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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Hautned House by Janice Seagraves

Hi, my name is Janice Seagraves. I write romance of various genres.

I used to live in a haunted house.



Since my husband and I first moved into that house, I’ve heard a little girl crying when I washed my hands in the bathroom. Which isn’t anything unusual, however we live two miles out of town in the middle of what had been a grape vineyard but is now an almond orchard, and we have no close neighbors. I’ve lived here for twenty years and heard the same child sobbing. Reason would dictate that if this was a child, it would be grown up by now.

Once when my daughter was still a newborn baby, she started to cry. I was sitting next to my husband, watching TV. I sighed and started to get up, when I heard a woman’s voice saying very clearly, “Hush, baby.” I ran into the bedroom, and my husband ran outside. When I turned on the light, the baby was asleep, and no one was there. My husband came back inside and told me no one was outside.

While my daughter was a baby, she would sleep with us, I would feel the bed dip like someone was sitting down. I’d open my eyes to see if my husband were putting on his shoes, but the baby and I were alone.

Over the years I, my husband and my daughter have seen a little girl ghost at different times and places in the house. One time while my daughter was sleeping with me, she screamed in the middle of the night. I jerked awake and turned over, that’s when I saw the little girl ghost sitting on my bed on the far side of my daughter, staring at me. Then she faded away.

When my daughter was little about three or four, she had an invisible friend named Jenifer or Jenny, which I later realized was our ghost girl.

Once or twice I’ve heard a scary voice saying my name and a chill would wash down my back. Thank goodness I haven’t had that in a while.


I’ve been woken up by the sound of my bedroom door being opened and when I got up, it was closed. That just happened the other night. I got up again to look and no door was open.

We’ve seen orbs. Mostly green ones and blue ones. I saw one in the bathroom and followed it into my daughter’s room, where it landed on the foot of her bed and disappeared. 

I have taken a few orb photos with our black kitty we used to have, and I have an earlier photo with a white something that went through my husband’s mouth. These photos were taken with two different cameras, one digital and one a 35 mm.

When my husband worked nights, sometimes I would see something under the fitted sheet moving back and forth. I thought maybe a mouse got into the mattress. My husband and I flipped the mattress over, and I couldn’t find any mouse holes, so I have no idea what that was.

One morning, I was woken up by a child singing the song called the Lilac Tree. Both my husband and daughter were in the living room watching Saturday morning cartoons. And nothing they watched had a child singing.

I’ve been woken up by the smell of brownies and thought my daughter was baking. I got up to go into the kitchen and no one was cooking. Boy was I disappointed.

One time when I overslept, I heard someone walking around my bed and a voice saying, “Come on, honey, it’s time to get up.” When I got up, no one was there.

My daughter told me one of her friends that spend the night had heard the bathroom door creak open and the sound of whispering. The friend asked my daughter if her parents were up. My daughter said no, and then they both went and checked the bathroom. No was there.

My husband and I both heard the whispering voices before, right when we got home from shopping. We quickly open the front door to the house, flinging it open but the noses stopped and no one was there.

A few months ago when I just lay down to go to sleep, I felt someone tuck in the tag on my pajamas top. My bedroom door was closed, and hubby was working the graveyard shift and my daughter was staying the night at a friend’s house.

I was alone.

Or was I?


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Morgan isn’t expecting romance when she accompanies her friend for a week of skiing, but when she meets Jared all bets are off.
Haunted by the loss of his parents, werecat Jared Catterick earns his keep working for the Catclaw Clan. Jared has secrets that he doesn’t mind sharing with a special lady, and he hopes Morgan is that special someone. When his past and present collide it’s worse than he imagined, and he’s forced to fight for his life.


Fiona McGier said...

Wow! Your experiences are a lot more frequent than the ones I've had! Did you ever research into the house, as to who used to live in it, or why a little girl would be still lingering there? Might be interesting. But then you don't live there anymore, right?

When my then-boyfriend and I moved in together, we lived in the bottom half of a very old Queen Ann-style house. My dog used to go nuts barking at things, and when we'd check, there'd be no reason for her to have been barking. We never had mice or bug problems, and believe me, I've lived in places that did, so I checked thoroughly! Once husband and I were in the living room watching TV and suddenly we heard a coffee cup fall onto the floor in the kitchen and break. At that moment, my dog charged into the kitchen, barking and snapping, but of course there was nothing there that we could see. We moved into a newer house that had no "presence" in it--we kind of missed it.

But when we bought our current house, the neighbor next door told us they kept all of the lights on in all rooms all night, because her daughters said "it keeps the voices quiet." I didn't believe her until I had to use her dryer once, because ours broke. She left the front door open and put their huge bloodhound into one of the girls' rooms, so I went to the basement door and went downstairs. It's the oldest house on the block--an original farm house, so the ceiling was so low that even 5'3" me had to stoop down there. While I was tossing things into the dryer, all of a sudden there was a cold breeze (no windows open) from behind me, and I turned to see the blackness of an open door to where the furnace was. I kept tossing things into the dryer and the voices got louder. I ended up slamming the dryer shut, yelling, "OK, I'm leaving!" I didn't go back to get my laundry until my neighbor was home, and she smiled and nodded, when I told her why.

I know people are suggestible, and my dad was a true cynic, so he'd make fun of me if he heard any of this from me. But I know what I felt in both places. To quote old Will Shakespeare,"There are more things on Heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy."

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Very interesting! My romance novel Dark Moon Rising is inspired by the home my husband's aunt and uncle owned, a Kansas farmhouse with a history dating back to the Civil War and Bloody Kansas. I love Gothic romance.

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Fiona,
I lived in that house for 25 years so I have a lot of stories to tell. We're since moved, but there might be something here, too.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with me.

Hi Jacqueline,
Oh, that is so awesome. I've been told I should write my own experiences into a novel, but nothing comes to me. If I get an idea I might run with it.


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