought I’d research the history of tequila.

Tequila is the name for a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant, primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila, 40 miles northwest of Guadalajara. The red volcanic soil in the surrounding region is particularly well-suited to the growing of the blue agave plant. (Wikipedia)

Mezcal wine, tequila’s grandparent, was first produced only a few decades after the Spaniards came to the New World in 1521. Agave played a much larger role than the source of an alcoholic drink. Its leaves were used for a hemp-like fiber to make mats, clothing, rope and paper. It was also the source of the nutrient and vitamin-rich brew, pulque. (Source: Los Cabos Magazine)

The distillation of pulque into something stronger may have originated by the Conquistadors as early as the 1520s. You’re all familiar with Cuervo Tequila. Jose Antonio Cuervo was the first licensed manufacturer of tequila. He received the rights to cultivate a parcel of land from the King of Spain in 1758. Today, Cuervo is the largest manufacturer of tequila in the world. (Source: Los Cabos Magazine)
Mexican laws state that tequila can only be produced in the state of Jalisco and limited municipalities in the states of Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas. Planting, tending, and harvesting the agave plant remains a manual effort, largely unchanged by modern farm machinery and relying on centuries-old know-how.
The men who harvest it, the jimadores [ximaˈðoɾes], have intimate knowledge of how the plants should be cultivated, passed down from generation to generation. (Wikipedia)

"Tequila worm" misconception

A young agave plant

Another interesting error is an urban legend related to a worm. The worm-in-the-bottle myth is old and tired. The truth has been broadcast and expounded for years by the cognoscenti of tequila, in newspapers, magazines and on the internet. Yes, it’s true, some American-bottled brands put one in their bottle to impress the gringos and boost sales, but it was a marketing ploy developed in the 1940s, not a Mexican tradition.

Sometimes however, there is a worm, properly a butterfly caterpillar, in some types of mezcal. You may also get a small bag of worm salt and chile powder tied to a mezcal bottle. There are two types of worms in mezcal: the red, gusano rojo—considered superior because it lives in the root and heart of the maguey—and the less-prized white or gold gusano de oro, which lives on the leaves. The red gusano turns pale in the mezcal, the gold turns ashen-gray. Both larvae are commonly eaten as food and are sold in Zapotec markets.

Yes, you’re supposed to eat the worm in mezcal. Don’t worry: it’s quite well pickled and free of pesticides (they’re often raised just for use in mezcal, cooked and pickled in alcohol for a year). But dispel any idea it has any magical or psychotropic properties, that it’s an aphrodisiac or the key to an "unseen world." It’s merely protein and alcohol—but it’s very rich in imagery. Note: Yuck.
In Mexico, the most traditional way to drink tequila is neat, without lime and salt. Outside Mexico, a single shot of tequila is often served with salt and a slice of lime. This is called tequila cruda and is sometimes referred to as "training wheels", "lick-sip-suck", or "lick-shoot-suck" (referring to the way in which the combination of ingredients is imbibed). The drinkers moisten the back of their hands below the index finger (usually by licking) and pour on the salt. Then the salt is licked off the hand, the tequila is drunk, and the fruit slice is quickly bitten. Groups of drinkers often do this simultaneously. (Wikipedia)
Note: I always thought you used lemon. That’s what we did. We used to drink it this way in groups in a bar, mostly the summer of 1971, at the Jersey Shore.

Now that you know all the important facts about tequila, go out and celebrate National Tequila Day.

Since this is summer and many of us go to the shore or the beach (We say Shore for New Jersey, Beach for the Delaware beaches), I have a sweet story set the Jersey Shore.

Loving Or Nothing 

2012 Gulf States Silken Sands Star Contest Third Place Winner
2012 Best Indie Book Award Semi-Finalist

When a ruthless developer and a sentimental bridal shop owner clash, sparks fly. 

No stranger to loss, Tami Morrelle is holding on with one satiny thread to the only thing she has left that ties her to her loved ones – the family bridal shop.

Local bad boy Daniel Ramsey is back in town and on a mission – to turn Tami’s world upside down – any way he can.

Daniel needs Tami’s beachfront home and business to complete his crowning achievement as a successful developer. His latest proposal hinges on buying former high school classmate Tami’s land to make it happen. More importantly, it will show those in Loving who were convinced he’d amount to less than nothing they were dead wrong about him.

