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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

SPOTLIGHT ON Carmen Cook and Coming In Hot

Please Welcome Contemporary Romance Author Carmen Cook to Romance Books for Us!

Tell us a little about the kinds of romance you write.  
I write small town romance, set in Montana (so, of course it’s small town!) with heroines who don’t need to be saved and heroes who will move mountains to win their hearts.

How did your writing career begin?
As a young mother I started reading romance and would make up stories for secondary characters. My wonderful husband encouraged me to join RWA and give writing my own characters a try.

Are you indie, traditional or hybrid?
Currently indie.

What advice would you give new writers?
Write. Read. Write some more. And keep writing. Don’t give up when things get hard, because they will. Writers write.

Favorite snack while writing?
It depends on the time of day. But, coffee. Wine. Those count as snacks, right?

What is your superpower?
Well, I’m a mom, so… 😉

What is your spirit animal?

What color is your aura?
I have no idea!

Tell us about your latest release!
Coming In Hot is the story of Regan Sinclair who couldn’t wait to get out of her small town. But now she’s unemployed, divorced and looking for new beginnings. And, along the way, she might just find a love she’d given up on.

Here's the Back Cover Copy:
She’s at a crossroads.

Regan Sinclair swore nothing would ever bring her back to Sapphire Creek. But a failed marriage and unemployment are strong motivators. It’s time to brave the demons she left in her past. Alone.

He thought she was through with him.

Gavin McCabe rarely thinks of Regan, or the one incredible night they spent together. Not since she walked out of his life without a backwards glance. But when she walks back into his life, he sees the opportunity for answers. And maybe a second chance for love.

Neither see love coming…and it’s coming in hot.

An overwhelming attraction flares to life every time the two of them are near each other, but their heat is quickly overshadowed. Their tight knit community is facing an unknown threat and Regan seems to be in the middle of it. Can she find solid ground with Gavin before this unknown menace crushes their burgeoning relationship?

Coming up next!

Author bio
Carmen Cook fell in love with reading when her parents told her she could stay up thirty minutes past bedtime if she was reading. From then on she’s been sleep deprived with a book nearby. When her imagination started warring with the words on the page, she joined her local RWA chapter and started writing her own books.

When not behind a keyboard, Carmen chases her sons and husband around the football and soccer fields while trying to avoid the Pacific Northwest rain. She loves connecting with other authors and readers. Visit her website, to sign up for her newsletter and keep up with everything that’s happening in Carmen’s world.   

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Carmen will be hosting a signing at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. There will be coffee (of course) a brief reading and Q&A time, and a ton of fun. She'd love to see you there! April 23, 7pm


Carmen Cook said...

Hi Everyone! And thanks for shining that spotlight on me. How fun!

Paris said...

Hi Carmen and Welcome!

COMING IN HOT sounds wonderful:) I'm putting it on my TBR list!

Carmen Cook said...

Thanks Paris! For both the welcome and adding me to your TBR. I get a complete thrill to be added to anyone's must read list. :-)

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