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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Introducing Zane Kelly @RomanceBooks4Us World... Soldiers of Fortune #SOF #RB4U #RomSus #PolishedPromos

Meet…  Zane Kelly

Zane Kelly is the kind of guy that is all muscle and well put together in a more subtle fashion. He still wears his military hairstyle but shows the rebel inside by allowing it to be longer on top. His intense caramel-colored eyes coupled with his brooding manner can cut you deep to the core.

Read more about Zane in Joanne Jaytanie’s Dogs of Fortune available exclusively in Romance Books 4 Us World “Soldiers of Fortune.”

The Baker Corp. has recruited Blair Sellick, a nationally known dog trainer with truly phenomenal skills, to provide exceptional training for service dogs. The project would supply highly intelligent animals as partners for victims of PTSD and other disabilities. Or would it?
The answer has disappeared along with Blair, her fellow dog trainers, and all the dogs.
Ex-SEAL and canine handler Zane Kelly is done with war, with dogs, and with the Soldiers of Fortune. Coerced, cajoled, and eventually intrigued, Zane finally capitulates to the Soldiers of Fortune recruiters for just one project, to find Blair Sellick. The mission is clear, the dog trainers are dying, and nobody has heard from Blair for weeks. Zane has failed only one mission, and that failure cost his canine partner Axel his life.
This time Zane has no intention of leaving anyone behind.

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J Jaytanie said...

Thanks for introducing, Zane, Nicole!

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