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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

World Joanne Jaytanie

How do some authors jump from world to world and achieve wonderful outcomes so successfully? Every fiction story has a certain amount of world-building. It might not be extensive in stories such as a contemporary romance, but even so, the author builds a world for their characters to come to life in. Granted, there are different levels, for example, fantasy and Syfy writers create entire worlds, complete with their own vehicles, dwellings, clothing, atmosphere, food, traditions, vocabulary, just to name a few aspects.

I know authors who can work on multiple WIPs simultaneously, I’ve never been one of them…until now. But to be fair, my projects are all at different stages, and I’m not going back and forth between stories…at least not too much.

Salvaging Truth was published earlier this year. Yes, that book is published, but that hasn’t stopped my mind from constantly coming up with ideas, plots, what-ifs for book two…and three. I jot down ideas because let’s be honest…even when I say—“Oh, that’s good. I’ll remember that”—I don’t. So now I force myself to stop what I’m doing and write it down or take a note on my phone.

I’ve completed writing, Twice as Bad, book 2 for Miss Demeanor, P.I. and I’m working on edits as they come. This novella differs from book 1 in that it is longer, grittier, and has more twists.

I’ve been listening to Chasing Victory and I’m working my way through the series to reacquaint myself with the Winters Sister’s world and the copious number of characters. Yes, I do keep a book bible. Thank goodness I learned that strategy early on. Right about the time I was two-thirds of the way through writing Chasing Victory, and I couldn’t recall something important and had to search through the story. Book 5 will be in a brand new three-ring binder and the second book bible of the series. I try to update my bible as I write. However, that didn’t happen when I wrote, book 4, Corralling Kenzie and I’ll be adding it to my bible soon.

Each of these series has their own worlds. Fortunately, I have set all my stories in present time, which makes for slightly less world-building, except for The Winters Sisters. Once I dive into the Winters Sisters, I become immersed in their world and have a difficult time trying to write anything else. Theirs is a more intense world, especially when you add in the distinct supernatural abilities of all the major characters, along with sub-plots, personalities, Dobermans, and villains.

This is the closest I’ll ever get to writing multiple stories at once. To those of you writing gods and goddesses that find the process of world jumping very doable, even easy…I’m in awe of you.

Until next month…


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ELF said...

Good for you that you keep a series bible! I love getting glimpses into authors' techniques, thank you for sharing.

J Jaytanie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed my post. Thank you, ELF.

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