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Sunday, November 26, 2017

5 Things ~ #LynnCrain #AmGrateful #RB4Us

I know that some people will think the Thanksgiving thing has played itself out for the year but I do have some things to say about it. So here goes.

This year has been really weird for my family, starting on January 3rd when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. While we’ve maintained as much of a normal life as possible, it’s also given me lots of time to reflect upon things too. And because I could make a massive list, I’ve honed it down to just five things.

My Family ~ Even though my husband had a hard year, we’ll be ending it well with his full remission. His health is getting better. Our sons supported us this year and kept our spirits high when things got intense. Family is all about the ups and downs of life. You can’t have one without the other.

My Writing ~ I’ll be honest, I couldn’t have survived this year without my writing. It kept me focused and on track with life and all the nuances it threw at me throughout the year. Writing is one of the most portable things that a person can ever do. It didn’t matter if I was sitting in a hospital waiting room or taking care of the grandkids, I could pull out my phone or writing pad and get to work. There is no other profession that makes it so easy to have a career while in the midst of tragedy.

My Writing Friends ~ I’ve been a writer a long, long time and have met a lot of great people on the way. Many of those friends, I know I can call day or night with a problem. Like when my husband was diagnosed, I texted a writing friend just three words, ‘He has it’, and she called me within twenty minutes. We are an amazing group of people and are willing to share our experiences, our shoulders and most of all our time when one of our own is in trouble.

My Writing Groups ~ While I’m fairly new to Romance Books 4 Us, the ladies here have supported me forever. And I am grateful for that camaraderie. Writing groups keep us accountable, focused and reminds us over and over that we can become exactly who we want to be in our profession.

Everything Else ~ I am thankful for the fact my husband has a great job, and we have enough of everything. From the roof over my head to the homeless person on the corner in many American cities, I am grateful for you because you remind me of what I have and that I need to help more because I am so blessed.

And that’s it. Short, sweet and to the point.

But there’s one last thing…there’s a song I love every time I hear it…it’s called Life’s A Dance. I heard it today on the long drive from Nevada to New Mexico, and it jogs my memory again. We aren’t expected to know it all, but we should be able to learn new things as we need them. Life is something you learn as you go. As I get older, I get more and more grateful for the simple things in life, the things near and dear to my heart. And that includes Cara Marsi’s list of simple things, especially her number #1. I too am thankful the Zombie Apocolypse hasn’t happened.

What about you? Just what all are you thankful for? See you next month!

Hope you all have a great month…see you next time!



Melissa Keir said...

Those are some of the most important things...your list is great! And I'm really glad there's good news for your husband. :)

Cara Marsi said...

Lynn, I'm so glad your husband is in remission. I agree with your list.

Paris said...


I'm glad your husband is doing so well and I wish you all the best with his recovery. Your list includes all of my favorite things, including the amazing authors in this group. Enjoy the holidays :)

jean hart stewart said...

I couldn't list all my blessings even if I tried... glad to hear about your husband. I wish you both the best...

Lynn Crain said...

Thanks, Melissa...glad you like my list. And thanks for the well wishes for the DH...we really appreciate them!

Lynn Crain said...

Thanks, Cara...appreciate you stopping by and the well wishes for the DH.

Lynn Crain said...

Thanks so much, Paris. Appreciate the well wishes. And I have to agree with you...these authors are amazing...I'm so happy to count them all as friends.

Lynn Crain said...

I have to totally agree with you, Jean. It would be impossible to count all the positive things in my life. Thanks for stopping by...I appreciate it!

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