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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Meet Payton Winters...

After the sudden death of her parents, the daunting task of keeping the Winters Corporation afloat fell squarely on the shoulders of Payton. While Payton’s sister, Victory left the family business to forge her own scientific breakthroughs and Willow found unending excuses to stay at the Winters company in London, Payton was the anchor that kept their family corporation together. Now, with the return of her sisters, the discovery of Victory’s enhanced psychic abilities, and a Special Ops team assigned as security, life on the Winters campus is anything but business as usual. Follow Payton’s journey in her story, Payton’s Pursuit.


     As she reached the first bungalow, she experienced a searing hot stab to her temple. She rubbed a hand across it to try and ease the pain. “Now what?” she muttered.
     She parked the cart and started to the area where the builders worked.
     “Collin, knock it off,” a booming male voice sounded.
     She looked to her right and saw the lights in Morgan’s bungalow flash on and off. Payton headed for the disruption. She would not have these men destroy the bungalow before it was even a month old. She stormed up to the door and knocked, and was rewarded with a crash.
     “Collin, I’m serious man. If you don’t pull yourself together, you are really going to piss me off,” Morgan said.
     Payton stepped inside. Before she could confront the two men, a hockey skate whizzed past, missed her head by scant inches, and crashed through the bay window. Morgan ducked and bobbed to stay out of the trajectory of flying objects. Collin stood in the middle of the room, sweat pouring down his body and danger and destruction radiating off him. Payton’s mouth fell open as she struggled to process the scene. She yelped and ducked as the twin to the first hockey skate hurtled straight toward her, causing the banging inside her skull to rise to a fevered pitch.
     Both men turned in the direction of the sound. The remainder of the objects in play dropped to the floor. Collin, wild-eyed and panting, glared at her for a heartbeat and then turned and propelled himself out of the broken bay window. Morgan rushed over to Payton and scooped her up from the floor. Using his foot, he kicked a chair right side up and gently placed her down. He hurried to the kitchen and grabbed a towel and glass. He filled the glass with water and soaked the towel. He returned to Payton and placed the towel across her forehead as he handed her the glass.
     “Are you okay?” Morgan asked. “You weren’t hit, were you?”
     She struggled to regain her equilibrium and sit upright. “I’m fine—really,” Payton said. “What in the world were you two fighting about?”
     “We weren’t fighting. Collin had a bad day and was telling me about it. I was distracted, trying to get myself ready to go running, and I guess I didn’t realize he was getting upset. Something triggered and he flipped out. Regrettably, you walked in on him almost in full wolf mode.”
     “Almost—” Payton said.
     “Believe me, it gets a lot worse. If you are really okay, I should head out to find him. Victory will have a cow if she finds out Collin is running amuck.” Morgan rubbed absently at his eyebrow. “You aren’t going to tell her, are you?”
     “No, but I think she will figure it out when she sees this place.”
     Payton caught the worry as it flashed across Morgan’s face.
     “Don’t worry, Morgan. Go and find Collin. I’ll get the builders to replace the windows tonight. I expect the two of you to clean this place up and behave yourselves for the rest of the evening.”
     “You have my word,” Morgan said as he started for the door. “As soon as I can locate him, I’ll drag his sorry ass back here.”

I hope you enjoy Payton's story. 
Until next month...


Cara Marsi said...

This sounds terrific. Thanks for sharing.

J Jaytanie said...

Thank you, Cara. I love writing this series.

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