For Daniel, it’s Loving or nothing. For Tami, selling out to Daniel will leave her with nothing. But when the ruthless developer and sentimental bridal shop owner clash, sparks fly. 

A secret crush. Two wounded hearts. Will Daniel and Tami be willing to give up what they think they need and open their hearts to what really matters in Loving?

(Includes bonus short story, "Accidental Love.")

Sunday, July 23, 2017

A MAJOR AFFAIR in #TropicalTryst - 25 #SexyReads #Romance #AMAJORAFFAIR #summerreads #RB4U @CJMatthew

Today we have a special guest at RB4U, telling us about herself, her writing and her part in the new and upcoming boxed set Tropical Tryst.  Please extend her a huge welcome !!!


Hi! I’m CJ Matthew, author of full-length romance novels in several different genres: contemporary military, suspense, and paranormal/fantasy. 

My contribution to the Tropical Tryst boxed set is A Major Affair, a contemporary military romance novella, book 1.5 in the Colonel’s Daughters quintet and the story is set on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

I began writing my first-ever book, A Major Seduction, in 2009 following the adage, “Write what you know”. Since I grew up an Air Force brat, living all over the US and around the world, I outlined a quintet of books based on 5 AF sisters, all born in different countries. As each sibling happens to return to her birth place (Japan, UK, Italy, Germany, US) where she meets her true love and must face her destiny. After finally publishing that contemporary military romance in Oct. 2016, I returned to writing book 2, Compromising the Captain. I was surprised by the amount of fan mail I received asking to hear more about a secondary character, Major Quinn. So, here is his story.

My favorite genre is paranormal/fantasy romance. I love world-building and writing my dolphin shape shifter series- but I also manage to stay true to my other genre loves by bringing an Air Force hero into the Dolphin shifter series, filling the suspense series with veterans, and adding a pod of non-shifting Dolphins to A Major Affair. So much fun when I get to make the rules! For personal reading, I go for paranormal romance, all kinds of shapeshifters, as well as military romance and suspense. Historical romances relax me, especially Regency. My all-time favorite author is JD Robb and her futuristic crime series, In Death. I shy away from most horror stories and certain thriller themes.

A writing routine: While prepping, before I start writing a book, I make a comprehensive outline of the story and consult/add to the series bible. I finish GMC and character interviews, add to the series spreadsheets (new character names, places, jobs, etc.), finish all the research, create a picture board. One jumpstart tip I use (and cherish) is from the W Plot Method: write 20 favorite scenes on post-its and then place them in the appropriate spots on the outline.

During the time I’m writing the book, I try to stick to a set schedule. Up at 5:30, at the laptop by 6 a.m. Since I live in a cabin in the woods of Northeast Georgia, it’s quiet except for the birds. I share the cabin with a cat, Max, who keeps me company while I write and demands I play with him during stretch breaks. My morning beverage of choice, for all seasons, is hot coffee. After lunch, I switch to Cherry Coke or iced tea.

When I’m not writing I enjoy spending time with family and friends. The cabin doesn’t have cable but there is wifi so I sometimes binge watch Netflix. Secretly, my favorite binge is my collection of Jane Austen books made into movies, and Shakespeare’s plays in movie form.

BookBub page:


A Major Affair is one of 25 brand new sexy romances in the Tropical Tryst Boxed Set. Escape with us to a hot and tropical setting for only 99 cents. It’s available for pre-order now and will be released Aug. 1. 

Buy links: Amazon | Barnes and Noble  | Kobo | Google Play

And bonus: visit for special pre-order giveaways and join the Tropical Tryst Facebook page ( for updates and a chance to win Tropical Tryst swag!

Friday, July 21, 2017

A Summer of Expansions

Expansions...the new challenge! With all the box sets out there, many of us are either choosing or being asked to expand our stories for individual release. Sounds easy, sounds fun...but when I recently took hold of my story from Hero to Obey, the volume that hit USA Today and made my entire year last year, it was not as easy as I'd expected.

Sitting down with my trusty laptop and some great 1970s music to inspire my 1970 story, I found myself really puzzled on what direction to go. Should I take the story into the future of the characters' lives? Add more detail about the story as it happened? Add a 1945 dream sequence involving a whole new trip into research land?

