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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

#Guestinterview JL Regen visits #RB4U Secret Desires #romance

Please Welcome J.L. Regen 

What inspires you to write?
I started reading at three and composing at four. I come from a long line of teachers. My beloved mother instilled a love of reading in me when I was a little girl.

What kind of research do you do for your books and how extensive do you get?
When I have a travel budget, I like to go on site so that I touch, taste, smell, and hear my story setting. For my upcoming historical suspense, I had to read through all of my uncle's memoirs from his experience as a medic in WWII.
However, due to time constraints I'm not able to do as much research as I would like. History fascinates me, but whether it's history or contemporary suspense, I want to be as accurate as I can with my work.

Do you always/ever see yourself as the heroine/hero when you write a story?
I often see myself as the heroine in my novels. In fact, Secret Desires is based on a true story. In romance as in life, sometimes hearts must be broken (initially) to mend completely. As my hero, Eleanor Roosevelt, said, "A woman is like a teabag that has been plunged
into hot water." I've known that feeling in my personal life.

When you need a break or some time off from the trials of being a writer, what can you be found doing?
 When I need a break to think out my plot and give more depth to my characters, I usually go for a long walk or talk out my plot points with a good friend who is familiar with my story.


 Favorite romantic movie:  Charade. 
There are some tender scenes between Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn

    Favorite actor: Paul Newman. 
Though he's left us, when I see those blue eyes and handsome face, my toes still curl

    Favorite actress: Meryl Streep. She becomes her characters.

    Favorite way to relax: Reading, horseback riding, yoga, swimming

About the Author:
J.L. Regen’s book was inspired by a real life story of lovers who join hearts against many odds. She lives in the New York metropolitan area, is a published photojournalist, has short suspense stories online, and has taught English as a Second Language to students around the globe. This is her first contemporary romance. She has also published three nonfiction books and is crafting a historical suspense set in World War II.

Readers can find J.L. Regen on her  and her books can be found in paperback and E-book on and B&

J.L. Regen's latest release:

Secret Desires

Margo Simmons is ecstatic when she inherits her uncle’s Manhattan apartment and a handsome sum of money. To her chagrin, there are strings attached. She must be gainfully employed in a job for a year. Everything in Margo’s life has complications. When she meets the man of her dreams, she anguishes over how to fulfill her secret desires for a loving relationship because he is still emotionally tied to his deceased wife and afraid to open his heart again. To replace her fractured childhood growing up with a distant stepfather, Margo becomes the guardian of an elementary student who longs for connection and closeness. As the story evolves, readers will see how these individuals unite. Secret Desires is a contemporary romance written from the heart and speaks to anyone who has suffered a loss and had to start over.

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