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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Don't know what happened during the night, but my blog for today disappeared. Sometimes computers make me want to scream, and this is one of them. I'll post  an excerpt from my new book about this gorgeous man, and let it go at that.  Travis is everything a girl could want, but he has this idea he can never marry, so they have a terrible time getting together. Sometimes I even wondered!

Phillips hesitated just a little longer. His master was deeply asleep; in fact he was thoroughly foxed, as he did not normally drink much. Perhaps letting Miss Drayton watch for an hour or two was not a bad idea. He could be back in plenty of time before the Earl awoke, and would be better for a little rest.
Elizabeth saw his decision in his eyes, and lowered her own, so he would know the jubilance she felt. To sit with Marcus, watching over him, was all she wanted for the present. He would never know, and she could love and admire him as she could not do when surrounded by family.
Phillips opened the door. Elizabeth cast one glance at Marcus, d saw he was indeed asleep. She longed to go to him and stroke the hair that fell over his eyes, but she only gave him a cursory look. She certainly did not want to give Phillips a chance to change his mind.
 “Here, miss. Take this blanket and wrap up in it in the big chair. You don’t look too warm to me!”
Elizabeth flushed. Indeed she wasn’t. She had forgotten that both the robe and the night rail were thin, and she took the blanket gratefully.
Phillips turned toward the door.
“I think you’re right, miss. I need spelled a little. I thank you, and I’ll be back in an hour or so.”
Elizabeth knew she would be content to sit the rest of the night, watching Marcus breathe.
“I’m perfectly fine, Phillips. Do get some rest while you can. I can doze in this chair. It’s really very comfortable.”
She flashed him a smile that quelled his doubts. Miss Drayton was such an exceptional lady. He would not mind at all if she could talk the Earl into marriage.
Elizabeth curled up in the chair and let her eyes feast on Marcus. Asleep, the pain lines were diminished, and he seemed younger. His prominent cheekbones had always attracted her, as to her they signified his strength of character. His black hair was irresistibly tousled. In repose, his lips showed the inherent sensuality that his sternness sometimes hid. She thought she would be content to look at his strongly masculine features for as long as Phillips chose to rest.
As she watched, he began to move a little. He shifted restlessly, then turned on one side. Suddenly one arm threw off his blankets, as he muttered incoherently and rolled on his back.
Elizabeth went to the bedside and tried to reach the blanket to cover him, but it was on the far side. She sat down carefully so as not to further disturb him, and stretched over him to catch the edge of the blanket.
She had no time for anything but a small gasp, when Marcus grabbed her body to his, holding her tightly with both arms.
“Elizabeth,” he mumbled. “Beautiful, beautiful Elizabeth.”
Their faces only a few inches apart, Elizabeth could see that his eyes were not quite focused, but they were lit by a fire the depth of which she had not before seen. She stared at him, knowing that this was but a mirror of the flame deep within herself. It seemed so right to her to be held by this man. She knew she should move, or at least say something to get his attention, but she did not want to.   She felt the warmth that always swirled through her at his touch grow hotter, and she reveled in the mysterious feelings he was arousing. If this was wrong, she did not want to set it right.
Marcus pulled her face down for a drugging kiss. His  mouth, she thought, she finally had his mouth, and it was everything she had hoped it would be. In fact, the reality so far surpassed her innocent imaginings that she took a deep breath and came back for more. Marcus obliged willingly, and she drowned in the seductive passion that was so new and enticing. His two-day-old beard was rough against her face, but she thought only of his masculine strength, and his scent, a combination of male, Marcus and brandy.
He parted her lips with a velvet tongue, and plundered her mouth, finally tasting her the way he had so long desired. She was startled at his invasion, but soon tentatively put the tip of her tongue in his mouth, to his great delight. He began to murmur to her, soothing and delightful words of admiration. He kissed every inch of her face, caressing her body at the same time, his clever hands moving incessantly over her.   
Suddenly she realized he had switched to kissing her neck and bare arms. She had no idea how he had so adeptly removed her robe, but she did not mind being kissed everywhere. She thought hazily that this was not as new to him as it was to her, but that did not bother her. As long as he held her so lovingly, nothing could bother her. His caresses sent little bolts of pleasure through her body, and she fervently wished he would never stop. She felt his kisses and caresses in her tightened breasts, and in the heat that pooled in the lower part of her body, where all of her senses seemed to be suddenly concentrated.
Just then Marcus made a quick movement and she found herself flipped on her back, pinned under him while he reared over her and continued caressing her with his lips and hands.
She had no doubts. This was Marcus, and whatever he wanted she would be honored to give him."

I'll leave you wondering what happens next, and with aplogies for this being so late. My 
Elusive Earl came out today, so of course I wanted you all to know about it. It will be at all the usual places, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, KOBO, and of course my publisher, MuseItUp.


Paris said...

Oh Jean, I know what you mean about computers! They sometimes drive me batty, lol!
The Elusive Earl sounds fabulous! Best wishes for many sales :)

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Paris. At least this second post came through, but I simply hate being late.

Cara Marsi said...

Jean, we've all had the gremlins pull pranks on our computers. I love your excerpt and your cover. Good luck with the story.

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Cara. Good thing those gremlins are out there to blame.!!!

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