So many options, all of which were interesting, challenging, and in the end puzzling. Instead of pounding out word count I had to consider each paragraph, each sentence for building opportunities. I can't lie...historicals, even those that occur during years since my birth, can be a challenge. I believe 1970 counts. But the difference between this and say Topaz's Trials which took place in the 1850s is that I have live sources to chat up.

It was a lot of fun to revisit Bound by Her Captain. I missed Anya and Captain Mark and was glad to get to spend more time with them. Friends from another time, written in another time. I'm looking forward to expanding some of my other box set stories in the future, for this reason. And also because rather than being the "easy peasy" project it sounded like when I took it on it was tough. But hopefully readers will enjoy spending more time on the decks of the US Coast Guard ice breaker, Northern Lights as the captain, crew, and one very smart Soviet scientist travel into the Arctic to find a mythic beast. Watch for Bound by her Captain in August. And as for future expansions, the sky's the limit.

Enjoy the rest of July and August. I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy some fun in the sun!
Kate Richards

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Perfectly Skeptical in Tropical Tryst - 25 new sexy reads #SexyAnthology #Romance #PerfectlySkeptical

Today we have a special treat. Linda O'Connor is here answering a few questions - because inquiring minds want to know - and she's giving us a sneak peek into Perfectly Skeptical, her novella in the Tropical Tryst anthology.

Welcome, Linda!

Hi I’m Linda O’Connor! I live in Ontario, Canada in a house with a view of Lake Ontario. I love to write listening to the waves in the summer and overlooking the ice in the winter. I balance writing with my work as a physician at an Urgent Care Clinic and being a mom to three sons. I started writing 4 years ago and published my debut novel, Perfectly Honest, with Soul Mate Publishing. Turns out double double, chesterfield, and pop are very Canadian – who knew? I’ve had fun learning to write for an American audience. I’ve since published a second story with Soul Mate Publishing and 4 more romantic comedies in the Perfectly Series as an indie author.

What genre(s) do you write in? Do you have a favorite?

I started writing because I wanted to find a fun way to disseminate medical information and to educate and empower readers to take ownership of their health. Targeting a female audience with romance novels seemed like a good idea because women are usually the ones who see a doctor. (Males typically only go when a girlfriend/partner/spouse/mom encourages them to do so. :D) I write romantic comedies because I love being in a fun headspace when I’m writing. I think laughter is essential to great health!

Do you read in the same genre you write? Or do you like to read something else? If so, which genre?

I read a wide variety of genres, but my favorite stories are romantic comedies and really anything with a happily-ever-after ending.

Besides being an author and super awesome, what other fun things do you like to do?

I love Zumba classes and being outdoors. I cycle in the summer and cross-country ski in the winter.

What's your guilty pleasure?

Skittles :D

What is one thing that very few might know about you?

I make earrings as a hobby (it’s handy for gifts!).

Where can we find you on the web?

I hang out at (net as in networking :D)  Website   |   Facebook   |   Twitter   |   Amazon Author Page   |   Newsletter

About Perfectly Skeptical (Perfectly Series novella)

Dr. Brianna Scott looked forward to sleeping away her staycation, until a windfall meant an upgrade to palm trees, an ocean view . . . and the sexy Dr. Matt Gaelen. She’ll have fun, but can a holiday fling really turn into a soul mate for life? Doubtful.

Matt has no radar for sniffing out gold-diggers and protecting his heart. Except Brianna is more turned off than turned on by his wealth. What are his chances of getting her to overlook it? Dubious at best.

Improbable and iffy – the typical path to love.

Perfectly Skeptical is one of 25 brand new sexy romances in the Tropical Tryst Boxed Set. Escape with us to a hot and tropical setting for only 99 cents. It’s available for pre-order now and will be released Aug. 1. Can’t wait to share Perfectly Skeptical with you!

