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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Nashville But Definitely Not Naughty and Other Tales

Most of you know of my love for Nashville, and of course that wouldn't be complete without the story of my friendship with my narrator, Mr. J.D. Hart. He's "performed" all of my audio books, now nearing 30 in number.

J.D. and I kind of grew up together on the romance book narration collaboration. We'd not worked together before, I'd never created an audio book and J.D. had never narrated a romance book. His past as country-western recording artist, voiceover talent and actor made him a wonderful choice as a partner in this process - but I learned about all this after we got started.

Yes, you can say our friendship and collaboration was written in the stars.

We both come from different parts of the country - I knew nothing about Tennessee, or the music scene, what Being Southern was like, and he knew only a little about California from his travels here, and knew not much of my beloved Wine Country in Northern California.

Now, a trip to Nashville would not be complete without a wandering down Broadway, looking into the history of the area, and this visit, a visit to Franklin, Tennessee, where I hope to own a home some day. It's the kind of small town feel that I love.

I came out for the Naughty Nashville book signing, and J.D. sat with me during the event, also signing pictures and talking to readers about audio books and even singing with some ladies who knew more words to country music than I ever will know. J.D. knows all the oldies and, in my opinion, still sings professionally and could do so if he chose.

There is something about a place that has 8 kinds of biscuits, with 3 additional items, on their breakfast menu. Some of these would be a sacrilege in California. It's the kind of place where people look you in the eye, and money or wealth isn't readily displayed or even well thought-of. I can sit and eat a breakfast of cheese grits, pancakes, bacon and sausage, eggs and cold processed coffee, and of course biscuits, and actually feel good about myself! Had to buy the Tee shirt from Pucketts.

I wandered down Printer's Alley, found a neat bed and breakfast I'll try out next time, felt the ghosts of entertainment past. I didn't even mind my ears ringing from the evening before when J.D. and I did some tooling down Broadway. I sat under the picture of Crystal Gayle (my husband's buddies used to call me that when we were first married because I had long hair I could sit on), and sipped my fresh squeezed orange juice and listened to a great band at Tootsies at 9 AM. Now, that's living.

I've taken a little break this summer, so it's nice to get back to my heroes that haunt my fantasies and keep me warm with memories I'll have with me forever. But this trip was just as special as it usually is. And I get to spend time with my best friend.

When all is said and done, friendship is the most important gift I possess. Things come and go. But the gift of a connection to a new place, and a friendship borne of respect and admiration in all the right ways, is truly a miracle.

Oh yes, and here's the link the most recent novella we completed:  Love Me Tender, Love You Hard. Enjoy!


tcarle said...

My Sister Just got home last night from Nashville!!! One day!!!

jean hart stewart said...

You make me long to get on the road to Nashville...Wishing you much success with your latest endeavor...

Sharon Hamilton said...

Thanks. I don't need much of an excuse to go back, but at this point, unless I'm able to do some serious house hunting, it will be a year from now. I'm envious of you and your sister being so close...oxox

Sharon Hamilton said...

Thanks, Jean. That's just what I wanted to do, make you long for that special place. It is that for me.

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