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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Get to know Author Valerie Ullmer today on @RomanceBooks4Us #RB4U @valerieullmer

Welcome to Romance Books 4 Us, a place for all romance and all genres. We’re very happy to have you here with us today. First, tell us a little bit about yourself…

Please tell us a little about yourself...I live in Denver, Colorado and have been a writer since 2010, but I self-published my first book in 2016.  I have a very supportive husband who allows me to stay at home and do what I love.  But when he’s not at home to spitball ideas with, I bounce ideas off of my black lab mix, Maddie, as she stares as me as though I’m stupid with eyebrow raises and deep sighs.  She doesn’t really help with my story ideas, but she makes me laugh.

What or who initially inspired you to become a writer?  Every book I’ve ever read inspired me.  I devoured books as soon as I truly started reading novels, around my senior year in high school, and I haven’t stopped.  Each novel, each word, has inspired me.

Do real life events find their way into your stories?  Not particularly.  I mainly put in phrases that I or someone I know might use, or a particular personality quirk that I like, but no true events have become part of my stories.

Do you find yourself going back to the same inspiration for each story or is it always something different?  It’s always something different.  There are so many people and events that influence my inspiration that they are never the same.

When do you write?  Early morning? During the day sometime or all day?  After the kids go to bed?  My husband and I don’t have kids, and since my husband works all day, I write when I feel like it during the day.  I have to say that I’m most productive early in the morning.  By afternoon, I’m flagging and my brain screeches to a halt.  I do love to read at night though, it helps me relax.

Is there any other genre that you would love to try writing?  If so, what is it?  I’m curious about writing mysteries, but I don’t think I would be able to plot such a twisty-turny story that would capture readers attentions, but you never know.  It could be in my future.  I never thought I would write gay romance, but I find that I’m loving it.

Do you have a special place you like to do your writing? Such as an office, a spare room, the dining room table, your couch?  I have to write at my desk in the living room with the TV off and music playing softly in the background.  If I move to my couch, I find myself surfing the net, which I get lost in and forget what I’m doing.  So the desk or nothing.

As a reader, what types of genres do you enjoy? And do you think they influence the genre/genres you write in?  I read mostly romance, but lately, I’ve only been reading M/M or gay romance.  I find that the situations are completely new for me and I love most of the ones I’ve read.

What is your favorite method of in laptop, desktop, iPad or the old-fashioned pencil and paper?  And do you plot out your story or go with the flow of your muse?  My favorite is with pen and paper.  I outline my entire story, plot points and everything, before I type it into Scrivener.  Since most of my story is fleshed out with my outline, it makes my story easier to write when I get to my computer.

Share your favorites:
Favorite color –It changes between blue and green, depending on my mood
Favorite dessert/snack –cupcakes
Favorite Season –Fall
Favorite sad song –Fix You by Coldplay
Favorite Romantic movie –When Harry Met Sally…
Favorite Actor –Robert Downey, Jr.
Favorite Actress –Jessica Chastain
Favorite way to relax –Reading

What is your ideal romantic vacation?  Exploring anywhere with history as long as my husband is with me.

Where can our readers find you
Amazon author page:

Is there an upcoming or current release you would like to share with us today and where can we find it?

My story, Fall for You, a New Adult M/M Romance, is featured in the All You Need is Love Romance Collection.

Ethan Sutton had come to the stunning revelation that he’d fallen in love with his best friend, Sebastian Young.  Although friends since childhood, Ethan vowed to keep his feelings for Sebastian under wraps and live the rest of his life with this one secret between them rather than risk a lifelong connection and never see him again.  But when they move into their own apartment at the start of their third year of college, can Ethan keep his feelings from showing when they live so close together?

Sebastian Young had an epiphany about Ethan at the end of last year and arranged for the shared apartment he’d found over the summer to be closer to Ethan and see if a relationship could develop between them.  But as they settle into their lives in a new place with such close quarters, ex-girlfriends, nosy downstairs neighbors, and Sebastian’s own doubts, their relationship could be in jeopardy before it even begins.
Can two best friends admit their feelings and fall in love?

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