Buy links: Amazon   |   Barnes and Noble  |   Kobo   |   Google Play

And bonus: visit for special pre-order giveaways and join the Tropical Tryst Facebook page ( for updates and a chance to win Tropical Tryst swag!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Walking the Story Down the Aisle with @SusanAnnWall #TropicalTryst #RB4U #SummerReads

How exciting to be one of the 24 authors in Tropical Tryst! This collection includes some fabulous Off Balance, my novella featured in the Tropical Tryst set.
summer and beach reads! The setting for my story – a tropical cruise – was inspired by a recent cruise I took with my mom in the southern Caribbean. What a great escape! I had so much fun revisiting these places as I wrote
I loved writing the hero and heroine too, and their “origin” stories are fun and unique.
The heroine in Off Balance, Heather Wolfe, first appeared as a cell phone sales clerk in 3rd Trip to the Altar, book #3 in my Superstitious Brides romance series, where she boldly gives her phone number to the hero, Brent Daniels, after she gets his phone set up for him with a new number.
“Your phone’s all set. Here’s the new number.” Heather slid a paper across the desk. “I put my number below it, you know, in case she doesn’t contact you and you decide to move on.”
Brent never calls because his heart is otherwise occupied with Tristin May, his future wife, and Heather moves on, her interests leaning toward Haven Masters, her yoga instructor and mindfulness coach in Off Balance.
When I first wrote Heather in 3rd Trip to the Altar, I had no intentions of writing her as a heroine later, but I took this scene to my NHRWA critique group and everyone loved her boldness. That sealed her fate: she was to have her own story.
When I sat down to write her story, I was challenged with finding a hero worthy of her boldness. I can’t tell you why, but I knew in my heart he had to be a yoga instructor. That’s all I knew. He didn’t even have a name and I can’t write until I know that small detail about my characters.
One morning, I went out for a chai latte with a friend – named Heather, no less – and she helped brainstorm ideas. Turns out, she had a crush in high school on a beautiful creature named Haven, and since her crush never culminated in anything, we thought this was a great opportunity to bring Heather and Haven together (even if Heather Wolfe is completely different from my friend). So a hero was born.
I knew I had the right name when I recently spent some time at a beach on the Jersey shore, putting the finishing touches on this story. The name of the beach? Beach Haven. Crazy!!
Off Balance is the 8th book in my Superstitious Brides romance series. All the stories stand alone, but if you love small town romances and revisiting characters in multiple books, this is the series for you.
A few bits of trivia about the series:
·         Every story ends with a wedding.
·         There is a central animal in every story, as shown on the covers!
·         My daughter names most of the animals in the stories. The exceptions are Chocolate and Vishnu.
I’m currently working on book #9, Wish Upon a Sleigh Ride, which will be part of the Spicy Christmas Kisses 3 box set coming in November. This is a sort of Han Solo meets Princess Leia love story in that they are both stubborn and strong-willed and start off not liking each other a whole lot. If you’ve read the first two books in the series, you’ve already been introduced to resort events coordinator Melody Starr and farrier Cooper Harris. Can you guess what kind of animal will be central to the story?

Big dreamer and certifiable overachiever Susan Ann Wall embraces life at full speed and volume. She’s a beer and tea snob, can be bribed with dark chocolate, and the #1 thing on her bucket list is to be the center of a Bon Jovi flash mob.

Susan is a USA Today bestselling, multi-genre author of racy, rule-breaking romance and women’s fiction. Her bragging rights include the Fighting Back for Love series, Puget Sound ~ Alive With Love series, Superstitious Brides Romance series, Sunset Valley Women’s Fiction series, and Devon Taggart Suspense series. She also likes to boast about her three maniacal children, two amazing rescue dogs, and a happily ever after that started while serving in the U.S. Army and has spanned over two decades (which is crazy since she’s not a day over 29).

In her next life, Susan plans to be a 5 foot 10, size 8 rock star married to a chiropractor and will not be terrified of large bridges, spiders, or quiet people (shiver).

If you’ve read this far, you’ve earned a sneak peek of Off Balance.

