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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Wild Deadwood Author Event #booksigning #RB4U @melissa_keir

Wild Deadwood Author Event

Good day and welcome to another installment of author chats where I share interesting tidbits about writing, life, and the world around me. Today, I'm in the wonderful state of South Dakota for a book signing event.

If you haven't been to a book signing, you really should (both as an author and as a reader). It's a chance for you to purchase signed books from your favorite authors or maybe find a new favorite. A large room in a hotel or other venue has tables set up around the room. Books fill the tables as authors wait to speak with you about their stories and their muses. 

Many of the larger events also feature fun sightseeing excursions or activities for both reader and authors. This event has a bus tour to a winery and visit to the Crazy Horse Monument. They also have a behind the chutes event where you can meet and visit with Professional Bull Riders and sit up close during the event.

Other events feature author speed-dating, ice cream socials, workshops and costume parties in addition to the book signing. Throw in some sexy cover models and free swag and you have a great time!

As an author, there's a lot to consider. First, you need to see if the price of the event is worth the cost to you. Most book signings are not ones where you make money, or break even. Usually, you end up in the red but it's a great opportunity to meet readers face to face and get your books and name out there. 

Another thing to consider is if this event is for fun or networking. Some of my best events are ones where I met with other authors and brainstormed, talked marketing and just commiserated with someone who understands the day to day life of a writer. You can't put a price on that!

What do you bring? In addition to my books, I always bring candy and my business card to give away. The candy is a nice draw to your table. I have two banners which I bring as long as I'm driving as well as shelves and display items. It's harder when you are flying to bring everything but you can still have a wonderful display without bringing a ton of items. Finally, I bring money for change since some people will pay in cash.

While I quickly ran though things, I'm happy to discuss with anyone in more detail the different things I do and bring to my events. Have you been to a book signing? What was your favorite part?Drop me a note on anything I missed.

And thanks for stopping by! Now, I have to get back to Deadwood and today's book signing. Who knows??? Maybe I'll see you there!

Until Next Month....

Melissa Keir


artlover said...

Interesting! Never knew a signing involved so much. The candy is a clever touch...

Melissa Keir said...

Thank you! The candy draws them in! And keeps the author happy while she's waiting! :)

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