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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Once Again Then One More Time

Earlier today, I was scrolling through Twitter and I came upon a conversation about Outlander. The topic centered around how they couldn’t watch the show anymore. That for them the magic was gone. That had me thinking about series. Sure, series are going to lose some fans. Times change, stories become dull or a myriad of other reasons. Series burnout, I call it. I have dropped a few series that once brought me enjoyment. And I’m sure you have too.

So, what happens when an author tires of writing a character or world? Agatha Christie killed off Hercule Poirot because she was tired of writing the character. Authors are encouraged to write a series to lure back the readers. And it’s wonderful when readers love the stories we weave and we can support ourselves by slapping our fingers against the keyboard but how do we keep our passion for the projects especially when we are under contract?

Through we are creatives we are still in business—the publishing business. I’m really don’t know a definitive answer to that question. I can only think of a few things. First, let’s set a challenge for ourselves. Perhaps, we can get more newsletter subscribers or getting an ad or an interview. Anything that can make us feel like we are growing. Second, rediscover what you loved about the story and add a dash of something new to spice it up. You can even ask your readers what they love about the series or even hate. That might help you see a bright new angle in your series. Third, get a hobby. Writing might have started off as a hobby that turned into a business so you need a different creative outlet.

Burnout is real and as both readers and writers, we must keep that spark alive. It will fuel us. Yet, sometimes we have to let go.

Have you written a series? Do you feel excitement?

Readers, do you have a series you love or one that you had to let go? So why do you feel the love for one and let go of another? 

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