Between wrapping things up at work before her vacation, and packing for the vacation itself, she’d had little time to do anything except fantasize about this project. Okay, not entirely true. She’d had plenty of time to fantasize about Haven, talking to him about code until his eyes glazed over and he eased her down on a yoga mat and had his wicked, spiritual way with her.
None of that had panned out. Haven was attentive, she had to give him that, just not to her. There were ten other travelers on this tropical retreat, and every single one of them demanded a chunk of Haven’s time during the journey from New Hampshire to San Juan, Puerto Rico. By the time they’d arrived in San Juan, checked into the hotel, and eaten dinner, Heather was ready to collapse. Anywhere would do, the hotel bed, the sandy beach just yards from the hotel, even the restaurant chair.
“Let me get you tucked in,” Haven had offered. Twelve hours earlier, those words would have made her panties go up in smoke, but when he’d uttered them last night, her eyes were already closed, panties securely in place.
Now they were boarding the ship, but it wasn’t exhaustion that prickled Heather’s nerves. For the next seven days, she would be in close quarters with Haven. While this was what she had manipulated, doubts sparked every cell in her body. She had never been on a cruise ship, but knew the cabins would be smaller than any hotel room she’d ever stayed in, the bathroom smaller too. The quarters weren’t just tight, but intimate in way that shattered her comfort zone into a million tiny pieces. Yes, she had created this scenario knowing it was a bad idea, but doing it anyhow because she’d been existing in a zone of safety for far too long.
Their group of twelve all had rooms in the same area of the ship, port side, midship, just a couple floors down from the first main floor. They all made their way together, everyone seeming pleased with the accommodations as they opened their cabin doors. Now it was time for Heather to do the honors with the cabin she and Haven would be sharing for the next seven nights. Swiping the key card across the panel, she got the green light and turned the handle, only to stop short when she spotted the bed.
The one giant bed.
“Ooomph,” Haven grunted as he plowed into Heather, making her stumble forward. “Sorry, I wasn’t expecting you to stop. Are you okay?”
“I’m fine, but the room…” she stepped in, Haven following, until she got far enough in that she could step aside. “I don’t…they said the room would have two beds.”
While the thought of sharing this giant bed with Haven turned Heather’s insides to a warm, gooey mess, she knew Haven would have a problem with it. She turned to him, ready to apologize, but when she was greeted with his warm smile, the words slipped from her mind.
“It’ll be fine. We can make this work,” he assured her.
Did that mean he wanted…no, Heather couldn’t allow that thought to settle. The fantasies were fine because she knew they were just that, but if she allowed herself to think deeper than the fantasies, she’d just be setting herself up for disappointment. She had a solid plan to spark his interest, she just needed to exercise a little patience.
“Oh, I didn’t realize you two are together. I just thought you were doubling up to save money,” Cat said from the doorway.
Heather pushed by Haven to face Cat. “There’s a mix-up. We were supposed to have separate beds.”
“Well, reowwwww,” Cat responded, making a cat-like motion with her hands. “You two have fun.”
Cat closed the door with her quick retreat, leaving Heather all alone with Haven in their tiny cabin and the giant bed. “I’ll go to guest services, see if they can change our cabin. The reservation shows we are supposed to have two twin beds.”
Haven took a couple steps toward her to close the distance and gripped her arm in that gentle and comforting way that always grounded her in the moment. Heather had always been confident around men, to her own detriment, usually, but that was better than acting like a bumbling fool. She didn’t understand why Haven brought that side of her out. “If that will put your mind at ease, then go ahead, but the one bed doesn’t bother me.”
Heather nodded, desperate to leave but unable to step out of his firm yet gentle hold. “I just don’t want you to think…” To think what? That she’d manipulated the reservation so they would have to share a bed? It wasn’t a stretch considering she’d done just that so they could share a room.
“I don’t think anything,” he assured her. “Take a deep breath, Heather. Everything is going to be fine.”

Sometimes, to find your center, you must collide with the one who throws you off balance.
Heather Wolfe started practicing yoga as a way to find some balance in her life and maybe decide on a new career. After the world of software engineering sucked the life out of her, she’s bounced from job to job to job, never finding any satisfaction. The same is true of her love life. She’s never been afraid to go after what -- or who -- she wants, but so far, the direct approach has produced zero results. She hasn’t ignored the crush she has on her yoga instructor, Haven Masters, but she’s kept it on a short leash while she devises the perfect plan to get him to make the first move. When Haven asks her to book a tropical cruise retreat for his Mindful Masters of Self class, of which Heather is a student, she puts her new skills as a travel agent to work, manipulating the accommodations to propel her plan forward.
Along his journey to enlightenment, Haven has come across many bumps and roadblocks, but never once has anything or anyone thrown him off balance the way Heather does. Normally confident, he’s confused by his hesitation to ask her out, but when they are thrown in a small cabin together for seven nights aboard the cruise ship, he believes it is the Greater Spirit providing an opportunity that he must seize. Heather doesn’t seem comfortable with the arrangements at first, but after their first night aboard ship, things start moving so quickly, Haven’s head spins as fast as his heart races. Heather seems to have everything he’s been looking for in a woman, so much so that she seems too good to be true. All Haven can do is look for his center again and hope he finds it with Heather.

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