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Monday, April 8, 2019

The Ups and Downs ~ by Joanne Jaytanie

I took the longest path to get here and no matter the ups and downs, I would never give it up, change my career, or throw in the towel. I feel privileged to be able to say—I’m an author. And I always keep that thought tucked in the back of my mind, on the good days when the words are flowing faster than my fingers can put them on the screen, to the bad days when I stare at the glaring white screen and the blasted blinking cursor.

You spend months or even years on your story, writing, editing, rewriting, editing, and rewriting some more, and become invested in your story. Finally, at long last your once WIP has grown into a novel and spreads its wings and goes out into the world. Then comes the worry. Will the readers like it? Hate it? Was there enough suspense…romance…action…twists to keep the reader guessing? Did I take them on the adventure I built up in my mind?

This week, the April issue of InD’tale Magazine popped up in my inbox, and I started reading through the book reviews. I found the Suspense section and wondered when Salvaging Truth would be reviewed, and would they like it. I flipped to the next page and to my complete surprise—there it was. They loved it! And the cherry on top—it received the coveted Crowned Heart and a 5-Star review. 
It was a fantastic day. One of those days that makes me excited to start my next story. One of those days that prepares me for the next time I’m staring at the computer screen with no idea what to say next. One of those days it makes me proud to say…I’m an author.

“Nothing is as it seems in this riveting piece. Superbly written…”
-Belinda Wilson for InD’tale Magazine 

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Available in eBook


Grace Augustine, Author said...

SALVAGING TRUTH is your most riveting story to date. And, yes, it is frustrating when all you do is stare at the cursor blinking in mockery at you. But the joy and sheer elation that comes from the words THE END when you send your baby away to the editor is satisfaction... satisfaction in knowing that you took thoughts to completion. Half of the battle an author faces is the uncertainty of readership. I'm glad that this book is getting what it so deserves.

J Jaytanie said...

Grace, thank you so much for your kind words and never waving support in me.

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