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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Starting a New Name

With winter almost over, it seems to be finally settling in SoCal. Until today I'll admit it freely...I've been wearing shorts and tank tops. and I know most of you will laugh at the fact that we consider a day with a 58 degree high frigid...but we are weather wimps. Right now the wind is howling outside my windows, I'm wearing sweats and thinking hot cocoa. My husband, who moved here seventeen years ago from Vermont says I wouldn't survive a winter there...I wonder why he thinks that. :) All I can say is I have tremendous respect for my author friends and readers who brave real cold winters, drive to work on icy streets, and shovel driveways and walkways day after day. I hope spring comes soon and warms you all up again.

My exciting news this year, is that in additional to my regular Kateness, I am also writing as half of Lorelei M. Hart for some MM  romance. I've written a few MM stories and always enjoyed it but writing in a team has allowed me the freedom to be one of the guys while my writing partner (in a few cases we have one more author writing with us so partners) writes her own. I'm used to conveying more than one POV, but it's a lot of fun and a challenge to react to the other authors' characters. It's new for me, but such a pleasure. We each have our own skills and our own voice to bring to the stories. So far, readers are being so kind! I want to share a bit of  The Dragons and Their Unicorn Omega


By the time we shifted and leaped into the wind, I’d nearly told him I’d changed my mind. Ryder and I couldn’t get naked without wanting to indulge our desires for one another no matter how recently we’d sated ourselves. And our quickie in the office didn’t begin to qualify as that anyway. But we’d have fun later. And a different kind of fun now.
We shifted fast, standing about twenty feet apart because we’d learned that any closer could result in tangled wings. Which could lead to pierced sails, resulting in no flight for a week or more and very unhappy dragons. The magnificent creations of skin and sinew, cartilage and scales capable of carrying us up into the sky were also delicate.
And hurt or angry dragons possessed a lot of ways of expressing their unhappiness.
But thanks to years of practice, we managed the shift with no mayhem, no damage to either form, and for a moment, I gazed across the clearing in front of our cabin at the incredible beast that was my mate.
I wonder what our third looks like? Not red…
Ryder’s reply was accompanied by a flicker of flame. No, I’m sure he’s not red. Maybe multi-hued like you.
Or teal like you. Despite our love for one another, that empty spot was always there, like the gap where a tooth had been pulled. Do you think we’ll ever find him?
Ryder crouched and pushed off on his clawed feet, wings spreading as he cleared the treetops. Of course. He could be out there somewhere, tonight, looking for us, too. Come on!
I copied his moves, just behind him as always. My Ryder, my hero, my partner in life. His wings dropped and rose, moving great quantities of air with each swoop, crossing the face of the ivory full moon, revealed by clouds parting, as I flapped up to join him. I didn’t really think we’d find our third anytime soon.
We headed back toward Haven, gliding down the mountainside past the waterfall where we’d taken a picnic just the week before.
Between our two businesses we didn’t manage much off time, so the afternoon spent sunning ourselves, swimming, and allowing our dragons out for a bit of basking made us all happy.
I held my wings high and straight and rode the updraft, not ready to descend into the valley again, circling the falls and remembering that special day.
The water was icy cold, but the rocks surrounding the pool at the base were warmed by the sun and after paddling around, we’d dropped onto them. Ryder’s wet body gleamed, and I lay on my back and drew him to sit on me, admiring the droplets in his hair, catching the light. With the sun behind him, casting his face in shadow he seemed mysterious, like a sprite from the falls come to seduce me. He bent close, bringing his lips to mine in a kiss that began sweet and warm and quickly turned hard and demanding. 

If you've already found Lorelei you can catch with Pierce and Rhone from Christmas with His Omega in a free story Here

Have a great rest of the week! 

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