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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Sometimes I'm Just a Fan Girl #author #fan #amreading #RB4U

Sometimes I'm Just a Fan Girl

Welcome to another witty, or trying to be, post by a small town romance author. Thank you for stopping by! 

I began as a reader. I devoured books left and right at an early age. When my mother introduced me to romance books, there was no looking back. By the age of thirteen, I was reading a book a day and fell in love with the magical worlds created by Johanna Lindsay and Jude Devereaux. Over the years, my reading interests changed. I moved away from historicals and found vampires. I loved the Urban Fantasy genre with kick-butt heroines and how they set out to 
save the world.

In the 90's I found Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series. The first book, Guilty Pleasures, introduced me to a whole new world where vampires, magic and shifters existed. I quickly bought each new book and read them in one sitting. Eventually, I found other authors who I fell in love with and gobbled up like candy, too.

As years passed, I began writing. Now I'm on the other side of the table during author events. People fan girl over meeting me. My dearest friend, Carol, cried the first time she met me. As an avid reader, I understand what it means to meet someone who has written a story which keeps you up at night or hits close to your heart. 

But this evening, I'm not at the author table, I'm a reader. A Fan Girl. And while I've read everything (even some of her Star Trek fiction) by Laurell, I hadn't gotten a chance to meet her. Today that changes. 

I'm going to an event at a local bookstore where I will receive a signed copy of her latest book, Serpentine, and get to listen to her speak about her writing. I'm hoping she will be available for photos, but if's still great to indulge in being a fan for a bit. Who knows... maybe I'll get an inspiration for a new story!

Is there an author who you fawn over and long to meet? Please share so I don't feel so alone!

Until next month,

Melissa Keir


Cara Marsi said...

Hi, Melissa. Like you, I devoured books when I was a teen. I loved the Gothic romances of Victoria Holt and the suspense books by Helen McInnes. Then I discovered the YA romances of Elizabeth Howard. Jude Deveraux is also one of my faves. At the RWA conference in NYC in 2009, another favorite, Heather Graham, walked by me when I was seated at the hotel bar. I went all fangirl on her. I grabbed her hand as she passed and gushed all over her. It's a wonder she didn't call Security on me.

Melissa Keir said...

What a fun story Cara. I have been fortunate to get to me a few of my other favorites but this is a big one for me, much like Heather was for you. If I need bail, I'll let you know! *wink*

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