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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Meditation for Writers (And Everyone Else)

Do you meditate? I started meditating daily about six months ago. It’s something I should have done years before. I don’t handle stress well. Through meditation, I feel calmer most days.
Besides helping me cope with the stresses in my life, I hope meditation will bring back my writing mojo. I lost it in December 2017, and while some of my enthusiasm has come back, I’m wrestling with giving up writing altogether.
My path to meditation started because of my quest to find the “meaning of life.” After four family deaths in the past few years, including two very sudden ones, I suffered a crisis of faith. I started reading books by religious philosophers. One book was Deepak Chopra’s Life After Death. Chopra, who integrates beliefs from Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity, focuses much of the book on reincarnation, something I’ve always kept an open mind about. Things have happened in my life that make me believe reincarnation is real. I’m not sure I want to come back considering the state of the world now. I enjoyed Chopra’s book, and like the others, it provoked more questions than answers.
After finishing his book, I decided to see if he has a Facebook page. He does, and I liked it. On his page is a sign up for a two-week free course on meditation given by him and Oprah. I signed up. I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning how to meditate. Here’s his Facebook link:
When the course finished, I got emails from Chopra and Oprah trying to sell me other programs. I ignored them, and they stopped. The course is worth having to put up with some sales pitches.
I found an app called Meditation Sound. I have it on my iPhone and iPad. What I like about the app is there are about ten music choices, with a timer. I meditate for ten minutes daily, mostly in the morning, but sometimes in the afternoon. I sit comfortably in my quiet office with the door closed. Sometimes a very vocal large cat named Brewster voices his displeasure at being locked out. He cries and throws himself against my office door, interrupting my quiet. But I love him so I try to ignore him.
For meditation I sit in my chair with my palms, upright and open, resting on my thighs. As I repeat my mantra, I breathe in and imagine I’m taking in calmness. When I breathe out, I imagine my stress and worry are escaping through my open fingers.
I alternate my mantras among “Om,” which is the sacred sound of Hinduism and means “It is,” “Will be,” or “To Become.” Another favorite is “Om Shanti Om,” which is Hindu for “I radiate peace.” And “Siddho Hum,” which means “I am perfect.” Sometimes, I say, “I am one with the universe.”
There are days when my stress level is high and meditation doesn’t help much. Other days, I get so into it that I drift off into some sort of semi-conscious state while meditating. I love when that happens.
I’m hoping to find my faith and my writing mojo. Meditation will help me accept whatever happens.

Here are some of the benefits of meditation as found in Huffpost:
1.     Reduces stress
2.     Improves concentration
3.     Increases self-awareness
4.     Increases happiness
5.     Increases acceptance
6.     Slows aging
7.     Benefits cardiovascular and immune health
8.     Encourages a healthy lifestyle


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Paris said...

Loved your post! Years ago, while studying the teachings of Louise Hay, I learned to meditate and the practice helped me understand so much about what was holding me back from enjoying my life. Stress is all around us and technology, while it connects us, I think tends to disconnect us as well. Meditation helps brings back my focus when I get too "wired". I love early morning meditations but lately unplugging at any time of the day is helpful:)

Cara Marsi said...

Thanks for commenting, Paris. Meditation works wonders. It's helped me.

artlover said...

A thoughtful and thought provoking column. Thanks so much.

Cara Marsi said...

You're welcome, artlover. Thanks for commenting.

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